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Can Screens With Solar Cells Solve the Smartphone Battery Problem?


As the smartphone screens get bigger and bigger, the battery drain increases, but now Arman Ahnood, a researcher at the London Centre for Nanotechnology, has an elegant solution: smartphone screens with built-in solar cells. ...…


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The Patriot: Nano-particles revolutionizing everyday life

In the scientific community this new nanotechnology can be a real quick fix band-aid for when small cracks occur in some projects. They can provide a quick fix to small areas without having to resurface the entire project. When you get down to the nano ...…


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Global Nanotechnology Market to Reach US$30.4 Billion by 2015

San Francisco Chronicle (press release)

GIA announces the release of a comprehensive global outlook on the Nanotechnology Industry. Nanotechnology products present potential for cheaper, faster, and more environmental friendly applications and therefore continue to retain its importance in ...…


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Dual-Use Dilemmas in Exploratory Nano R&D: Opportunities & Obligations of BioEthical Education


"The Bradford Disarmament Research Centre along with the National Defence Medical College in Japan and the Landau Network Centro Volta in Italy have developed an Educational Module Resources (EMR) designed to support life…


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Recent and upcoming NANO events

I have just issued a list of recent and upcoming NANO events on SICO's NEWS blog and I hope that this survay can help a little to keep trac of what is going on. 

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3rd Workshop on Self-Organized Nanomagnets: Registration and Abstract Submission open

The registration and the call for abstracts for the 3rd European Workshop on Self-Organized Nanomagnets ( ) are already open. This workshop is the third edition in a series after the meetings held at Eisenerz, Austria, Oct. 8 - 11th 2006 and Aussois, France, March 29th - April 3rd 2009. This year's edition will be held in the town of Guadarrama, situated on the mountain range…


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NanoSEA2012, a new deadline for abstract submission

Dear Colleague,

in order to allow to the maximum number of people to participate to



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Nanotechnology – Precisely what the Medical professional Orders

What if nanotechnology could give the way of supplying these possibly lifestyle- keeping, discomfort eradication medicines in the longer term? Are you prepared ...…


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A műfogsor nanokristályoktól lesz szikrázóan fehér (in Hungarian)

Budapest, 2012. január 19., csütörtök (MTI) - A fogtechnikusok által eddig készített fogsorok vagy nem olyan kemények, vagy nem olyan fehérek voltak, mint a természetes fogak, ám német üvegtechnikusok olyan anyagot készítettek, mely nanokristályok…


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A simple separation solution for carbon nanotubes

Chemistry World

You can buy separated nanotubes, explains Milo Shaffer, head of the London Centre for Nanotechnology at Imperial College London, UK, but when you scale it up 'it'll cost billions for a kilo'. Shaffer has now developed a new method that should make bulk ...…


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A másodperc billiomod részében készült fotó magát a fénysugarat képezi le - Femto-fotográfia (in Hungarian)

(MTI-Press) - A másodperc billiomod részében képet készítő rendszert építettek ki a Massachusettsi Műszaki Egyetem, az MIT kutatói. A berendezéssel akár a fényt is meg lehet örökíteni.


    Több mint 70 évvel ezelőtt Harold E. Edgerton, az MIT elektromérnöke villanólámpákat kezdett el…


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Tazmo shows an efficient flexible white A4 I-LED panel

Japan's Tazmo has developed a new flexible Inorganic LED panel that is quite efficient at 30 lm/W. Tazmo is using a coating process - which is easily adapter for I-LEDs as they have a simpler element structure when compared to OLEDs.

The new panel is A4 in size (210x297mm) and can easily be bent. I-LED is different from LEDs as they use the EL (electroluminescence) phenomenon. We do not know how close to commercialization this is:…


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Nanomaterials Surface Chemist

Nanomaterials Surface Chemist

Apply Now

Company: Reed Scientific

Location: England

Date Posted: January 18, 2012

My client is an unique and expanding nanomaterials company currently going through…


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USA nanojob monitor

Process Engineer Mgr

SRI International - Princeton, NJ

About This Division Chemistry, physics, materials…


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Készül a biológiai elvű processzor - Mesterséges intelligencia valóságos alapokon (1. rész)

(MTI-Press) - A mesterséges agy biológiai metaforája - a nyilvánvaló asszociációra építve - már a számítástechnika 1940-es évekbeli hőskorában megjelent. Az első számítógépeket - szobányi méretű behemótokat - "óriási" vagy "elektronikus" agyakként emlegették a korabeli szalagcímekben és a mindennapi…


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Élenjáró nanotechnológia Szegedről (in Hungarian)

Vízhatlan, mégis lélegző, baktériumölő és öntisztuló felület – erre mind képes az a nanogél, amit nemrégiben fejlesztettek ki szegedi kutatók. A titanát nanoszerkezetekben rejlő lehetősége szinte határtalan.

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FSRM course "CMOS Image Sensors"

To have a basic knowledge about the state of the art of CMOS Image Sensors (with hands-on exercises), here is our course :…


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The 9th International Conference on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies (NN12) will take place 3- 6 July 2012

at I. Vellidis Congress Center in Thessaloniki, Greece
( …


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Summer School HiM 2012 "Highlights in Microtechnology"

We would like to bring to your attention the new edition of the Summer School “Highlights in Microtechnology” (HIM).

The course will be held in Neuchâtel…


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Nanovea Unveils Its New Revolutionary N3 Line

Irvine CA, January 18, 2012 – Nanovea today announced the arrival of the N3 line dedicated to providing high-end measurement technology to the broader market. Nanovea has fully automated their…


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