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Greener Nano 2012: Nanoinformatics Tools and Resources Workshop

July 30, 2012

Workshop in Portland, Oregon

Registration Deadline: July 15

Workshop Goals: To establish a better understanding of current applications and clearly define immediate and projected informatics infrastructure needs for the…


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innovation oriented jobs - new platform

EC funded nanocom project offer match making platform

(for free) test it today

post your resume or your needs for new team members.

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Mangrove plant, Rhizophora mucronata (Lamk, 1804) mediated one pot green synthesis of silver nanoparticles and its antibacterial activity against aquatic pathogens


Biosynthesis of nanoparticles has received increasing attention due to the growing need to develop safe, time-effective and environmentally friendly technologies for nano-materials synthesis. This paper reports the one pot green synthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) using the leaf bud extract of a mangrove plant, Rhizophora mucronata and their antimicrobial effects against aquatic pathogens. Highly stable AgNPs were synthesized by treating…


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Call for proposals - manufacturing nanomaterials and more

Funding will be offered to innovative projects focusing on commercially relevant Manufactured NanoMaterials (MNMs) in one of the following thematic fields:

1. Establishment and development of models and methods for analytical tools, theoretical prediction, and characterization

2. Exposure assessment

3. Studies on Impacts of MNMs on environment

4. Studies on properties and effects of MNMs

Detailed description of the topical fields is given in the Call…


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EC funded project ProNano coaching result Nanopores applied for Water Quality

"spongy" nanomaterial may change the way to monitor water quality

A group of researchers at the Ecole Polytechnique (EP) in Palaiseau, near Paris, have developed a tiny film that could speed up the process dramatically. The "nano-factor" is within the film itself: billions of nanopores per square cm that trap metals like a sponge, making them immediately available for analysis. Their new system is portable, provides immediate results, and therefore may change the way we monitor water…


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Desafios da nanotecnologia_alguns apontamentos

* Apresento algumas análises de um texto de um jornalista brasileiro sobre os desafios da nanotecnologia.


*I present some analysis of a text from a …


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Announcing the Recipients of the ACS Nano Lectureship Awards

Announcing the Recipients of the ACS Nano Lectureship Awards

The ACS Nano Lectureship Awards honor the contributions of scientists whose work has significantly impacted the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Charged with the difficult task of selecting just three award recipients—one each from the Americas,…


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Nanotechnology Lifestyle

The IVth International Nanotechnologies Forum RUSNANOTECH 2011 is over in Moscow. As usual, the RF Ministry of Education and Science uses this site to demonstrate the best developments, which were sponsored under the Federal Special-Purpose Program and which have good commercial prospects.



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Those “hidden” markets


Marketing is often perceived as a market study – the study, which is certainly intended to ensure the highest possible volumes of goods sales. You either try to position your commodity as an “isolated” one at the existing market or you try to capture a new market niche. However, this marketing perception is not quite accurate. In fact, there is probably no precise definition everybody would agree to – except for the most common and…


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Specialists in composite materials to be trained in Kazan

Leonid Melamed, director general for Composite Holding Company, and German Dyakonov, Chancellor of Kazan National Research Technology University, have signed and agreement on co-operation at the 4th Rusnanotech 2011 International Nanotechnology Forum.

The agreement is meant to provide specialists, post-graduates and students in the area…


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Nanomaterials, Nanopowder, Colloidal suspension , nanometals, nanoceramics, ADDO, nanocoatings and many more.

Reinste Nano Venture is a supplier of world class nanoparticles for the Indian market. The services of Reinste nanoventures caters to both industrial and research users. Reinste NanoVenture helps individual and groups in their industrial and research related requirements of Nanomaterials, as nanoparticles enter our lives through research industries, plus various other industries. Some of the nanomaterials, supplied by the Reinste, are…


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nanofutures work in progress in the key node groups - please check and give feedback - thanks!

Dear all,

nanofutures community and particular the key node groups are working on topcis which will

have the most critical influence for the future development of industrialised nanotechnologies.

Please check the key node presentation and give us your feedback. Please answer:



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Russian researchers to create optical forceps for micro-objects

Modern biotechnologies increasingly require devices capable of moving around single biomolecules, cells and other micro-objects. The first appliance of the kind, laser optical forceps, was developed by the group led by Arthur Ashkin, an American physicist, back in 1986; more new technical solutions emerge each year. A research group based at Saratov State Technical…


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Why you should read Advanced journals


Why you should read Advanced journals

Advanced Materials and its family of journals publish world-class materials science.…


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Call for Nominations: The 2012 Nano Letters Young Investigator Lectureship

Call for Nominations: The 2012 Nano Letters Young Investigator Lectureship

Co-sponsored by the ACS Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry and Nano Letters…


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Publish your research in the Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanosystems

Invitation to submit your paper

Dear Colleagues,

We invite to submit your latest research for publication in the Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanosystems.

Published 4 times a year on behalf of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the journal is dedicated to the particular aspects of nanoscale engineering, science, and technology that involve the descriptions and characterizations of… Continue

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The nano-style art

Nanopainters, nanolandscapes and nanosculptures… all these terms are not an obvious attempt to follow the fashion, they are taken from vocabulary of follows of a new artistic trend – NanoArt. Its creator - Cris Orfescu – has shared with the “Rossiiskie nanotechnologii” his methodology and philosophy. There is no need for brushes or paints, or artistic design, but one can’t do without “his majesty” incident and a powerful microscope.…


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new nanofutures flyers -please share

Dear all,

the new nanofutures flyer and news are now online, please share with your communities

nanofutures is open to all nano interested teams in the world

-our next meeting will be at nanotech italy in venice

NANOfutures_flyer.pdf and…


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Amorphous iron formation due to low energy heavy ion implantation in evaporated 57Fe thin films

Surface modification of passive iron by alkylphosphonic acid layers

Formation and structure of alkylphosphonic acid layers on passive iron

Structure of the nonionic surfactant triethoxy monooctylether C8E3 adsorbed at the free water surface, as seen from surface tension measurements and Monte Carlo simulations