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Ph D. position available at FU Berlin

A theoretical PhD position for the duration of 3 years is available in the group of Burkhard Schmidt at the Institute of Mathematics in the Free University Berlin (Germany).

The project aims at controlling the rotational degrees of freedom of small molecules through electromagnetic fields. The quantum description of the rotation subject to combined field can be based on the concept of supersymmetry, see also our web-site…


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Interdisciplinary PhD studentship in Cell, Molecular & Theoretical Biology

The FAU Divisions Molecular & Experimental Surgery (University Medical Center, Prof. Stürzl), Bioinformatics (Medical Institute of Biochemistry, Prof. Sticht) and Cell Biology (Department of Biology, Prof. Kost) are offering an

Interdisciplinary PhD studentship in Cell, Molecular & Theoretical Biology (associated with the DFG CRC796 “Reprogramming of host cells by microbial effectors”)

> Job description:

Pursue a research project addressing evolutionary…


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PhD position in Physical Chemistry / Molecular Physics (Berlin, Germany)

a PhD position funded by DFG (German Science Foundation) for 3 years is available in the laser
molecular spectroscopy group of Otto Dopfer at the Technical University of Berlin,…

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Atomistic Simulation Of Gan Based Light Emitting Devices - Italy

In the framework of the FP7 project no. 318388 "NEWLED" GaN based Light Emitting Devices have to be simulated. A correlation

between the InGaN composition and fluctuation strength and their impact on IQE will be identified within this study. The modelling results will be employed for interpretation of the characterisation data and design of LED structures that would utilise advantageous properties of nano-structured semiconductors.

Please note that the full description may be…


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Postdoctoral Research Associate In Membrane Biochemistry And Biophysics - University of Oxford -United Kingdom

We are seeking an enthusiastic, mature and motivated scientist with experience in membrane biochemistry and biophysics and an ability to work to the highest standards. Previous experience in the field using lipid nano-particles, biophysical quantitation of spectroscopic, microscopic and chemical analysis, as well as binding data, is essential.

The applicant must possess a PhD/DPhil in a relevant area and have the ability to work closely with others as part of a team, while taking…


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Phd Studentship – Laser Based X-Ray Microscopy - Investigation Of Crystal Nucleation Phenomena, Biological Structure And Nano Material Structure, The University of Southampton -United Kingdom



Highfield Campus

Closing Date:  

Tuesday 01 July 2014

Interview Date:  



PhD Supervisor: Prof Jeremy Frey

PhD Description: 

The ultrafast x-ray imaging group in Southampton, a collaboration between Chemistry and the ORC has developed a high resolution x-ray microscope based on high harmonic generation (HHG) and coherent diffraction imaging…


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Postdoc In Lipidomics, Syddansk University, Netherlands

A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Christer Ejsing, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, to develop and apply lipidomics methodology to study fatty acid metabolism in rodents and humans. We seek an outstanding individual with PhD training in lipid mass spectrometry and with expert knowledge of nano-liquid chromatography.

The position is to be filled by 15 May 2014 or soon thereafter. The position is available for 24 months.

The candidate must…


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PhD scholarship in Physics

DTU Physics invites interested and highly skilled candidates to apply for a number of vacant PhD positions.

The subject of the PhD project must be within one of the main research areas of the department:

  • Atomic scale materials design
  • Biophysics and complex systems
  • Experimental surface and nanomaterials physics
  • Quantum physics and information technology
  • Catalysis for sustainable energy
  • Fusion and Plasma…

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Assembly, Structure and Properties of Bio-Inspired Multimaterial Films - Strasbourg, France

We are looking for a good and highly motivated candidate for a PhD project to be carried out in the academic group of Prof. G. Decher (CNRS, Institut Charles Sadron) working in the field of soft nanomaterials. This institute is part of the University of Strasbourg (UdS, Strasbourg, France) at which the candidate will be inscribed for carrying out his/her doctoral studies.

Description of the job:

Materials exhibiting…


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Membrane peptide activity detection via conductive cell membranes (Master Project) (Geneva, Switzerland)

Membrane proteins are inserted in or attached to cell membranes. They constitute one of the main protein classes and are involved in a large range of physiological activities such as cell-cell communication, motility, brain function, muscle contraction etc. However techniques to investigate the function of the membrane proteins are limited. In this project, we develop a conductive cell membrane by polymerizing biological phospholipids for the detection of membrane protein/peptide…


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Fabrication of gold nanowires/nanotubes with lipid nanotubes as a template (Master Project) (Geneva, Switzerland)

The aim of this project is to convert self-assembled lipids into metal nanostructures by using them as a template for metallization. Nanofabrication is the key technology in semiconductor industry, medicine and biomedical engineering. Photolithography is the current standard technique in industries. Self-assembly have their advantages compared to photolithography such as higher throughput, lower cost, and the ability to create nanostructures (e.g. spheres and tubes) that are impossible to…


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Two Postdoc positions on thermoelectrics - Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark

Do you want to help develop innovative and environmentally friendly energy technologies for the future?

