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US backplane developer shows a 0.01 mm bendable AMOLED prototype

Royole, a startup established in the US in 2012, unveils their first prototype, a 0.01 mm thick (thin?) flexible AMOLED prototype (which they say is the thinnest ever). Here's a video showing the display in action, it's really cool how it flaps in the wind:

The company develops flexible…


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Konica Minolta to build a flexible OLED lighting R2R fab with a monthly capacity of 1 million panels

Konica Minolta announced they started construction of a roll-to-roll flexible OLED lighting production fab. The fab will be ready by the fall of 2014 and will be able to produce a million panels each month. KM will make flexible (plastic based) OLED panels - both white and color tunable.

This is a dramatic announcement for OLED lighting and may finally kickstart the OLED lighting market:…


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Israeli company develops bio-organic LED displays and batteries

StoreDot is an Israeli start-up company that developed a way to make bio-quantum-dots based on peptides. This technology could revolutionize displays, batteries and memory devices.

The company unveiled their technology just now. Following a large ($6 million) investment by a large Asian display maker, they hope to commercialize a bio-LED display by 2017 to compete with OLEDs:…


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The world's first color-tunable OLED lighting panels hands on review

Verbatim's Velve is the world's first (and only) color-tunable OLED lighting panels. They sent us a sample panel for review, and it's pretty neat:

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The world's first transparent OLED lighting panels now shipping, we go hands on

The Fraunhofer Institute in Germany have started to produce and ship transparent OLED lighting panels, the first in the world. They also offer structured and "regular" opaque OLED panels. They sent us 3 samples, and we go hands on. Check out these cool panels - the future of lighting:…


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Philips sees flexible 1x1 meter OLED lighting panels by 2018

Philips released a new roadmap for their OLED lighting products. The company decided to split its OLED offering into two families - one for decorative lighting and one for performance lighting. By 2018, Philips sees transparent, flexible 1x1 meter panels.

The performance family isn't reflective or transparent, and will remain rigid even in 2018. But Philips plans to reach 130 lm/W by 2018 (even more efficient than current LEDs), an intensity of over 5,000 cd/m2 and a CRI of over…


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LG Chem starts mass producing 45 lm/W OLED panels, plans more efficient, flexible and transparent panels

We just got word from LG Chem that the company finished development of their first OLED lighting panel, and have started mass production. The "type 1" panel, or the LG-OLED-041 is a 100x100 mm square panel that features 4,000K, CRI>80, 45 lm/W and 10,000 hours lifetime (LT70) at 3,000 nits. The active emitting panel is 90x90 mm, and the whole panel is 2.44 mm thick (including the optical film and PCB. The OLED itself is 1.84 mm).

LG Chem is already developing the 2nd generation…


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Tazmo shows an efficient flexible white A4 I-LED panel

Japan's Tazmo has developed a new flexible Inorganic LED panel that is quite efficient at 30 lm/W. Tazmo is using a coating process - which is easily adapter for I-LEDs as they have a simpler element structure when compared to OLEDs.

The new panel is A4 in size (210x297mm) and can easily be bent. I-LED is different from LEDs as they use the EL (electroluminescence) phenomenon. We do not know how close to commercialization this is:…


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New technology may double the light-extraction efficiency of OLEDs

Japan's Oji Paper developed a new microfabrication technology that can be used to enhance the light extraction efficiency of OLEDs. The idea is to use microparticle coating to form a regular pattern that is several-nanometer-wide on the surface of the metal part of the negative electrode in an OLED panel. The nanostructure turns the plasmon energy (that is sometimes released from an OLED) into light.

Oji paper says that this technology was used to improve a red OLED's light…


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Interview with Dr. Ulrich Eisele, OSRAM's OLED unit chief

We posted an interview with Dr. Ulrich Eisele, head of OSRAM's OLED unit. OSRAM is developing and selling OLED lighting panels, and have recently shown some interesting developments (such as a 87 lm/w OLED and a 32 lm/W flexible OLED panel).

