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Powders and Granules

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Scholar in Law of Health Insitute for Work and Health University of Lausanne



Phone: (304) 285-6374 Centers for Disease Control

Fax: (304) 285-5820 and Prevention (CDC)

National Institute for Occupational

Safety and Health (NIOSH)

1095 Willowdale Road

Morgantown, WV 26505-2888

24 March 2014

Prix de la Fondation de Médecine Sociale et Préventive, Lausanne

Commission des…


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Definitions and Concepts

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GUJCOST funded National seminar on “Nanostructure and Thin Film Coating-2014” (NSNTC-2014) organized by Department of Nanotechnology, VVP Engineering College Rajkot-360005, Gujarat.

Respected Sir /Madam ,

Greetings from Department of Nanotechnology, VVP Engineering College-Rajkot.

It is an occasion of great pleasure and pride to extend an invitation

to your Department / Institute / Organization for attending a GUJCOST funded National seminar on “Nanostructure and Thin Film Coating-2014” (NSNTC-2014) organized by Department of Nanotechnology, VVP Engineering College Rajkot-360005, Gujarat. A copy of the first announcement revealing the details of the… Continue

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Nanotechnology and Human Health

New book: Ineke Malsch and Claude Emond (eds) Nanotechnology and Human Health, 13 August 2013, CRC Press, Boca Raton,

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Journal Nanotechnology Progress International (JONPI), 2013, Volume 4, Issue 1 - now out

New developments in the subject of nanoparticle are ever increasing due to their crucial importance in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. To harness the crucial benefits of nanoparticles; various studies are being undertaken including synthesis and characterization. United States of America (USA) is a global leader in the field of nanosciences and nanotechnology; current review is necessary to understand the successes and failures and lessons learnt for the best future…


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Electronic properties probed by scanning tunneling spectroscopy: From isolated gold nanocrystal to well-defined supracrystals

Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy at 5 K have been used to determine the electronic properties of 7-nm dodecanethiol-passivated Au nanocrystals in three different configurations: isolated nanocrystal, self-organized thin films (few nanocrystal layers), and large three-dimensional well-defined thick films (over 30 nanocrystal layers) called supracrystals. The electronic properties of both thin and thick well-ordered supracrystals are analyzed in scanning tunneling spectroscopy…


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Nanomaterials, Nanopowder, Colloidal suspension , nanometals, nanoceramics, ADDO, nanocoatings and many more.

Reinste Nano Venture is a supplier of world class nanoparticles for the Indian market. The services of Reinste nanoventures caters to both industrial and research users. Reinste NanoVenture helps individual and groups in their industrial and research related requirements of Nanomaterials, as nanoparticles enter our lives through research industries, plus various other industries. Some of the nanomaterials, supplied by the Reinste, are…


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The potential use of cellophane test strips for the quick determination of food colours

pH and CO2 Sensing by Curcumin-Coloured Cellophane Test Strip

Polymeric Honeycombs Decorated by Nickel Nanoparticles

Directed Deposition of Nickel Nanoparticles Using Self-Assembled Organic Template,

Organometallic deposition of ultrasmooth nanoscale Ni film,

Zigzag-shaped nickel nanowires via organometallic template-free route

Surface analytical characterization of passive iron surface modified by alkyl-phosphonic acid layers

Atomic Force Microscopy Studies of Alkyl-Phosphonate SAMs on Mica

Amorphous iron formation due to low energy heavy ion implantation in evaporated 57Fe thin films

Surface modification of passive iron by alkylphosphonic acid layers

Formation and structure of alkylphosphonic acid layers on passive iron

Structure of the nonionic surfactant triethoxy monooctylether C8E3 adsorbed at the free water surface, as seen from surface tension measurements and Monte Carlo simulations