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A smart nation with Nanotechnology

Five years ago, a unique initiative was launched through the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC). The Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) which is a public-private partnership aimed at providing platform research solutions based on ...…


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Carbon Nanoparticles could be Ubiquitous to Many Foods

Nanotechnology leads to novel materials, new exposures and potentially unique health and environmental risks – or so the argument goes. But an increasing body of research is ...…


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Medical membrane nanotechnology from lab to market

EU-funded researchers established a Network of Excellence (NoE) for membrane nanotechnology relevant to the medical sector that should enhance cooperation between research and small business. Membrane science and technology is an active ...…


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Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Matches Performance of Grätzel Cell

In the past, I have tried to dispel the myth that nanotechnology could be waved over alternative energy applications to make them suddenly much more economically viable than they have been. In these efforts, I have even gone so far as to question the ...…


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Nanotechnology for for a sustainable process industry: Metal-free catalysts

Using nanotechnology, with atoms as building blocks, we can build carbon structures capable of binding or transforming substances in desired ways," says Magnus Rønning. Carbon-based catalysis also offers environmental benefits.…


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Nanotechnology for solar energy conversion systems

EU researchers extensively characterised the self-organisation of nanotubes and developed novel compositions particularly appropriate to solar energy conversion applications. Self-organized one-dimensional (1D) oxide nanotube systems are a hot research ...…


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Singapore-made anti-reflective plastics to be commercialized

This plastic uses a locally-developed nanotechnology method that creates a complex pattern of super tiny structures that mimic the patterns found on a moth's eye, which has a unique method of diffusing light. Researchers from A*STAR's Institute of ...…


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Is Nanotechnology the Future of Medicine?

Nanotechnology—the science of manipulating the very, very tiny—could revolutionize medicine. Nanomagnets could fry tumors, for example, and an army of nanosensors within the body could detect the onset of life-threatening infections and diseases.…


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The glass is already half-full for nano-based water treatments

"Nanotechnologies that have the best chance are ones we can integrate into existing systems," says Mamadou Diallo, an environmental engineer at the California Institute of Technology. That means, for example, membranes enhanced with nanoparticles that ...…


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Scientists reiterate nanotechnology in sunscreens is safe

The American Academy of Dermatology has reiterated the importance and safety of sunscreens for protection against skin damage, highlighting the effectiveness of nanotechnology and stating that new FDA regulations will ...…


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To Czech Industry, Everything Is Nano

PRAGUE — Nanotechnology is a young but rapidly developing field that exploits the strange physical properties possessed by microscopic particles about one 800th the thickness of a human hair. The high surface area of a nanoparticle relative to its ...…


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How Nanotechnology Can Help Detect Disease Earlier

A new study led by University of Kentucky researchers shows a new way to precisely detect a single chemical at extremely low concentrations and high contamination. The study, published online for ACS Nano, was carried out ...



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Regulators aim to put nanotechnology 'under the electron microscope'

Federal regulators want to launch a series of in-depth studies into the risks of nanotechnology and nano-scale materials. While some in the industry might want to resist this research, forward-thinking companies ought to see it as an ...…


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The supercharged heart of the electric automobile

Through his company, the 30-employee FastCAP Systems Inc. of Cambridge, Signorelli, 33, is bringing to market batteries that are supercharged through nanotechnology. Called “ultracaps,'' the batteries are built with microscopic carbon nanotubes for a ...…


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Good news for nanomedicine: Quantum dots appear safe in pioneering study

The research, which will appear on May 20 in Nature Nanotechnology online, is likely the first to test the safety of quantum dots in primates. The study and information in this press release are embargoed until Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 1 pm US Eastern ...…


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PhD thesis position in semiconducting transparent oxide thin films (m / f)

The candidate should hold a Master's degree in sciences, preferably in solid-state physics, chemistry, nanomaterials or nanotechnologies sciences. - The candidate should demonstrate motivation, structure and self-responsibility to fit in a young and ...…


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Groups drop lawsuit over food nanotechnology

A lawsuit against the US Food and Drug Administration over nanotechnology has been dismissed as moot. Last year, several non-profit groups filed a lawsuit alleging the agency unlawfully ignored their petition to regulate ...…


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The future comes soon enough

Moving on to even a more revolutionary science: No polytechnic institution can avoid the subject of nanotechnology. California Polytechnic State University offers a BS in Science, and Technology with electives in nanotechnology.…


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Are Virus-Powered Cell Phones Around the Corner?

Their research, published this month in Nature Nanotechnology, envisions a future in which viruses will help us take the energy from running, slamming doors, and climbing stairs and turn it into renewable energy we can use to power our gadgets.…


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Nanotechnology Researchers Find New Problem

Nanotechnology scientists at the University of Connecticut and the University of Michigan have introduced a new version of the well-known 'packing problem' dubbed as the 'filling problem.' The research team devised the new problem when ...…


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