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Fuelling hopes for unplugged power supplies (by ProNano)

If you have been left high and dry by your Ipad battery and unable to recharge it, you see the problem. High tech gadgets, electronic appliances and electric cars have a well-know downside: sooner or later, you need to look for a plug - and a power grid- to keep them alive. Fuel cells - where electricity is produced directly by the oxidation of compounds such as alcohols - hold the promise to provide portable, clean and silent sources of energy and have therefore been investigated for…


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Image Source: National NanoTechnology Initiative {USA}

Draft Agenda of Workshop Co-Hosted by the…


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Please participate in the National Nanomanufacturing Network's Information Survey

Email not displaying correctly?…

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Hybrid Inorganic/organic nano-materials for photovoltaic applications

Ph.D. (Doktorarbeit) projects are being offered in the field of hybrid inorganic nanoparticle-conductive polymer materials at the University of South Florida (USF). This collaborative project between USF and the University of Washington is funded through the NSF-SOLAR program. The focus of the projects centers around the investigation of charge transfer mechanisms within hybrid materials, as well as with surrounding matrices. Potential applications of these materials are in organic solar…


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A nanoezüst az új víztisztító (in Hungarian)

Új nanotechnológia alapú ivóvíz és szennyvíz baktériummentesítési technológiát dolgozott ki a COMTRANS Kft. a Miskolci Egyetemmel és a MIVÍZ Miskolci Vízműv Kft.-vel együttműködésben, uniós projekt keretében. Az új technológiáról Dr. Balla Lászlót, a COMTRANS Kft. Igazgatóját kérdeztük.…


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Idei fejlesztések Miskolcon (in Hungarian)

...A Science Múzeum a Miskolci Egyetemhez lazábban és szorosan kötődő tudomány- és ipari területek múltját, jelenét és jövőjét kívánja bemutatni oly módon, hogy a látogatók működő modelleken tekinthetik meg az egyes folyamatokat. A kiállítás tematikájának súlypontját a hagyományos ipari területek mellett a nanotechnológia eredményeinek és jövőjének bemutatására helyezzük...…


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A user's guide to nanotechnology

From cosmetics to cars, many products we use on a daily basis already utilise nanotechnology – but are you aware of the implications? Penny Sarchet and ...…


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American University in Cairo researchers turn water into hydro-fuel

Inside The American University in Cairo's (AUC) nanotechnology labs, researchers are working to find ways to create smart energy to produce renewable fuels and electricity from sunlight on a sustainable basis. Using nanotechnology techniques, or the ...…


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NC positioned to be leader in nanotechnology

With its rich mix of life-science leadership, intellectual fire power flowing from our universities, a history of major public investment in the sciences, and an ever-growing reputation in nanotechnology, the state is a serious international player in ...…


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Vice Provost for International Affairs and other USA nanojobs

E-Commerce Manager

International Stem Cell - Carlsbad, CA

advantage of human…


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Swiss Nano Convention 2012

Participate to the Swiss NanoConvention 2012, Lausanne, 22-23.05.2012

Find all information (Program, Speakers, Venue, Registration, ...) on

The Swiss NanoConvention 2012 will be held in parallel with the new industrial fair on High Precision and Microtechnology Lausannetec and include many satellite…


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Two PhD positions available within the European network INDEX on indirect excitons

Title: Two PhD positions available within the European network INDEX on

indirect excitons

Department: CNR NANO S3

Employer: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

Location: Modena, Italy

Posted: Mar 30

Two three-year PhD positions are available to work at the Center

S3 of Nanoscience Institute, a member of the Italian National

Research Council (CNR) (http://x The positions will be available

starting in the…


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Video reveals wave character of particles

The recordings were published by the journal Nature Nanotechnology online. "Seeing how the interference pattern develops with every light spot, molecule after molecule, and how a basic principle of quantum mechanics is visualised enhances our ...…


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Nanotube fabric could let you charge your phone by walking

That's the promise of Power Felt, a new creation of nanotechnology researchers at Wake Forest University. It's a fabric, made up of tiny carbon nanotubes locked in flexible plastic fibers, that uses temperature differences to create ...…


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Women in Europe for a Common Future release nanotechnology position paper

WECF recognizes that nanotechnologies could bring long-term profits and overall societal benefits. However, in order to make an overall judgment, data is needed regarding the hazards, exposure, risks and ethical consequences for humans, the environment ...…


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Graphene Nanosensor Tattooed to Teeth Detects Bacteria

So, despite some reluctance on my part to cover dental-related nanotechnologies, let's look once again at the latest nanotechnology being used with teeth. The technology involves a nanosensor made out of graphene that can detect bacteria in our mouths ...…


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Nanotechnology: Laser printers create grain of sand-size 3D cars,

Researchers from the Vienna University of Technology have set a new world speed record for creating 3D nano objects. View more photo galleries — Follow NP Photos on Twitter The University team created their grain of sand-size structures in just four ...…


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