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Nanomedicine education crowdfunding project!


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New Asian Case Method for tribology: a structured approach for increased problem solving competence in tribology teaching and research

Gebeshuber I.C. and Macqueen M.O.

New Asian Case Method for Tribology: A structured approach for increased problem solving competence in tribology education and research

Tribology - Materials, Surfaces and Interfaces 7(2), pp. 69-73, 2013

doi: 10.1179/1751584X13Y.0000000027


The gap between academic science/engineering and industry concerning problem solving competencies is addressed in this paper by proposing the New Asian Case Method, an approach…


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URGENT to all students/gratuates

Dear all,

the education program of the future will change

so please: share your experiences and what you want to have changed now

using the EC nanoeis project to structure education following your and the next generation needs

(for companies and universities please use…


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Science Education Resources for Elementary Teachers

Please pass on this free resource for elementary science teachers. It provides complete lesson plans on a  wide range of science topics.

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North Central State College To Implement Nanotechnology

North Central State College in Mansfield took the first step to integrating Nanotechnology into its science education program by purchasing the NanoProfessor Nanoscience Education Program curriculum. Ken Ekegren, Assistant Professor for Engineering ...…


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How big is one nanometer?

How big is one nanometer?

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nanofutures work in progress in the key node groups - please check and give feedback - thanks!

Dear all,

nanofutures community and particular the key node groups are working on topcis which will

have the most critical influence for the future development of industrialised nanotechnologies.

Please check the key node presentation and give us your feedback. Please answer:



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send in your video or tell us about your youtube channel

Dear all,


if you have your nano related youtube channel - please tell us, so we can link you

and if you want us to integrate your videos at nanofutures


tell us about!


Greetings from nanofutures communication WG


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Latest Issue of Nano Digest

Nice issue on understanding education and career prospects in Nanotechnology...

For Copies contact:

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Tomsk Regional Center for Collective Usage (TRCCU): researches and staff education for nanoscale industry

Tomsk State University is a research-type university and a leading innovation center for science and education, which meets contemporary labor market requirements and is integrated into high-tech sectors of economy and service industry.



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News from Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Net)

 Valentine's Day (and the new seasonal activities calendar)
Valentine's Day is February 14th. Haven't made plans yet? May we suggest …

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Trends in Nanotechnology Funding, Research and Business Converge in New Webinar Series

SAN DIEGO – February 2, 2010 – NanoTecNexus (NTN), already acclaimed for its educational forums and nanotechnology expertise, announces a new series of business and scientific online webinars intended for members of industry, investment, research, and academic communities. Nanotechnology…


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American Chemical Society National Meeting, Nanoscience: Challenges for the Future

As I pack up to leave Salt Lake City and the 237th American Chemical Society meeting, I wanted to reflect on some of the comments about the future of nanotechnology and nanoeducation.

From the education sessions, it seems clear that K-12 teachers are taking bits and pieces of activities that have been developed through NNI funding. It has to "fit" into their curriculum and that means that it is only adapted if the teachers find it easy to use and it supports and augments the content… Continue

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Science Fair Blues

On Friday March 13, I judged 14 chemistry projects at the Houston district science fair. This is a big deal. This was the 50th anniversary of Science and Engineering Fair of Houston. It is a big deal for a student to make it to the judging at the Houston convention center. Advancement to this division means that their project that was one of 30,000 projects entered in the preliminary school/district fair competitions that was chosen to be in this elite group of 1,300 projects from 140 schools.… Continue

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How to teach nanotechnology in 3 days

There are quite a few 1-3 day teacher workshops on nanotechnology offered around the world. Do they work? Can a middle school or high school teacher learn about these new advances in research AND learn how to effectively integrate it into their classrooms in such a short time? Most teachers who take nanotechnology workshops come away excited about the new applications that they have learned about - quantum dots are beautiful, gold nanoshells have tremendous potential, buckyballs are fun,and who… Continue

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Could a new curriculum in nanotechnology improve science education?

I was at a nanotechnology meeting and this question was thrown around. Since American kids, in general, don't like high school chemistry and don't even take physics, could we offer them an alternative science course that was developed by scientists. Would this be better than current science classes and who might take a course in nanotechnology?

Most of the scientists and educators at this NSF sponsored meeting agreed that our high school chemistry curriculum is in a sad state. There… Continue

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Identifying what matters

I attended a Houston Independent School District (HISD) board meeting last night to hear if they had decided to build a new facility for my son's school. However, all of this debate over buildings just drives home the fact that facilities do not enhance learning. The chart shown on the right illustrates the importance of different variables in determining student achievement. This graph is from Dr. John Hattie's… Continue

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Intro to Nano Outline

Here is some more info on my Intro to Nano course:

Textbook: "Nanotechnology for Dummies" by Richard Booker and Earl Boysen. This is a pretty good read and a pretty good introductory text book for a first semester introductory Nanoscience class. I treat it as a supplemental reading not as a textbook for the course.

I started out using "Nanotechnology: Basic Science and Emerging Technologies" by Mick Wilson et al. but this seemed to be a bit difficult for my students to… Continue

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