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Többmilliárdos beruházás fejeződött be a Dunaújvárosi Főiskolán (in Hungarian)

Dunaújváros, 2012. március 26., hétfő (MTI) – A Dunaújvárosi Főiskolán 3,2 milliárd forintos infrastrukturális és informatikai fejlesztés bejeződött be – jelentették be hétfőn, az intézményben tartott projektzáró eseményen.

    Kadocsa László általános és tudományos rektorhelyettes elmondta: több…


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Nano Device Scientist

Title: Nano Device Scientist

Department: Research and Development

Employer: Aneeve Nanotechnologies

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Posted: Mar 27

Aneeve Nanotechnologies is seeking a full-time Principal Scientist

/ Engineer that will serve as a key member of the technical team

and be responsible for driving our carbon nanotube RF device

thrust. We are innovating next-generation CNT RF devices...

Full details:



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A stamped PEDOT:PSS–silicon nanowire hybrid solar cell

A novel stamped hybrid solar cell was proposed using the stamping transfer technique by

stamping an active PEDOT:PSS thin layer onto the top of silicon nanowires (SiNWs).

Compared to a bulk-type counterpart that fully embeds SiNWs inside PEDOT:PSS, an

increase in the photovoltaic efficiency was observed by a factor of 4.6, along with

improvements in both electrical and optical responses for the stamped hybrid cell. Such

improvements for hybrid cells was due to the…


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Metallic and biomimetic Nano-Catalysts for Glucose Fuel Cells

Position: PhD fellowship (funding secured for 3 years) is immediately available only for an applicant who lives currently in Germany or in EU countries, in the research training group (Graduiertenkolleg GRK 1322 „Micro Energy Harvesting“), supported by the German research foundation (DFG) in connection with University of Freiburg.

Responsibilities: for B1 project entitled “Metallic and biomimetic Nano-Catalysts for Glucose Fuel Cells”. The study will use water in oil microemulsion…


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Innovation Society at the 12th Thurgau Technology Day (March 30, 2012)

 "With Innovation succesful into the Future" - is the slogan of the

12th Thurgau Technology Day on Friday 30th March 2012. Well-known

speakers are going to discuss the question how companies can manage

economically difficult times by innovating their products, services

and processes. The Innovation Society is also present at this year's

technology day and will be presenting their products and services.

 More information about the event: Link…


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Plastic Nanoparticles Affect Behavior and Fat Metabolism in Fish

 Nanoparticles have many useful applications, but also raise some potential health and ecological concerns. Now, new research shows that plastic nanoparticles are transported through the aquatic food chain and affect fish metabolism and behaviour. Scientists underline, however, that further research is needed to make a final statement concernig the potential risks of nanoparticles to the marine wildlife.

 Read entire article: Link…


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WHO Guidelines on Nanomaterials and Worker's Health

 Workers in all countries face new risks from manufacturing applications of rapidly advancing new technologies based on nanometer-scale atomic structures known as nanomaterials. A lately

published WHO document features guidelines for the handling of potential risks by nanomaterials.

 Read entire article: Link…


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German Government Answers to the Interpellation Concerning NanoCommission

 At the beginning of 2012, the German Greens submitted a small question concerning the government's handling of the results and recommendations of the NanoCommission. The answer to the Greens

inquiry is now available.

 Read entire article: Link…


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Nano Goes to Swiss Schools

 Just until now there has not been much teaching material available for teaching nanotechnology at secondary school level. The "SimplyScience" foundation and the Innovation Society therefore

produced the nano experimental kit "SimplyNano 1" illustrating the "dwarf technology". Teachers from all over the German speaking part of Switzerland are attracted to the realm of the atoms.

 Read entire article: Link…


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Gold Mine of Bio/Pharma-Related Seeds!

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- As represented by prof. Yamanaka widely known for development of iPS cells, the Japanese academia is rich in bio/pharma-related seeds.

Not only drug discovery seeds, various seeds are still hidden in the…


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NEWTON, MA, MARCH 27, 2012 - MEMS, or microelectromechanical systems, will be a key technology featured in the educational sessions and throughout the Expo Hall during the 2012…


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Speech at the LABOTEC SUISSE 2012: Nanotechnologies - Opportunities and Risks for User of a Key Technology

 The speech "Nanotechnologies - Opportunities and Risks for Users of a Key Technology" will be given by Dr. Christoph Meili at this year's LABOTEC Suisse 2012 (May 5th, 2012). Besides current application

examples and products the presentation will also offer insights into different nano risks (regulation, safety and perception) and will show how companies can manage these risks.

 More information about the event: Link…


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Unexpected Electronic Properties of Micrometer-Thick Supracrystals of Au Nanocrystals

We investigated the electronic properties of highly ordered three-dimensional colloidal crystals of gold nanocrystals (7 ± 0.4 nm), called supracrystals. Two kinds of Au supracrystals with typical thicknesses of 300 nm and 5 μm, respectively, are probed for the first time with scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy at 5 K revealing similar power law behavior and showing homogeneous conductance with the fingerprint of isolated nanocrystal. Potential applications evading the…


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Mapping the electronic properties of individual graphene grain boundaries

Nanostructures Departement - MTA TTK MFA Budapest

we have uploaded to our homepage

our new paper entitled

Mapping the electronic properties of individual graphene grain boundaries
Appl. Phys. Lett. 100, 053114 (2012)

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MPA 2012, Algarve Portugal, list of invited speakers

Please note that the deadline for Abstract Submission for the 6th International

Meeting on Developments in Materials, Processes and Applications of Emerging

Technologies (MPA) is April 20, 2012.

To submit your abstract please do to

After the repeated success of the first 5 MPA Meetings, held in Belfast (UK),

Cambridge (UK), Manchester (UK), Braga (Portugal) and…


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Nanotechnológia - kutatói állás (in Hungarian)

A BBS Nanotechnológia Kft.


munkatársakat keres



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Beyond the Bench: nZVI In Situ BioRemediation Techniques & Technologies in the Field

Image Left: Iron Wall Venn Diagram | Image Right: Permeable Reactive Barriers & Groundwater Flow…


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Nanopaprika - media partner

NanoIsrael 2012

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Russia to win nanotechnology market soon - RosNano

Russia should join the world nanotechnology market as an equal competitive partner in three years, Vice Chairman of the board of directors of the RosNano state corporation Andrey Svinarenko has told Interfax. Andrey Svinarenko is taking part in the ...…


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