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Acuity Brands debuts two efficient OLED luminaries planned for 2012 using LG Chem panels

Acuity Brands launched two beautiful OLED luminaries, the company's first. The two new products (called Kindred and Revel) are designed for indoor, ambient applications. Planned availability is Q1 2012. The OLEDs are quite efficient and use LG Chem made panels.…


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Jusung Engineering enters the OLED market, shows world's largest lighting panel

Korea's Jusung Engineering announced it is entering the OLED market - for both display and lighting. Jusung will offer a 'total solution' - from vacuum deposition to encapsulation.

Jusung's CEO Hwang Chul-joo unveiled an OLED lighting panel that measures 730x920mm - we believe that's the largest panel ever unveiled! Hwang claims that their production equipment technology is at least one year ahead of the competition.…


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Lenovo's S-800 phone uses a transparent PMOLED

Back in November 2010 we reported about a new phone by Lenovo which uses a transparent display called the S-800. We thought it might be a transparent OLED, but we weren't sure. Today Dialog Semiconductor reveals that they supplied the driver IC to that phone, and indeed it's a transparent PMOLED. Hopefully the S-800 will actually launch soon, unlike the Samsung IceTouch MP3 player.

The display itself is probably made by TDK - which has been showing transparent PMOLEDs back in October… Continue

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Chlorine can lead to efficient and simple OLED designs

Researchers discovered that using chlorine can drastically reduce OLED device complexity and improve its efficiency. In fact in their tests, the efficiency more than doubled at very high brightness.

The idea is to add a one-atom thick sheet of chlorine on the ITO electrode used in OLEDs. This can make the electrode a more efficient electrical transport - and so there's no need for a 'transport' layer as used in current designs.…


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Lumiotec enters OLED lighting mass production, offers new panels, cuts prices

Lumiotec started mass producing OLED panels - and they are the first company to do so. They make 60,000 to 240,000 panels a year now. They offers new shapes, sizes and better panels. They also cut the price from around €700 to €260 for a large square-panel.

The company is also showing some neat new OLED lighting designs:…


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Verbatim shows beautiful color-tunable OLED lighting installations

Check out this beautiful video showing Verbatim's Velve OLED lighting installations at the design library in Milan, Italy. Verbatim is showing some pretty neat design ideas, and of course the changing colors of the OLEDs are great:


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Largest OLED lighting panel (33x33cm) to date developed by the OLED100.eu project

The European OLED100.eu project developed a new OLED lighting panel that is the largest to date: a 33x33cm2 panel. The new panel offer 25lm/W at 1000 cd/m2 luminance. This relatively good efficiency was achieved using ou-coupling and an efficient RGB OLED stack. The panels were fabricated at the Gen-2 line at the Fraunhofer IPMS:…


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The Fraunhofer Institute to demo their bidirectional OLED microdisplay

The Fraunhofer Institute announced their bidirectional OLED on CMOS microdisplay back in 2009. The idea is to have an OLED display and a camera on the same chip by integrating photodiodes between the OLED pixels. On March 22rd (at the Smart Systems Integration 2011 exhibition in Dresden, Germany) they will demo the system for the first time. One of the possible applications for such a bi-directional display is interactive data glasses:…


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LG's 8-Gen line will produce 55" OLED-backlit LCDs in 2011, not true-OLED TVs

LG Display has started to install equipment in their upcomnig 8-Gen OLED production line that will be able to produce 72,000 55" OLED TV panels in a month. Mass production is expected by the end of 2011.

It turns out that those OLED TVs will actually be white-OLED (phosphorescent based) with color filters - or actually OLED-backlit LCDs and not 'true OLED' TVs (in which each pixel is 3 RGB OLED subpixels). LG's OLED-LCD TVs will boast 400ppi and will have better brightness and… Continue

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OLED Lighting news from Japan's Lighting Fair 2011

Japan's OLED lighting fair started in March 8th, and we got some interesting OLED Lighting news from NEC Lighting, Panasonic, Rohm and others. The most interesting news come from NEC and Panasonic - who both plan to release OLED lighting panels in 2011 (or early 2012) and they use PHOLED materials to achieve relatively high efficiency:…


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German design house shows a beautiful modular OLED/LED lamp

