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GRAPCHINA2014 - International Graphene Innovation Conference

The International Graphene Innovation Conference (GRAPCHINA 2014) is dedicated to the enhancement of graphene based technology, innovation and research. The conference is jointly organized by China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry (CGIA), Phantoms Foundation and Ningbo Government from the 1st to the 3rd of September this year in Ningbo (China). CGIA is the first national alliance ever, comprising dozens of top research institutions including Tsinghua…


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Samsung developed graphene quantum dots based flash memory devices

Researchers are developing flash memory devices that store the charge in nanocrystals instead of the usually used polysilicon layers. These kinds of devices are less sensitive to local defects and offer high-density memory potential.

Researchers from Samsung Electronics (and Korea's Kyung Hee University) are now developing similar flash devices based on graphene quantum dots (GQDs). The performance of such a device is promising, with an electron density that is comparable to…


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Samsung invests in XG Sciences, to co-develop graphene-based batteries

Graphene-developer XG Sciences announced that Samsung Ventures placed a strategic investment. Samsung SDI, the world's largest li-ion battery maker and XG Sciences will co-develop next-gen graphene based batteries:


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Researchers use regular pencil and paper to create graphene-based sensors

Students from Northwestern University managed to use pencils and regular paper to create functional sensor devices. They created two types of sensors - strain sensors and chemical vapor sensors.

The students had a discussion about the conductive properties of graphene. They realized that when you draw a line on a piece of paper with a pencil, the pencil's graphite sheds numerous graphene sheets. They started exploring what these graphene sheets can be used for... and, well,  you…


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Graphene to enable more efficient and flexible OLEDs

BASF and the Graphene Research Centre (GRC) at the National University of Singapore announced a new partnership to develop the use of graphene in organic electronics devices - such as OLED devices and OPVs. The goal of this collaboration is to interface graphene films with organic electronic materials, with an aim to create more efficient and flexible lighting devices:…


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The world's largest graphene production plant is now operational in China

China's Ningbo Morsh Technology's graphene production line, with its annual capacity of 300 tons (or tens of millions of graphene films) is now online.

China plans to build a state-level graphene industrialization base in China's Chongqing Municipality. Within 5 years, they hope to reach revenues of 100 billion yuan ($16.35 billion). If the current capacity is indeed 300 tons per year, than China is now the world's leading graphene producer by far.

Ningbo Morsh…


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Pen and paper used to create simple graphene-based printed electronic circuits

Researchers discovered a simple method to fabricate graphene-based printed electronics, using an ordinary cellulose paper and pen. This process, if they manage to commercialize and automate it, could enable cheap flexible biodegradable electronics.…


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Graphene based membranes could help control CO2 emissions

Researchers from Korea's Hanyang University developed new graphene membrane based technology to separate carbon dioxide (CO2) from nitrogen and hydrogen. This could lead to low-cost greenhouse-gas control systems, and the researchers hope it can be commercialized within two or three years:…


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The NSF awards $1.5 million towards a new roll-to-roll graphene nanopetals production process research

Researchers at Purdue University are developing a new graphene "nanopetals" mass production process based on a roll-to-roll process. Those nanopetals are graphene-based vertical nanostructures that look like tiny rose petals, and they have applications in sensors, heat-management, supercapacitors and batteries. This research is funded with a $1.5 million grant from the NSF, and aims to increase the production speed of nanopetal-coated surfaces to 10 square meters per hour (a dramatic…


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Adding holes to graphene

Graphene (a sheet of carbon just one atom thick) can be successfully p-doped with boron, according to new experiments by researchers at Columbia University in the US. The result means that the carbon material can be both electron- and hole-doped, something that is important for advancing real-world graphene-based electronics. B dopants in graphene Chemical doping can be used to add or remove electrons from a material. Two years ago, a team led by Abhay Pasupathy showed that graphene could be…


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Graphene enables long lasting lithium-air batteries that can enable electric cars with almost 1,000 kilometers range

Researchers from Korea's KAIST institute developed a lithium-air rechargeable battery using a nano fiber graphene composite catalyst. This battery has five times greater storage compared to current lithium-ion batteries, and is the highest performing lithium-air batter ever developed with a good lifespan to boot. Such batteries may enable electric vehicle to travel almost a 1,000 kilometers on a single charge:…


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Graphene 2014 is raising great interest The Graphene Community meeting point in 2014

The Graphene Community meeting point in 2014

The largest European event on Graphene (Graphene conference series), Graphene 2014, is rapidly growing and raising great interest from the Graphene Community Worldwide.


Currently the event unveils 30 invited and keynote speakers from…


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Durham Graphene Science to go public and raise $16 million, changes name to Applied Graphene Materials

UK's Durham Graphene Science announced plans to go public, and raise up to £10 million (about $16 million) on the UK's AIM stock exchange. The company is also changing its name to Applied Graphene Materials (AGM). They will use the fund to increase production capacity and accelerate commercial opportunities with partners.

If successful, AGM will be the world's first pure-graphene company to go public. This will be one interesting IPO to watch!…


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Haydale updates on their graphene inks and GNPs, expects products based on graphene inks by early 2014

Haydale updates on their graphene inks and GNPs, expects products based on graphene inks by early 2014


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Bluestone Global launches the world's first graphene transistor

Bluestone Global Tech announced a new groundbreaking product today, the world's first graphene based Field Effect Transistor. BGT's Grat-FET is a wafer with 9 differnet GFET chips (or FET arrays), each with 64 FETs. Grat-FET is aimed towards reserach and development work and not for commercial production:…


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Microfluidic chip based on Graphene Oxide

Researchers from the University of Michigan developed a new microfluidic chip based on Graphene Oxide that can capture tumor cells from blood and support their growth for further analysis. This device could be used for both cancer diagnosis and find the best test-treatment options, without biopsies. The researchers estimate that such chips could reach clinics within 3 years:…


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NANO-COMPANY 2014: Graphene Laboratories, Inc. - United States of America

Name of the company: Graphene Laboratories, Inc.

Country: United States of America


Graphene Laboratories, Inc. specializes in the manufacture and sale of research materials to R&D markets, with the world’s largest selection of advanced and 2D materials. Having been first in the…


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DNA-guided Silver and Graphene-Oxide prove to be a great anti-bacterial agent in plants

Researchers from the University of Florida and Hunan Univeristy developed DNA-directed silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) grown on graphene oxide (GO). These so called Ag@dsDNA@GO composites act as antibacterial agents, decreasing X. perforans (a model plant pathogenic bacterium) cell viability in culture and on plants.

In a greenhouse experiment they applied this material on tomato transplants and they reported significant reduction of disease caused by bacterial spot compared to the…


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Stanford researchers use DNA strands to assemble graphene ribbons and turn them into transistors

Stanford researchers use DNA strands to assemble graphene ribbons and turn them into transistors:


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Adding graphene to alumina makes it 50% tougher

Graphenea researchers discovered that adding graphene to ceramic alumina can make it stronger - it is up to 50% less likely to break under strain. Graphenea's method is simple, fast and scalable, and it makes the alumina a hundred million times more conductive to electricity:


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