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Bluestone Global launches the world's first graphene transistor

Bluestone Global Tech announced a new groundbreaking product today, the world's first graphene based Field Effect Transistor. BGT's Grat-FET is a wafer with 9 differnet GFET chips (or FET arrays), each with 64 FETs. Grat-FET is aimed towards reserach and development work and not for commercial production:…


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Microfluidic chip based on Graphene Oxide

Researchers from the University of Michigan developed a new microfluidic chip based on Graphene Oxide that can capture tumor cells from blood and support their growth for further analysis. This device could be used for both cancer diagnosis and find the best test-treatment options, without biopsies. The researchers estimate that such chips could reach clinics within 3 years:…


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NANO-COMPANY 2014: Graphene Laboratories, Inc. - United States of America

Name of the company: Graphene Laboratories, Inc.

Country: United States of America


Graphene Laboratories, Inc. specializes in the manufacture and sale of research materials to R&D markets, with the world’s largest selection of advanced and 2D materials. Having been first in the…


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DNA-guided Silver and Graphene-Oxide prove to be a great anti-bacterial agent in plants

Researchers from the University of Florida and Hunan Univeristy developed DNA-directed silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) grown on graphene oxide (GO). These so called Ag@dsDNA@GO composites act as antibacterial agents, decreasing X. perforans (a model plant pathogenic bacterium) cell viability in culture and on plants.

In a greenhouse experiment they applied this material on tomato transplants and they reported significant reduction of disease caused by bacterial spot compared to the…


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Stanford researchers use DNA strands to assemble graphene ribbons and turn them into transistors

Stanford researchers use DNA strands to assemble graphene ribbons and turn them into transistors:


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Adding graphene to alumina makes it 50% tougher

Graphenea researchers discovered that adding graphene to ceramic alumina can make it stronger - it is up to 50% less likely to break under strain. Graphenea's method is simple, fast and scalable, and it makes the alumina a hundred million times more conductive to electricity:


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"3D Graphene" in solar cells (DSSC)

Researchers from Michigan Technological University developed a new "3D Graphene" material that can be used to replace platinum used in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC). The new material is cheap and easy to make, and using it as an electrode the researcher fabricated a DSSC sell that has an energy efficiency of 7.8% (conventional platinum-electrode based solar cell achieve 8%):…


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Graphene enables quantum capacitance wireless vapor sensors

Researchers from the University of Minnesota developed graphene-based quantum capacitance wireless vapor sensors. This new sensor transduction mechanism paves the way for graphene quantum capacitance sensors to for a wide range of chemical and biological sensing applications:…


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XG Sciences expects car makers to introduce graphene-based batteries by 2017

XG Sciences is one of the leading companies to commercialize graphene based materials. The company introduced a new Li-Ion battery anode material that has four times the capacity of current materials.

We interviewed the company's CEO, and he reveals that they are in talks with a dozen large battery manufacturers around the world to introduce products. They are working with an "automotive company" that plans to introduce a a product in model year 2017:…


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Will we see anti-bacterial graphene band-aids soon?

So, here's yet-another area where graphene may be useful: it turns out that graphene kills bacteria simply by slicing though them. This may enable simply graphene-based anti-bacteria "band-aids" soon:


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Graphene one-day Symposium organized within TNT2013

On the occasion of TNT 2013, the 14th edition of the Trends in Nanotechnology International Conference (TNT 2013), a Graphene one-day Symposium will be organized in Seville (Spain) at Hotel Silken Al-Andalus Palace.

This one-day event will be organized in collaboration with ICN2 (Spain) and will take place on September 10.


The Graphene Day entails a plenary session during the morning…


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The largest European event on Graphene is back

The organizers of Graphene 2014 (4th edition - Graphene conference series) are pleased to announce the upcoming International Conference on Graphene to be held in Toulouse (France), home of Airbus. The event will be held from 6 to 9 of May 2014 at the Centre de Congrès Pierre Baudis.


A Plenary session with internationally renowned speakers,…


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Are graphene-based touch screens finally on the market?

A chinese company (called Powerbooster) is developing graphene-based flexible touch panels for mobile devices. The company claims they are already producing 2 million units per month and are in talks with mid-size Chinese phone makers to incorporate these into mobile phones. They hope to have products on the market by the end of the year, and they aim to invest $150 million in the next 3 years to bring this to market:…


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MIT's new graphene based solar cells to achieve world's highest energy conversion efficiency

Researchers from MIT are developing graphene and molybdenum-disulfide based solar cells that may become the world's most efficient solar cells. A single layer system (made from 1 graphene sheet and one MD sheet) achieves 1%-2% conversion while being only 1 nm thick. A silicon solar cells achieves 15%-20% efficiency but is hundreds of thousands times thicker. You can use several layers on top of each other to boost efficiency:…


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Will graphene be a good basis for 3D printing?

In past years we've seen graphene being used for many applications: transparent and flexible touch displays, sensors, batteries, solar panels, water purifications systems and more.

Today American Graphite Technologies (AGT) announced that it is going to research the possibility of using graphene-based materials as the workking materials for 3D printing. AGT will collaborate on this with Ukraine's Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology ("KIPT"):…


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Selective etching of armchair edges in graphite

Nanostructures Laboratory, Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science:

We have uploaded to our homepage


our new paper entitled…


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BGT promises first graphene-based touch panels by Q3 2013

Bluestone Global Tech (BGT) was founded in 2011 in New York with an aim to produce high quality graphene. We posted an interview with the company's CEO, and he says they expect graphene-based touch panels by Q3 2013 from one of their customers. He believes that the penetration rate for graphene over ITO will be quite a remarkable replacement rate of 5% in 2014.…


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Graphene and Molybdenite based flash memory is efficient, flexible, small and fast

Researchers from EPFL designed a new flash memory cell prototype that is made from graphene and Molybdenite (MoS2). They say that the new design is efficient, flexible, small and fast. The idea is that the unique electronic properties of MoS2 (it has an "idea energy band") are combined with graphene's excellent conductivity:…


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New graphene-based earphone-sized speaker

Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, have developed a new graphene-based earphone-sized speaker - that can actually outperform the best earphones. They say that even with almost no specialized acoustic design, it performs comparably to a high quality commercial headsets (a Sennheiser MX-400 earphone, in fact). The graphene speaker is also highly efficient:…


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Cabot launhces a graphene-based Li-Ion battery additive

Cabot Corporation launched the LITX G700, the company's first graphene-based additive for high energy density lithium-ion batteries. They say that this additive will allow Li-Ion battery makers to achieve superior cell performance.

Cabot explains that the LITX G700 conductive additive is designed for use in electric vehicle and high-end consumer electronics in which better driving range and longer run times are critical performance features.…


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