German design firm Benwirth Licht created a new modular OLED/LED lamp called Cluster+. The lamp uses both LEDs and OLEDs (OSRAM's ORBEOS panels, in fact) to create unique designs. The idea is that you can arrange the lamp in whatever design you want, and so use it as a chandelier, desk lamp, wall lamp and any other arrangement you can think of:…


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Samsung to start using laser to make AMOLEDs - that will make them cheaper and with a higher resolution

It turns out that Samsung is not content with the Super AMOLED Plus displays - and are already working on the next-gen AMOLEDs. These will use a laser deposition method (LITI) - which will enable Samsung to make cheaper OLEDs that will have a much higher resolution (over 300ppi). It's also an important step towards OLED TVs commercialization:…


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Kaneka to start shipping OLED lighting panels in March, unveils OLED strategy

Kaneka announced that it will start accepting orders for OLED lighting panels on March 22nd, 2011 in Japan (and later in April in Europe). Kaneka will offer OLED square panels in give colors (warm white, red, orange, blue and green). The panels will be dimmable (in the range from 1,000cd/m2 to 5,000cd/m2).

Kaneka's OLED panels will cost around ¥2 million (approx $24,000) per square meter - and the company believes that the price will drop to ¥200,000 ($2,400) next year and to ¥50,000… Continue

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Dupont's printable OLEDs to be cheaper than LCDs by 40%

Back in May 2010 Dupont announced that they can print a a 50-inch OLED TV in under two minutes, using their new printable OLED materials and a custom-made printer from Dai Nippon Screen Manufacturing Co. Today we learned that Dupont estimates that their new OLEDs will be cheaper than LCDs - by about 40%! (Regular OLEDs cost about twice as much  as LCDs to manufacture).…


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Fujitec shows cylindrical OLED lighting panels

Fujitec is showing cylindrical (tubular) OLED lighting panels. These OLEDs are either blue, red or green, 70mm diameter and 80mm in length. The specifications are not so great currently, but the company hopes to get it better in the future. In the meantime, the panels/tubes look great:


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Lumiotec to start shipping new more-efficient OLED lighting panels

Rohm developed a new (2nd-generation) OLED lighting panel that uses a red phosphorescent material. The new material results in a more efficient device (about 25-30lm/W, up from about 11lm/W). Lumiotec will start producing and selling those panels in a few days - they will be cheaper (¥30,000 per panel, or about $365) than the older panels, and Lumiotec plans to make around 60,000 a year.



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Sony sees rollable large-screen OLED TVs in the future

Sony published an interesting interview with their display unit team about rollable OLED displays. Back in May (during SID 2010) Sony unveiled a new 4.1" rollable OLED display. In the interview, Dr. Kazumasa Nomoto reveals that Sony's end target is a rollable large-screen OLED TV: "The time will come when the very idea that an enormous black box (TV)was ever placed in rooms will seem strange.".

Sony also discusses the three new technologies that were developed just for this display:… Continue

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Yearly review of OLED technology

We have published our yearly review of OLED technology. 2010 was the year where OLEDs (and Super-AMOLEDs) made their great breakout with lot's of high-end phones from Samsung, Nokia, Dell, HTC and Google. It was also the year of OLED supply problems, OLED-TV standstill and OLED-Lighting research.

We also write our own predictions for 2011... Hopefully you'll consider this interesting for your readers...…


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Spintronics breakthrough could lead to lighter and more efficient OLED displays

Researchers have shown that a magnetically polarized current can be

manipulated by electric fields. This is the first time that it was shown

how you can proactively control spin with electric fields and could

pave the way towards combining memory and processing power on the same


The interesting part is that this discovery has been made with flexible

organic semiconductors, and so could offer a step-change in the power

efficiency and weight of… Continue

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Wintek and TPK to start making AMOLED displays for mobile phones in a new joint-venture

Wintek and TPK will co-produce AMOLED displays. Both companies expect

AMOLEDs to become a mainstream technology for high-end smartphones. Both

companies are experts in Touch Panels and are likely to develop

touch-AMOLEDs, so maybe they'll develop something similar to Samsung's

Super-AMOLED displays.

It is expected that Wintek will shift existing TFT production equipment

to AMOLED production. TPK is already recruiting employees for AMOLED

production in… Continue

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