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Phd Project:Complex Photonic Networks - London, United Kingdom

PhD Studentship positions in the Experimental Biophysics and nanotechnology Group(EBN) group.


You will study the coherent interaction of light with nanoscale photonic systems; a combination of nano-optics, quantum optics and photonics of complex systems. The challenge is to achieve ultimate control of light emission from individual emitters to realize complex photonic networks exploiting quantum and coherent effects. The project builds on the latest advances in…


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DC and microwave de-embedding techniques for quantitative nanoscale doping profiling in semiconductors - Roma, Italy

Objectives: DC and microwave characterization of test capacitors, and extraction of capacitance versus bias voltage to obtain information of surface doping profile. This extraction will benefit from the modelling involving a non uniform doping profile as well as a dynamic model of the capacitance taking into account parameters like bias voltage rate, micro-wave small signal frequency, temperature, free charge generation and dopant ionisation to reproduce closely characterization conditions.…


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PhD Position- Laboratory of Applied Photonics Devices - Lausanne, Switzerland

The Laboratory for Applied Photonics Devices (http://lapd.epfl.ch/) at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) has an opening for a PhD in the field of Solar concentrators. The project is part of a funded 4-year Nano-Tera program: Solar Hydrogen Integrated Nano Electrolysis (SHINE: http://shine.epfl.ch/). The goal is to develop innovative passive tracking light…


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Post Doc concept (Greifswald)

The Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology (INP Greifswald) is the largest non-university institute in the area of low temperature plasmas in Europe, including their basic research and technical applications. On the one hand, INP aims to carry out application-oriented basic research while on the other hand it aims to optimize and further develop established plasma-assisted procedures and plasma products.


Name of Position: Post Doc concept

Nr of…


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Master thesis position on protein engineering of sortases

Sortases catalyze transpeptidation reactions and are able to ligate site specifically proteins with modified peptides. Therefore sortases are of a high biotechnological interest and value. In the master project the student will establish together with a PhD student and a PostDoc a sortase assay enabling the high throughput analysis of sortases for the directed evolution of sortase variants.

Working place of the student is the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland in…


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ENEA International Fellowships programme 2014 - Rome, Italy

ENEA Fellowship programme 2014 offers 7 positions (some for early stage researchers, some for experienced researchers) at its Casaccia's Research Centre in several technologic fields.


1 - Experienced: Innovative elements of simulation for the design and the safety assessment of advanced nuclear power plants 2 - Experienced: Optimisation Methods for Smart Cities and Smart Energy 3 - Early Stage: Biomass and bioenergy 4 - Experienced: Guidelines for energy…


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Nano-photonics postdoc position - Besançon, France

The postdoc will work in the DGA-ANR project called ESENCYAL (Electric Field Sensors based on electro-optic photonic crystals) that starts on the 1st of March 2014 and lasts 3 years. The postdoc will be in charge of the design and optical characterization of the electric field photonic crystal sensors that will be fabricated on lithium niobate thin films. He/she will interact and work with the clean room engineer…


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Research Engineer Position in Microfluidics/BioMEMS at iNfinitesimal LLC - Skokie, IL, United States

Applications are invited for a Research Engineer in the area of bioMEMS at the start-up company iNfinitesimal, LLC. A part-time appointment in the group of Professor Horacio D. Espinosa at Northwestern University is possible. The candidate will interact closely with company personnel and collaborators at the Northwestern Medical and Engineering Schools. The position will involve research at the intersection of engineering and biology with an emphasis in system…


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PhD position in Oslo, Norway

The desired starting date is August 11th, 2014. Application deadline: April 30th, 2014.

Job description:

The fellowships are based in the Catalysis Research Group and associated with the Center for Materials Science and Nanotechnology (SMN), and the inGAP (Innovative Natural Gas Processes and Products) center for research based innovation, established by the Research…


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Postdoctoral Researcher, Nano and Microtechnology - Aalto University, Finland

The Department of Applied Physics is presently seeking to hire a postdoctoral researcher in the field of nano- and microtechnology (Prof. Robin Ras, http://physics.aalto.fi/groups/smw/). The research project deals with surfaces with tunable wetting properties (e.g. superhydrophobic surfaces) and design of microfluidic applications, and is funded by the Academy of Finland in the Programmable Materials Research Programme. The research…


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Doctoral Candidate - Aalto University, Finland

