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NANO-ECOTOXICITY Project: Study on nanoparticles' impact on soil organisms

From the clothes and make-up we wear to the electronic devices we use every day, nanotechnology is becoming ubiquitous. But while industry has mastered…

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Sol Voltaics uses nanotechnology to make solar energy 25 percent more efficient

Sol Voltaics has raised $9.4 million from the Umoe and others to make solar cells more efficient, the company announced today. The Lund, Sweden-based…

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Nanotechnology - The next big thing for insurers


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Dangers and potential of nanomaterials examined

After a decade of rapidly growing industrial use,…


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German-speaking Kursleiter/in bilingue (frz. / dt.)

Zur Ergänzung unseres Teams im Geschäftsbereich Aus- und Weiterbildung suchen wir per sofort oder nach Vereinbarung: eine Kursleiterin / einen Kursleiter (bilingue: frz. / dt.).


Lesen Sie hier weiter: Link

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German-speaking Praktikantin oder Praktikant (100 %)

Zur Ergänzung unseres Teams im Geschäftsbereich Nanotechnologie suchen wir per Mai 2013 oder nach Vereinbarung: eine Praktikantin oder Praktikanten (100 %).


Lesen Sie hier weiter: Link

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How Definitions of Nanotechnology Shape Public Reactions

A recently published article in the "Journal of Nanoparticle Research" examines the effect of different nanotechnology definitions on public reactions. Researchers found that showing individuals different contextes of nanotechnology led to differences in how strongly they supported this emerging area of science and in their motivation to learn more about it.


Read complete…


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Study Suggests Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials at the Workplace

The Bavarian Environmental and Food Safety Authority has recently published the report „Nanomaterials at the workplace – Exposition, health risks and prevention measures“. Despite rapide growth in nanotechnology application there is still little known about potential hazards for human health and the environment. The study identifies employees to be especially exposed to nanotechnology risks…


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Carbon Nanotubes Might Cause Tumors in Mice

NIOSH Researchers report preliminary findings in which mice were exposed by inhalation to multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT). The study was designed to investigate whether these tiny particles have potential to initiate or promote cancer. These results indicate that MWCNT can increase the risk of cancer in mice exposed to a known carcinogen. The study does not suggest that MWCNTs alone…


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Nanotechnology Helps Packaging Smarten Up

In the near future packaging will be much more than a simple external protective wrapper or support for product advertising. Biotechnologist Christoph Meili outlines the major role nanotechnology will play.


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Swiss Councellor of State Ivo Bischofberger: "Young people should get in touch with Nanotechnology."

In the editorial of the recent TA-Swiss newsletter the Councellor of State Dr. Ivo Bischofberger claims under the title "Understanding - not ignoring nanotechnology" that already young people and children should be familiarized with nanotechnology at an early stage. "Swiss…


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Places Available - "SimplyNano 1"-Training Courses for Teachers

 The new nano experiment kit "SimplyNano 1" has been developed by the SimplyScience foundation together with The Innovation Society, St.Gallen. It contains teaching and learning materials, chemicals and laboratory materials for 8 exciting experiments from the world of


 Participants of the training courses will become familiar with simple, practice-relevant examples and experiments of the nano kit.

All participants obtain the nano kit for free.…


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Environmental Risks from Nanoparticles in Sunscreens

Modern sunscreens often contain nanosized mineral UV filters, e. g. titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. From an environmental perspective this is a particularly sensitive application since the nanoparticles exist unbound in these products and thus can be released into the


 In order to prove the possible environmental impact by nanomaterial containing sunscreens nanospecific adapted test guidelines and routine measurinig methods are necessary.



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Still Low Nanotechnology Awareness

The recently published results of the Harris Poll show that nanotechnology awareness amongst Americans is still low. But there are surprising differences in opinion, information channel use and attitude towards the application of nanotechnologies in different areas.

 The poll was conducted by Harris Interactiv - a U.S. based research organisation - amongst 2'467 adults in the United States.

 Read complete article: Link…


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New TiO2 Reference Material for Nanotechnology Reseach Published

 Nanoscale titanium-dioxide may well be the most widely manufactured and used nanomaterial in the world. It is also one of the most widely studied. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has now issued a new nanoscale reference material for use in a wide range

of environmental, health and safety studies of industrial nanomaterials.

 The new NIST reference material is a sample of commercial titanium dioxide powder commonly known as “P25".



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Great Britain: New Guidance for Working Safely with Nanomaterials Published

 The UK Nanosafety Partnership Group (UKNSPG) has developed guidance to support safe and responsible working practices with nanomaterials in research and development.

 The aim of the UKNSPG's work is to provide help to research establishments and academia on how to comply with their occupational health and safety legal obligations.The guidance has recently been published and is available as download.

 Read complete article: Link…


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Working Safely with Nanomaterials: Swiss Nano-Cube Launches New Training Module for Schools

 The issue of "Working Safely with Nanomaterials" has not been discussed in vocational training and company-specific instruction so far, though, due to their enhanced properties nanomaterials are increasingly processed in the value chain of different industries.

 The new training and instruction module “Working Safely with Nanomaterials” closes this gap. The module was developed by Helmut Elbert in cooperation with different experts from Switzerland. It is available in German so…


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6th International Authorities Dialogue: "Governance of Nanomaterials" in Zurich

The 6th International Nano Authorities Dialogue with Government officials from Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland took place on 8 /9 May in Zurich. The Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) invited representatives of public authorities dealing with regulatory issues of nanotechnology in health, environment or occupational safety areas. The topic of the two-day conference was the communication of scientific data and public dialogue.…


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Swiss Nano-Cube Project Wins „Best of 2012“ Award of the IT Innovation Prize

 The initiative of mid-sized enterprises „Initiative Mittelstand“ recently has granted the Innovation Prize IT 2012 at the CeBIT exposition. The platform „Swiss Nano-Cube“ was awarded a „Best of 2012“ certificate in the category "e-learning". The project has particularly convinced the jury and thus belongs to the top among 2´500 participating projects. The Innovation Prize IT award was under the auspices of the Commissioner of the German Federal Government for

Information Technology and…


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Innovation Society at the 12th Thurgau Technology Day (March 30, 2012)

 "With Innovation succesful into the Future" - is the slogan of the

12th Thurgau Technology Day on Friday 30th March 2012. Well-known

speakers are going to discuss the question how companies can manage

economically difficult times by innovating their products, services

and processes. The Innovation Society is also present at this year's

technology day and will be presenting their products and services.

 More information about the event: Link…


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