DTU Energy Conversion, the Section for Electro-Functional Materials is seeking highly motivated postdocs for the development of high performance thermoelectric materials, design and optimization of thermoelectric non-segmented and segmented modules for power generation.

Job description

1. Postdoc for…


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Phd/Postdoc In Advanced Image Processing, And 3d Analysis And Visualization For Tissue Engineering Purposes - KU Leuven -Belgium

Prometheus, the division of Skeletal Tissue Engineering (TE) of the KU Leuven, is an interdisciplinary platform focusing on skeletal TE research and technology transfer. The division’s mission and focus is the development of consistent and clinically relevant TE concepts for skeletal applications. Research within this division is translational combining cutting edge developments in research tracks ranging from stem cell biology and nanotechnology to scaffold and bioreactor design,…


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Post-Doc Nanomechanical Switches - Delft University of Technology -Netherlands

Post-doc Nanomechanical Switches

Department/faculty: Applied Sciences

Level: PhD degree (post doc)

Working hours: 38 hours per week

Contract: 18 months

Salary: €2427 to €3831

Applied Sciences

The Faculty of Applied Sciences is the largest faculty of TU Delft, with around 550 scientists, a support staff of 250 and 1,800 students. The faculty conducts…


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Research Scientist/Academic - University of Missouri -United States

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Scientist/Academic


Position:  Applications for non-tenure track positions as a Research Scientist/Academic in

The International Center for Nano/Micro Systems and Nanotechnology are invited by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Missouri-Columbia…


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STED Microscopy in Neuroscience - Göttingen, Germany

The Center for Nanoscale Microscopy and Molecular Physiology of the Brain (CNMPB) is a Cluster of Excellence 171 - DFG Research Center 103 which unites research groups located in Göttingen to address fundamental questions in neuroscience. The independent research group "High-resolution microscopy" is seeking a

PhD student

Our offer

We are a small team of physicists, biologists and medical doctors interested in exploring the basic working principles of the…


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Carbon-NanoMembranen (CNM) und Purpurmemb-ranen (PM) (in German)

Zu den Aufgaben gehören die Mitwirkung an dem DFG-Projekt: „Gesteuerte Assemblierung funktionaler makromolekularer Bausteine: Carbon-NanoMembranen (CNM) und Purpurmemb-ranen (PM)“ sowie die chemische und enzymatische Modifizierung von Purpurmembranen aus Halobacterium salinarum bzw. des darin enthaltenen Proteins Bakteriorhodopsin. Weitere Tätigkeiten sind die Ausarbeitung von Kopplungsstrategien an Carbon Nano Sheets in Zusam-menarbeit mit der Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Gölzhäuser, Universität…


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Postdoctoral Fellowships In Autism Research - University of California Davis -United States

The UC Davis MIND Institute's interdisciplinary Autism Research Training Program announces the availability of four NIH-funded postdoctoral positions (restricted to US citizens and permanent residents) and one unrestricted university-funded postdoctoral position in interdisciplinary autism research to begin September 2014. Positions are for two-years, subject to successful review during the first year; stipend levels follow NIH guidelines.

Background: This program…


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Postdoctoral Fellow - University of New South Wales -Australia

The newly established ARC training centre for Advanced Technologies in Food Manufacture has one postdoctoral fellowship in the specific areas of nanotechnology, biosensors, food packaging and polymer. The successful candidate will work across several Centre projects.

This is a full time position fixed term for 12 months with the possibility of renewal.

An applicant may be required to undergo pre-employment checks prior to appointment to this role.

Applicants should…


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Postdoc position - Dresden, Germany

The Cluster of Excellence ‘Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden’ (cfaed) at TU Dresden offers a fixed-term

Postdoc position (E 13 TV-L)

Topic: Development of modern nanowire based devices

cfaed Investigators: Prof. Thomas Mikolajick; Dr. Walter M. Weber

cfaed research area: Silicon Nanowire Path

Terms: 100%, start asap, limited for 2 years

The period of employment is governed by the…


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