Aalto University is a new university with over a century of experience. Created from a high-profile merger between three leading universities in Finland – the Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki University of Technology and the University of Art and Design Helsinki – Aalto University opens up new possibilities for strong multidisciplinary education and research. The university has 20 000 students and a staff of 5000 including 350 professors

The Department of Applied Physics…


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PhD position: Robust and responsive polymersome nanocarriers for guided information delivery in microsystems and chemical processors - Dresden, Germany

The Cluster of Excellence 'Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden'

(cfaed) at TU Dresden offers a fixed-term

PhD Position (E 13 TV-L)

Research area:Robust and responsive polymersome nanocarriers for guided information delivery in microsystems and chemical processors

cfaed Investigators: Prof. Dr. Birgitte Voit

Dr. Dietmar Appelhans

cfaed research path:Chemical Information Processing Path

Terms: 50% of the fulltime weekly hours in the 1st year,…


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Multifunctional Nanoporous Metal-Organic Frameworks Featuring Molecular Nanomagnets

A studentship is available in the School of Chemistry, The University of Manchester to develop a novel family of multifunctional metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). MOFs are intensively studied crystalline nanoporous materials formed by the connection of metal-centred inorganic clusters using organic linkers. MOFs can be tuned through chemistry to produce novel materials that can be tailored for a variety of specific applications.1 This project aims to construct a novel family of…


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Marie Curie Early stage researcher positions/PhD studentships

Marie Curie Early Stage Researchers


Department of Chemistry / Chemical Biology Section, South Kensington Campus


Salary: £35,352 - £42,857 per annum (The salary range is approximate and may vary significantly depending upon the exchange rate. The salary will be at a fixed rate for the duration of the contract)


Fixed Term: 36 months, starting 1st October 2014.




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Doctoral/Postdoctoral researcher position - Zurich, Switzerland

The Quantum Device Lab at the ETH Zurich has an opening for a researcher position at the graduate or postgraduate level.


The project is positioned in the field of quantum optics and quantum information science with a focus on the experimental implementation and characterization of geometric quantum gates with superconducting quantum devices to realize robust quantum algorithms by purely geometric means. This research project, managed by Dr. Stefan Filipp, is…


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12 PhD positions in Nano(Bio)science Munich - Munich, Germany

The Center for NanoScience (CeNS) offers doctoral positions in Nanoscience for outstanding graduate students, starting between May and October 2014. Successful candidates will work in the stimulating interdisciplinary environment of CeNS and the Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM). The PhD students will be supervised by principal investigators of CeNS and NIM and will be affiliated with the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (LMU), Technische Universität München (TUM), Max Planck Institute…


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Open 12 PhD and 2 postdoc Marie Curie positions within ITN project SNAL - Tarragona, Spain

Open 12 PhD and 2 postdoc positions in all fields related to lipid research. SNAL project http://itn-snal.net/ combines computer simulations, chemical synthesis, clinical and industrial expertise, physical and biological experiments to design and test completely new synthetic nano-objects that mimic the essential properties of membrane interacting biopolymers. The full cycle of the design process, from theoretical models to synthesis and experimental and…


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PhD Opportunities in Inorganic and Bioinorganic Supramolecular Photochemistry - Norwich, United Kingdom

These projects are offered on a self-funding basis. They are open to applicants with funding or those applying to funding sources. Details of tuition fees can be found at http://www.uea.ac.uk/pgresearch/pgrfees. A bench fee of £4000 is also normally payable on top of the tuition fee to cover specialist equipment or laboratory costs required for the research.


We are offering PhD opportunities based in transition…


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Adjunct positions - Pozna, Poland

Required: 1) PhD (in physics, computer science or engineering) 2) Research experience in theoretical and numerical models of spin wave dynamics in magnetic nanostructures and/or models of the microwave antennas for magnonics applications. 3) Modelling skills using finite element method, spectral methods or micromagnetic tools are desirable, but researchers with other backgrounds and familiarity in the field of magnonics, plasmonics, photonics or phononics are also encouraged to apply. To…


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Theoretical physicist (f/m) for structural studies of matter - Einstein, Germany

The European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Facility GmbH (European XFEL GmbH) is a multi-national non-profit company. It will make available X-rays of unique quality for studies in physics, chemistry, life sciences, materials research and other disciplines. Located in the Hamburg area, Germany, it will comprise scientific instruments for a wide range of experimental techniques. Construction of the European XFEL is underway; user operation starts in 2016. In order to support the preparation and…


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