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Special Symposium on Nanomedicine - Rhodes Island, Greece, 27-28 August, 2012

We would like to invite you to participate in the Special Symposiun on Nanomedicine that will be held during NANO2012 "International Conference on Nanostructured Materials", 26-31 August, Rhodes Island, Greece.


A number of distinguished speakers, including Dr. Subra Suresh (NSF) and Dr. Daniel Shechtman (2011 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry), have been invited to the NANO2012 Conference for keynote lectures.

The Technical Theme of the…


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Mórahalmon nyitott új varrodát a SZEFO Zrt. (in Hungarian)

Mórahalmon, 2012. április 4., szerda (MTI) – Megnyitotta új varrodáját, a zömében megváltozott munkaképességű dolgozókat alkalmazó, állami tulajdonú SZEFO Zrt. Mórahalmon a Vállalkozói Inkubátor Központban.

    Soltész Miklós szociális, család- és ifjúságügyért felelős államtitkár a szerdán tartott…


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Getting a Handle on the EU's Definition of Nanomaterials

This made the definition of nanomaterials so broad that industries that may never had given a second thought to nanotechnology found that they too were swept up into this regulatory framework. The UK-based Nanosight, whose nanoparticle measurement ...…


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Nanotechnology: the big school debate

There's a rustle as mobiles are unearthed from bags and jacket pockets; this is to be an experiment in live text-voting to see whether the the views of the collected throng change after listening to students debate the pros and cons of nanotechnology.…


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Nanotechnology-equipped cell phones detect harmful airborne substances

The lab of a University of California, Riverside Bourns College of Engineering professor was named on Tuesday, April 3 after Innovation Economy Corporation, a Riverside company that plans to commercialize his research focused on using ...…


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Main Benefits of Using LED Efficient Lighting

There are many benefits to using LED energy efficient lighting.

First, when you use LED lighting, you are using a lot less energy per unit of lighting output. Because of this, you will save money!  The energy efficient LED Lighting lasts a lot longer than a “regular” light bulb.  You can also amortize the cost of the bulb.…


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IPhEB St. Petersburg International Forum – Pharmacy. Biotechnology

IPhEB St. Petersburg International Forum – Pharmacy. Biotechnology. Medical equipment will be held on 25-27 of April at Nikolaevsky Palace and Mariinsky Palace. The informative and rich event program of the Forum will be accompanied by the representative IPhEB Exhibition of medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory…


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HFES Participating in USA Science and Engineering Festival

The April 28-29 event in Washington, DC, will feature 3000 exhibits and stage demonstrations of everything from nanotechnology-enabled suits to a tool educating young computer users about correct posture. Nanotechnology, biology, space sciences, ...…


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Israeli invents nanotech printer

Landa Corporation on Monday claimed a major breakthrough in digital printing, based on nanotechnology. Benny Landa's company announced what it called an entirely new printing category. The process uses tiny pigment water-based particles ...…


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Nanotube scale can weigh a proton

A team of scientists at the Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology in Spain says its device can detect changes in mass of 1.7 yoctograms - roughly the mass of one proton. It could be an extremely useful tool, they say, in fields such as mass spectrometry, ...…


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Art And Science Collide In Nano Art: Reloaded Project

Nanotechnology is a science that is being used by most of the Western culture on a daily basis, but the majority of people using do not even know it. People are unaware of the science that goes into making a device like a touchscreen smartphone that ...…


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Does Lifecycle Analysis Make Sense for Nanotechnology?

Last week, at the International Symposium on Assessing the Economic Impact of Nanotechnology held in Washington, DC, researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology presented a paper about using lifecycle analysis to gauge the impact of ...…


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Phd Studentship and other UK nanopositions

Title Company Location…

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Staff Scientist Drug Delivery and other USA nanojobs

Assistant or Associate Professor

Florida A&M University College - Tallahassee,…


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Postdoctoral fellow/research associate position in biomedical optics

Title: postdoctoral fellow/research associate position in biomedical


Department: Biomedical Engineering, Functional Optical Imaging Lab

Employer: Northwestern University

Location: Evanston, IL, United States

Posted: Apr 03

Two post-doctoral/research associate positions are immediately

available in the Functional Optical Imaging Lab, Department of

Biomedical Engineering at Northwestern University. These positions

are multi-year…


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TWO DAYS LEFT for discounted room rates at NNI workshop: RSL 2012 in Portland, Oregon


Travel Support:
Paid travel is now available for qualifying regional, state, and local initiative programs based in the United States to…


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Szépítő, gyógyító, ehető polimerek (in Hungarian)

A polimerből nemcsak műanyag tárgyak és PVC-padló készíthető, léteznek olyan polimerek is, amelyeknek közös jellegzetességük, hogy biokompatibilisek, azaz beültethetők, bevehetők, megehetők, az élő szervezet nem betolakodó ellenségként fogadja őket, így nem váltanak ki immunválaszt.

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Alambik A, Ltd from Russia

Scientifically - industrial company Alambik A, Ltd has created an industrial line and makes over pure nano oxide aluminium, on economic, harmless and technology without waste.

Oxide aluminiun - raw materials for sapphires of electronic quality,

For cheap substrates of light-emitting diodes, solar batteries of CHIPS, composites

New generation. Analogues in the world are not present.

We search for investors and partners for creation of large-capacity manufacture.



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