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Nano-Newsflash of The Innovation Society

Dear Nanopaprika Readers

Welcome to the February Newsflash of the Innovation Society Ltd., St.Gallen.…


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A ray of hope: Nanotechnology significantly improves the energy yield in solar

This is made possible by combining nanotechnology and optics. Freystadt/Oberpfalz – JvG Thoma GmbH has invested three years of research work, now the new technology has reached its market maturity. Just recently, JvG presented a special high efficiency ...…


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Why Isn't the Public Terrified of Nanotechnology?

Some conspiracy theorists are convinced that nanotechnology will destroy the world; at least one person has sent bombs to professors researching the field. But most people aren't terribly worked up about nanotechnology, even as discussions about its ...…


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7 new nanotechnology jobs

Futuristic Technology Article Writing

oDesk - Redwood City, CA

writing on futuristic technology…


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Ph.D. position in Chemical Physics/Physical Chemistry in Switzerland

A doctoral (Ph.D) position is available as of 1.7.2012 in the surface dynamics group (Prof. R. Beck) of the Laboratory of Molecular Physical Chemistry (LCPM) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Our research uses state-of-the art laser techniques to probe molecule/surface interactions and reactions at the gas-surface interface through quantum-state-resolved measurements. We are exploring technologically relevant surface reactions such methane chemisorption…


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A Pannon Egyetem, Műszaki Informatikai Kar, MŰSZAKI KÉMIAI KUTATÓINTÉZET

2012. április 24-26. között

rendezi meg hagyományos évi konferenciáját


M Ű S Z A K I   K É M I A I   N A P O K’12




Részvételére számítunk, kérjük előadásával emelje a konferencia színvonalát.

A konferencia részletes programját és a jelentkezési lapot a későbbiekben az Intézet honlapján elérhetővé tesszük. …


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European Molecular Liquids Group 2012 Conference - Eger, Hungary

Dear Colleague,

  I would like to draw your attention to the 2012 Annual Meeting of the European Molecular Liquids Group and Japanese Molecular Liquids Group, to be held in Eger, Hungary from 5 to 9 September 2012.

The featuring topics of this year conference will be

     - fluid interfaces

     - liquids under extreme conditions

     - self-organizing and magnetic fluids

The invited speakers include

            Mikhail Avdeev (Dubna)…


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EBSD Symposium and Workshop 2012

Oxford Instruments

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EBSD Symposium and Workshop 2012

Oxford Instruments

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Miniature motorized XYZ stages


Series LSMA-175-XYZ


Integrated multi-axes XYZ systems built with LSMA-175…


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Consultant Research & Development (f/m)

Seventh Framework Programme, Focus: Nanotechnology/Materials

econet is an international leading grants consulting company. We are looking for an R&D

Consultant with a technical/research background to work within our Project Lab, the

department in charge of developing new R&D project ideas and proposals.

Expertise in:…


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searching for a training opporunity in nanotechnology in construction?

we are 3 persons working in research center in Egypt (HBNRC) in construction field, we are interested in nano fabrication of nano materials like clay, nancarbon tube and silica and their use in binding materials.


mohamed ezzat


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Request For Post doc position

Dear Members


I am looking for post doc position in field of hydrogel nanocomposite(metal nano particles for biomedical appllications) in any were in world. if have any positions. kindly consider my request.

thanks and regards


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New Hydrophonic Spray makes virtually everything waterproof

Ross Nanotechnology (a division of Ross Technology, out of Lancaster, Pa.) has released a new product called NeverWet, which is a new hydrophobic spray that can be applied to virtually every surface and will make it almost perfectly water proof.…


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What's happening with nanofoods?

Back in the early 2000's, food nanotechnology seemed to be a very hot topic and large industrial food companies were eager to explore new opportunities offered by nanotechnology applications. T…


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CNSE receives federal grants for nanotechnologies

MANHASSET, NY—Federal funding of more than $5 million is being given to the CNSE (College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering) of the University at Albany for a host of nanotechnology-enabled education and research programs.…


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Opinion: No Objections to Nano?

While biotechnology has met with mixed public reactions, to date nanotechnology seems to invoke much less public concern. By Susanna Priest | February 3, 2012 Some forms of biotechnology have become notoriously controversial.…


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The Limits of Nanotechnology

Last week's State of the Union Address found President Obama bragging about how few regulations he had implemented as president and how much support ...…


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Research Laboratory Specialist Lead and more USA nanojobs

Faculty Position in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics and Nanoscience

UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy - …


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