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Política especial para Nanotecnologia vai estimular aplicação da pesquisa na indústria

Política especial para Nanotecnologia vai estimular aplicação da pesquisa na indústria

* Vários ministérios (oito no total) buscam elaborar uma portaria (legislação) para criar um conselho  consultivo para definir as metas do Governo Brasileiro para a Nanotecnologia.…


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Nanotechnology Scientific Educational Centre of Dagestan State University

Nanotechnology Scientific Educational Centre (SEC) was established as a structural department of Dagestan State University.

The SEC was established to co-ordinate and carry out fundamental, applied, and scientific and research studies, as well as to train highly qualified nanotechnology specialists, and to implement the results of the researches into innovative educational programs in place at Dagestan State University.

Core departments and laboratories of the Physics and…


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Noida, INDIA, 9th December 2011

As on today Nanoscale procedures have become prerequisite to Pharmaceutical and its related industries. According to market research resource, the market for Nanopharmaceuticals has grown from $406 million in 2004 to $3 billion in 2009 and will be $16.6 billion in 2014.

Nanopharmaceuticals offer the ability to detect diseases at much earlier stages and the diagnostic applications could build upon conventional procedures using nanoparticles.…


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Nanomaterials, Nanopowder, Colloidal suspension , nanometals, nanoceramics, ADDO, nanocoatings and many more.

Reinste Nano Venture is a supplier of world class nanoparticles for the Indian market. The services of Reinste nanoventures caters to both industrial and research users. Reinste NanoVenture helps individual and groups in their industrial and research related requirements of Nanomaterials, as nanoparticles enter our lives through research industries, plus various other industries. Some of the nanomaterials, supplied by the Reinste, are…


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Centre for Knowledge Management of Nanoscience & Technology is hirings

CKMNT invites applications in prescribed form for filling up the various posts. For more information on the hiring process, please click on the following links:

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VELOX - new nanotechnology solutions in dispersion

VELOX in Hamburg started the cooperation with Nanophase this year and is therefore moving towards an innovative market branch of Nanotechnology


The use of nanoparticles has become an innovative and new technology to enhance coating properties. Nano describes a scale 1000 times smaller than that of present elements of the micrometer-sphere (1nm corresponds to the millionth part of a mm). The extremely large exposed surface area of nanoparticles…


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NSTC launches Nanotechnology Training Programs

INDIA - 10th June 2011: Nano Science and Technology Consortium (NSTC) , INDIA announces the Nanotechnology Training (Certification) Programs for different fields of Science & Technology. With the availability of these kind of training programs in India, NSTC is looking forward to sensitize students, professionals and industries with requisite knowledge of Nanotechnology.


The applications of Nanotechnology are now evident in almost each and every field of…


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Siddha Medicine and Nanotechnology



                        The ancient system of medicine practiced in Tamil Nadu is called as Siddha system of Medicine. The system deals the diseases in various methods namely using drugs derived from plants, animals and birds, metals and nonmetals and physical methods including varma and external application of oils . There is also description of prevention of diseases using proper food, environmental…


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Calculations using the Electron Volt

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"Nanotechnology at Home 2010" competition for secondary school students - results

The International NanoScience Community - TINC launched "Nanotechnology at Home 2010" a competition for secondary school students around the world. The aim of the competition was to find out what high school students think about nanotechnology, and the new products created using nanosciences. An international jury from the members of The International NanoScience Community has been assembled to judge all applications entered into the competition.…


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2nd International Conference on Nanotechnology: Fundamentals and Applications

The International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology

(International ASET) and the University of Ottawa are pleased to

organize the 2nd International Conference on Nanotechnology:

Fundamentals and Applications. As globalization leads to increasing

interaction among regions and peoples of the world, it is important to

encourage multi-disciplinarity in emerging scientific topics such as

nanotechnology. Nanotechnology, even though rapidly growing, is still… Continue

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"Nanotechnology at Home 2010" competition for secondary school students

"Nanotechnology at Home 2010" competition for secondary school students (from 14 to 18 years)

Call for entries

The International NanoScience Community - TINC launches "Nanotechnology at Home 2010" a competition for secondary school students around the world.

The aim of the competition is to find out what high school students think about nanotechnology, and the new products created using nanosciences.

The nano-competition… Continue

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Promising New Nanotechnology for Spinal Cord...

A spinal cord injury often leads to permanent paralysis and loss of

sensation below the site of the injury because the damaged nerve fibers

can't regenerate. The nerve fibers or axons have the capacity to grow

again, but don’t because they're blocked by scar tissue that develops

around the injury.

Northwestern University researchers have… Continue

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MIT Researchers use nanotechnology to repair brain damage and restore vision

Spinal cord injuries, serious stroke and severe traumatic brain injuries affect more than 5 million Americans at a total cost of $65 billion a year in treatment. Is there any hope?

Researchers from MIT and Hong Kong University come to give us hope. The group actually managed to partially restore vision to rodents blinded by damage caused to their brains’ visual system. The secret of success is a tiny biodegradable scaffold invented by MIT bioengineers and neuroscientists. This… Continue

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Brief Introduction To The Veterinary Applications of Nanotechnology

A friend of mine suggested to post a copy of this article written by me on 2003 and posted originally on Nanotechnology Now.

Brief Introduction To The Veterinary Applications Of Nanotechnology

By Dr. Jose Feneque - December 2003

For us in the veterinary community, this article describes some of the principal areas of nanotechnology currently being undertaken in the world of medicine. Because of the vast scope of the medical applications of nanotechnology, this article… Continue

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