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Tenure Track Position in Nanocellulosic Biomaterials and Chemicals - University of Oulu, Finland

The Faculty of Technology at the University of Oulu announces a tenure track position for a researcher studying biomaterials and biochemicals derived from nanocelluloses. The position is located in the research group of Fiber and Particle Engineering. One of the main research focus areas of the group is sustainable fabrication techniques of nanocelluloses and their use as water treatment chemicals and film and composite materials. There are approximately ten people working in this research…


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Staff Scientist for LM / CLEM and Teaching Coordinator - ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

As a staff member you will support us in coordinating the novel teaching program of ScopeM (both for EM and LM), in taking care of the maintenance of light and electron microscopes and in training ScopeM users on the instruments. Performing sample preparation and imaging tasks for ScopeM users, helping the users with easier data and image processing tasks and participating in various ScopeM research efforts (currently concentrating around various correlative microscopy…


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AFM Microscopist position - Texas, USA

ExxonMobil Chemical Company is seeking candidates for a Research Scientist in the Microscopy and Surface Science Group located in Baytown, Texas, USA. The successful candidate for this position will become part of the Advanced Characterization Department (ACD) within the company's core research organization. ACD is a global team with state of the art characterization capabilities around the world. We have extensive capabilities in Atomic Force Microscopy, Electron Microscopy, Optical…


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Research Assistant / Associate - University of Glasgow, UK

Closing date: 10th May 2015

Job Ref: 010324

Working with Drs Stephen McVitie and Damien McGrouther at the University of Glasgow and Professor Chris Marrows at the University of Leeds you will contribute to a project “current-driven domain wall motion and magnetomemristance in FeRh-based nanostructures”.

This will involve taking samples of continuous and patterned FeRh samples on bulk and thin substrates from the University of Leeds and…


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PostDoc for Electron Microscopy (S/TEM) in Environmental Catalysis - Haldor Topsoe, Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark

We are expanding our research activities in environmental catalysis within the strong collaborative project “HyDeCat: Enabling Ultra Deep Hydrodesulfurization by Nanoscale Engineering of New Catalysts”. The project aims at engineering, atom-by-atom, future catalytic solutions to the environmental challenges faced globally by oil refineries, where the removal sulfur and nitrogen constituents in oil products must be advanced.

We employ a multidisciplinary platform including…


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Director of Antibody Expression and Engineering & Protein Analytics Department - Arsanis Biosciences GmbH, Austria

Arsanis is a development stage biotechnology company committed to the development of human monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against severe infectious diseases for which current prophylactic or therapeutic approaches are ineffective or non-existent. We are hiring for the role: Director of Antibody Expression and Engineering & Protein Analytics Department in the Austrian subsidiary in Vienna (Campus Vienna Biocenter). Reporting to the Chief…


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PhD Position – Transport properties of doped and undoped CNT yarn - CEA Tech, France

Metal substitution in electrical wires by materials with high conductivity like carbon nanotubes (CNT) is interesting for short term applications in avionic and space thanks to the huge benefit of such wiring in term of mass. Indeed such wires will significantly improve the energy consumption of planes for example. Individual performances of CNTs can be better than the copper one. However, the electrical conductivity of CNT wires still remains lower than the metal ones. The objective…


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Postdoctoral position in Transmission electron microscopy on colloidal nanocrystals - Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia – IIT, Italy

CB 70645 

The electron microscopy (EM) laboratory of the Department of Nanochemistry at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Genova, Italy (IIT) invites applications for a Postdoctoral position.

IIT was founded with the objective of promoting Italy’s technological development and further education in science and technology. In this sense, IIT is committed to achieving its scientific program, which sees its major inspirational principle in the integration…


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3 PhD student positions - Stockholm University, Sweden

Deadline for applications: May 5, 2015.