We discuss OLED technology and OSRAM's OLED program plans:…


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Blackody V-LUX OLED desk lamp hands on review

Blackbody's V-LUX is an OLED desk lamp - released just a few weeks ago. We got the first pre-production unit to leave the company, and posted a review, complete with videos of photos. These OLED lamps are the first sub-$1,000 lamps available (together with Lumiotec's Hanger and Vanity lamps). The OLEDs are cool and thin... but is it worth almost 600 euroes?…


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Konica Minolta starts shipping efficient OLED lighting samples under the Symfos brand

Konica Minolta announced a new next-generation lighting brand called Symfos. The first Symfos product is the OLED-010K OLED lighting panel sample kit - which is now shipping. The kit includes four OLED panels, and external driver box and an AC adapter.

The OLED itself uses all phosphorescent emitters and offers 45 lm/W. This is the same panel that Philips is offering (as the Lumiblade Plus). In fact Philips is producing this panel for Konica Minolta, as was announced in July 2011. We… Continue

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HP developed a new technology for producing large flexible OLED panels cheaply

HP has developed a new method to produce large AMOLED panels, based on roll-to-rol manufacturing. They say that one of the biggest challenges to make flexible OLEDs is the alignment on large area flexible substrates. The new solution uses self-aligned imprint lithography (SAIL) to laminate a well-defined micro OLED (焜LED) frontplane unto a flexible active matrix amorphous silicon TFT backplane.

HP says they already built a proof-of-concept AMOLED device. The company claims that the… Continue

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OSRAM's new OLED lighting production plant is on-line, cost to drop by 90% soon

OSRAM announced that their new OLED lighting pilot production line is now on-line.  The OLEDs made in this new plant will be brighter, more efficient and more durable. It will also enable OSRAM to start making transparent OLED panels. But the big news is that the company expects manufacturing costs to drop 90% when the finish expanding this line soon:…


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Copper can be used to replace Iridium in OLEDs - and make them cheaper

Researchers from RIKEN (Japan) developed a new efficient copper complex that can be used to replace Iridium phosphors in OLEDs - and would be much cheaper (copper is about 1/2000 cheaper than Iridium):

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Lumiotec announces a portable OLED lamp

Lumiotec announced it will start selling two OLED lamps in September 1st - in Japan, Europe and other countries. The first one is the Hanger - a portable lamp that comes in several colors (red, white, yellow, blue, yellow-green, pink, purple and silver) and has a really cool design. It uses a single square OLED panel and will cost $450.

The second lamp is a desktop lamp called The Vanity, which will cost around $700. Lumiotec plans to sell 3,000 Hangers and 1,000 Vanity lamps in the… Continue

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A hands-on review of the world's first organic-solar-cell powered flashlight

The Organic Electronics Association (OEA) recently released their latest OE brochure, to which they attached a very cool demonstrator - an organic solar cell (PV) powered flashlight.

What feels like a bit of cardboard actually contains a a roll-to-roll printed organic solar cell, a flexible lithium-ion battery and a printed electronic circuitry. And of course a small white LED. The association says that this can "give you the feeling" of the next generation of electronics: thin,… Continue

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SiMoNa - new OLED optimization software to enable cheaper OLEDs soon

The KIT Institute of Nanotechnology developed a new OLED optimization simulation software called SiMoNa. Using this software you can improve OLED material (EL, HTL and HIL) properties and design new dye molecules. They say this software will be faster by a factor of a million compared to current simulation software, enabling the development of cheaper and better OLED materials:…


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New OLED materials last 1.4 million hours, more efficient Samsung OLEDs coming

OLED technology used to suffer from short lifespan (counted in hours till 50% brightness). But the technology improves quickly. Universal Display unveiled new materials that are long-lasting. In fact their green-yellow lasts for 1.4 million hours (!) while the red lasts for 900,000 hours. Only the blue is still a major issue with only 20,000 hours. But it is improving, too.

The company's Phosphorescent materials are more efficient than fluorescent ones. Samsung is currently using… Continue

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Philips invests €40 million in OLED lighting production capacity expansion

Philips announced that they are investing €40 million ($57 million) to expand their OLED lighting panel production capacity in their Aachen, Germany fab. The additional capacity will be available in 2012.

Philips say that the new capacity will support the "rapid growth" of their OLED business - used for high-end design lighting applications for decorative and ambiance creation purposes. Philips' OLED lighting panels (Lumiblade brand) come in several shapes and sizes. Philips… Continue

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