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Compound distribution studies in pharmaceutical tablets by integrated AFM-Raman instrument

Raman microscopy is a widely used technique in pharmaceutical industry. It allows identifying and rapidly characterizing chemical compounds, functional groups, molecular conformers, authenticating various drugs. Integration of Raman spectroscopy with Atomic Force Microscopy opens a wide range of new capabilities in imaging and characterizing pharmaceutical products.

In this application note, the distribution of chemical components within Anadin tablet is studied. Special autofocus…


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Tomorrow's webinar - Advancing AFM for Cell Biology: The Role of Forces in Cell Structure and Behavior

Atomic Force Microscopy Webinar Series - Advancing AFM for Cell Biology

Atomic Force Microscopy Webinar Series…


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LensAFM Webinar proceedings and Video available online

After the webinar that Nanosurf held last week about the LensAFM, I am pleased to inform you that the Webinar and the Video are now online on Nanosurf homepage:




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LensAFM Webinar

 LensAFM Webinar:

  Advancements in Instrumentation for

  Surface Inspection and Defect Analysis


  Webinar Date: 09 May 2012…


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One-Day Scientific Conference on Electrical AFM Measurements in Linz

2012 European Conference on Electrical Measurements at the Nanoscale Using AFM



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Free AFM Webinar - AFM Enhancing Traditional Electron Microscopy Applications - April 11th

Atomic Force Microscopy Webinar Series - AFM Enhancing Traditional EM Applications

Atomic Force Microscopy Webinar Series



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Highly Practical AFM Skills To Be Taught Online!

Agilent Images


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NT-MDT webinar on TERS – 6th of March

T-MDT is happy to invite you to the webinar  “Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering. Approaching 10 nm spatial resolution in Raman imaging” by Dr. Pavel Dorozhkin.

Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering (TERS) is the technique utilizing a special AFM probe (nano-antenna) to localize light at the nanometer scale area near the probe apex. When scanning the sample with respect to the probe, the obtained optical (Raman or fluorescence) maps have lateral resolution which is not limited by the light…


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AFM Webinar Series – The Powerful Diversity of the AFM Probe – March 14th

Atomic Force Microscopy Webinar Series - The Powerful Diversity of the AFM Probe

Atomic Force Microscopy Webinar Series…


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AFM+Raman characterization of Li-ion batteries (NT-MDT digest)

Development of advanced lithium batteries currently represents a very rapidly growing field of science and technology. Lithium batteries are interesting as a power source in numerous portable devices, in electrical vehicles, in military and aerospace applications. What factors determine the cycle life, self-discharge rate, energy density? Optimization needs the complimentary usage of different analytical approaches.

In the attached application note different Li-ion battery…


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Seeing at the Nanoscale 2012 - Call for Papers, Early Bird Registration, more...


Share your research at the world’s leading SPM conference and have your voice heard among your peers and experts in nanotechnology!…


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AFM with Localized Optical Excitation for Solar Cell Studies

investigation and optimization.

In this application note, Kelvin force microscopy was used to measure the surface potential profile of a multijunction solar cell cross-section in relation to the intensity, wavelength, and beam position of a localized optical excitation (~400 nm spot diameter). The response, surface potential variation, of separate subcells was monitored. Experimental results are in good agreement with qualitative simulation.

The results were obtained…


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ProIMAGE Contest 2011

NT-MDT Co. is happy to invite you to participate in the ProIMAGE Contest 2011. The contest is a competition of AFM-images obtained with NT-MDT probes. The submission opens on the 12th of September!

During the ProIMAGE Contest 2009-2010 we received many interesting and rare images. We hope that the ProIMAGE Contest 2011 will also show the beauty and variety of scientific research.

Please inform us if you don't have NT-MDT probes yet. We would be happy to send you free demo… Continue

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Surface modification of passive iron by alkylphosphonic acid layers

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