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Nantech Journal Club: Low thermal conductivity and improved thermoelectric performance of nanocrystalline silicon germanium films by sputtering

Paper shared by Jaime Andrés Pérez Taborda


Si x Ge1−x alloys are well-known thermoelectric materials with a high figure of merit at high temperatures. In this work, metal-induced crystallization (MIC) has been used to grow…


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PhD positions in Immunobiology, Epigenetics and Cell Biology at IMPRS-MCB

The International Max Planck Research School for Molecular and Cellular Biology (IMPRS-MCB) is looking for talented and motivated students with a passion for science, aspiring to work towards a PhD in the fields of

Immunobiology, Epigenetics, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Metabolism, Functional

Genomics, Bioinformatics and Proteomics

We offer:…


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Nanopuller - a program to control DIY force spectroscopy AFM

We encourage to test our software that can greatly help in building your home made force spectroscopy Atomic Force Microscope experiment. Or it can be used to upgrade old AFM with cantilever calibration ability.

The program can be found here

It is described in Ultramicroscopy paper …


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BioNanoNet Newsletter 01/2016

Dear ladies and gentlemen!


We would like to inform you that the BioNanoNet-Newsletter 01/2016 is available now:


Please click on BioNanoNet News…


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PhD position in Rational Catalyst Design - Aalto University, Finland

A PhD position is available in the Surfaces and Interfaces at the Nanoscale (SIN) group ( led by Prof. Adam Foster at Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland. The project is part of the H2020-NMP research project ”Towards Replacement of Critical Catalyst Materials by Rational Design of Novel Transition Metal Nanoparticles (CritCat)”, coordinated by Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and including a consortium of European universities, research organizations, and…


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Invited Speaker


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Masters (M.S) / Doctoral (Ph. D) Degree in Material Engineering


There are open positions available for Masters (M.S) / Doctoral (Ph. D) Degree in Material Engineering , at Mecanical and Electrical Engineering Department (Fac. de Ingenieria Mecanica y Electrica), Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (UANL), Mexico. starting from 1 Aug 2016 under the group of Material Engineering (Ingenieria de Materiales).

Interested candidates can do their thesis in the areas of thin film solar cells, nanomaterials for energy and optoelectronics, ceramic…


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Postdoctoral position – Diamond-based nanophotonics: development of a biosensing platform



Solid state physics, surfaces and interfaces


Significant scientific breakthroughs are expected in the area of emerging nanophotonic materials. Focusing on diamond, one breakthrough can rely on the combination of the high sensitivity provided by high-Q photonic crystal resonators and the advanced bio-functionalization allowed by the chemical versatility of the diamond surface. This can lead to a disruptive…


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Post Doc Vacancy @CSIR-NEERI Chennai

Research oriented & motivated candidates interested to do post doc under my guidance in the area of "Environmental chemistry/ Nanotechology- Nanomaterials/ Water and Waste water treatment/ Solid waste management/ Hazardous waste management/ Bio-energy" at CSIR-NEERI, Chennai.

Fellowship Rs. 55,000/- per month (consolidated) and Rs. 35,000/ p.m for candidates who have submitted the thesis but degree…

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N-PDF through DST-SERB - post doc

Any potential candidates interested to do post doc (N-PDF) through DST-SERB under my mentorship in the area of "Biomaterials/ Nano-biotechnology / Marine biology / Aquaculture / Biotechnology / Biofouling / Microbiology " at Centre for Ocean Research, Sathyabama University, Chennai. Kindly go through the link and contact me. (last date is 15th March 2016)



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Applications are invited for the post of Junior Research Fellow

Applications are invited for the post of Junior Research Fellow in the DST, Govt of India funded research project entitled “Oral delivery and immunomodulatory effect of quercetin loaded chitosan tripolyphosphate nanoparticles on Vibrio harveyi challenged shrimp, Penaeus monodon and its immune-related gene expressions

Duration:                  Two years…


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PhD position – Transport properties of doped and undoped CNT yarn



Materials and applications


Metal substitution in electrical wires by materials with high conductivity like carbon nanotubes (CNT) is interesting for short term applications in avionic and space thanks to the huge benefit of such wiring in term of mass. Indeed such wires will significantly improve the energy consumption of planes for example. Individual performances of CNTs can be better than the copper one.…


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PhD position: Fabrication of novel semiconductor nanostructures via electrochemical atomic force microscopy

The ultimate goal of the group 3D Photovoltaics is to impact on solar energy harvesting and to push the frontier of nano-PV. Our approach is to aim towards the achievement of low-cost / large-throughput highly efficient PV, with semiconductor nanostructures as building blocks. On one hand, 3D-PV group focuses on the fundamental understanding of the potential benefits and/or limitations of semiconductor nano-structures when used for solar energy conversion. On the other hand, non-traditional…


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PhD position – 3D chemical characterization of nanotechnoly devices by analytical electron tomography

Progress in micro and nanotechnology strongly relies on the development of sophisticated structural and analytical tools. The Nano-Characterization Platform of CEA-LETI comprises several state-of-the-art transmission electron microscopes (TEM) dedicated to sub-atomic imaging and spectral analysis. This thesis aims at the development of analytical electron tomography, which is the 3D extension of analytical electron microscopy. The first task will be to automate the tilting of the stage and…


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PhD Position – Photoelectron Circular Dichroism on chiral systems including biomolecules and nanoparticles

SOLEIL is the French national synchrotron facility, located on the Saclay Plateau near Paris. It is a multi-disciplinary instrument and a research laboratory, whose mission is to run research programs using synchrotron radiation, to develop state-of-the-art instrumentation on the beamlines, and to make those available to the scientific community. SOLEIL, a unique tool for both academic research and industrial applications across a wide range of disciplines including physics, biology,…


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PhD/Masters Scholarships available at Monash, Malaysia

The full scholarship consist of a tuition fee waiver (MYR 40000/year) and a monthly stipend of MYR 2000/month. The full scholarship is highly competitive and the availability is based on merit.

The applicant for full scholarship (preferred PhD applicant) should have a track record in research with scholarly publications (Web of Science or Scopus indexed) or awards.

Applicants without publication but with good…


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Post-doc position - Göttingen, Germany

Towards new methods for investigating soft and soft-hard hybrid materials in the electron microscope

Understanding and controlling materials stability under the irradiation of an electron beam is one of the big challenges in electron microscopy. Beam damage thresholds have been studied in many hard and biological materials, but there are several classes of soft and soft-hard hybrid materials which have barely been investigated up until now. Beam effects are not…


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Research and Innovation Manager Nanocenter Consortium

In the framework of its Industrial Research Fund (IOF) and in support of applied research the Antwerp University Association (AUHA) is seeking to fill a full-time vacancy (m/f) as Research and Innovation Manager for the IOF consortium NANOcenter, consisting of the following research groups: EMAT, …


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Nanopaprika is media partner of Bangalore India Nano

Impact Speakers…

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Lectureship in Nanoscale Materials Characterisation - United Kingdom

We are looking for an enthusiastic academic research leader, with outstanding potential for achieving national and international excellence and innovation in the field of experimental science of nanomaterials, in particular, in nanoscale materials characterisation and related areas. Active interaction with modelling and simulation research groups and established links with major industrial collaborators in the field of material science are of particular importance for this position. You are…


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