General information: The extensive research activities of MMK, hosting the Berzelii Center EXSELENT for development of nanoporous materials for catalysis, span over Materials and Solid State Chemistry focusing on different classes of materials; e.g. ceramics and glasses, self-assembled and porous materials, and soft matter. The work often encompasses synthesis, characterisation by…


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1 year postdoctoral position in multi-scale modelling of biopolymers/biomembranes

We are searching for a highly motivated and exceptional post-doc to push forward methodological development in multi-scale molecular dynamics simulations. The aim is to unify the multi scale atomistic/coarse-grained models for biological polymers with accurate electrostatics [1] as developed in the group of Prof. Michele Cascella (University of Oslo, Norway) with hybrid coarse-grained / mesoscale models [2] developed in the group of Prof. Giuseppe Milano (University of Salerno,…

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Louise Johnson Fellowship: Research Position for an Excellent Female Postdoc

How do the elementary particles of nature move? Can atoms, molecules and electrons in matter be controlled and driven with precision – on all length and energy scales? These questions indicate some of the biggest and most exciting challenges of modern science - and the central objective of The Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging (CUI): The analysis of fundamental chemical and physical processes in Photon and Nano Science.

A renowned professor of Molecular Biophysics (University…


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Applications are invited for the position of Senior Research Fellow (SRF) - Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Thandalam, Chenna, India

Applications are invited for the position of Senior Research Fellow (SRF) in the research project on “Fabrication of Low Cost Micro-fluidic…

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Transmission Electron Microscopy - School of Materials, University of Manchester, UK

Closing date : 30/04/2015

Reference: E&PS-05872

As an Experimental Officer you will work in the Electron Microscopy Centre in the School of Materials. You will have responsibility for the operation, calibration and training of users on the analytical electron microscopes housed in the Electron Microscopy Centre. You will also have responsibility for equipment maintenance and development and will interact directly with FEI concerning…


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Postdoctoral position in Computational/Theoretical Chemistry at the University of California, Irvine

Postdoctoral Scholar position available in Computational/Theoretical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of California, Irvine, Professor R. B. Gerber (  The position is for studies of the growth mechanisms and of the chemical and physical properties of nano-size particles in the atmosphere.  The work will combine aspects of quantum chemistry and dynamics, and will deal with multicomponent and multiphase particles.  The project…


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Post-doctoral Position – Simulation and Fabrication of Reconfigurable Silicon Nanowire Transistor - CEA Tech, France

We propose to develop a new device defined as a reconfigurable silicon nanowire transistor. This novel concept is based on a universal transistor that can be reversely configured as p-FET or n-FET by changing the polarity of source and drain Schottky junctions. The activity of the postdoc will be focused both on the simulation and the fabrication of reconfigurable MOSFET transistor. A preliminary theoretical work will be performed to deeply understand the working principle of the…


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10 doctoral fellowships in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Natural Sciences Education

SALSA, the Graduate School of Analytical Sciences Adlershof at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, is announcing 10 doctoral fellowships to begin on October 1st, 2015. The program offers a structured, three-year period of multidisciplinary research combined with an integrated curriculum in Analytical Sciences.

Applications will be accepted upon submission via our online application tool only (…


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Postdoctoral Researcher in Electrospinning of Cellulose Nanocomposite Fibers - Stockholm University, Sweden

Postdoctoral Researcher in Electrospinning of Cellulose Nanocomposite Fibers at the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry. Reference number SU FV-1047-15. Deadline for applications: May 20, 2015.

Stockholm University is internationally leading in the study of porous, hybrid and nanostructured materials and the use and development of advanced structural characterisation techniques.…


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Solar Fuels (Fixed Term) (Cambridge, UK)

Fixed-term: The funds for this post are available for 2 years in the first instance.

Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Research Associate (PDRA) to work in the Reisner group's Christian Doppler Laboratory in the Department of Chemistry of the University of Cambridge. The project will focus on developing the basic science for a chemical process that captures and stores the energy from sunlight in a chemical fuel by a process known as artificial…


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Associate Research Fellow - Institute for Superconducting & Electronic Materials (Australia)

POSITION TYPE Fixed Term, 1 Year Appointment
CLOSING 19 April 2015
REF NO. 25362



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Postdoctoral positions in Nano-Plasmonics and Nano-Photonics - Bilkent University, Turkey

Bilkent NANOTAM is offering a postdoctoral position to young scientist who wishes to enhance his/her scientific career in research environment with outstanding infrastructure. We are looking for ahighly motivated candidate with background in characterization of photonic nanostructures . Candidates should hold a Ph.D. in physics, engineering or related disciplines. Expertise in characterization of micro/nano devices will be considered a plus. For this research position, the candidates will…


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