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Industrial Technologies 2012 - Latest news


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SIWAN 2012, oktober 24-27, Szeged (in Hungarian)

Az ötödik SIWAN (Szeged International Workshop on Advances in Nanoscience) konferenciát

október 24-27 között rendezik meg Szegeden. A konferencia honlapja:

A téma szokás szerint a tágabb értelemben vett nanotechnológia. Minden

kapcsolódó területről, határtudományokból stb. is várunk jelentkezéseket.

Szeretnénk, ha a SIWAN továbbra is valódi seregszemléje lenne a hazai…


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Spammer attack against Nanopaprika II. !? - UPDATE 10/5/2012 19:08 CET


We have no reason to believe that TINC-Nanopaprika was compromised. Based on our investigation, spam was sent (multiply) on the public (published by members in blogposts, forum topics, event) e-mail addresses.

As an example spam was also sent to e-mails not connected with Nanopaprika members profile. Information from our network system provider…


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Mágneses baktériumokkal épülhet a jövő bioszámítógépe (in Hungarian)

London, 2012. május 9., szerda (MTI) - Vasat fogyasztó, ezáltal biológiai mágnessé váló baktériumok alkalmazásával épülhet fel a jövő bioszámítógépe - számolt be róla a BBC hírportálja (

    A brit Leedsi…


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New Center for Integrative Nanotechnology Sciences Opens in Arkansas

With the opening of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock's Center for Integrative Nanotechnology Sciences today, May 2, Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe said, “We no longer have to take a backseat to any state in the nation” in transferring discoveries in ...…


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Renovation delays stalling Salina nanotechnology project

The build-out will take about 12 to 18 months to complete once the air-quality issues have been dealt with. Schwab said says they are already talking with companies that are interested in moving into the nanotechnology facility once it is open.…


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CRS Publishes Nanotechnology Policy Primer

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) published an April 13, 2012, document entitled Nanotechnology: A Policy Primer that provides an overview of federal research and development (R&D) in nanotechnology, US competitiveness, environmental, health, ...…


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Does nanotechnology offer athletes more than a sporting chance?

Nanotechnology is used widely to alter the properties of sports equipment and, with it, improve athletic performance. Carbon nanotubes, for example, are used to make bicycle frames and tennis rackets lighter and more durable and give golf clubs and ...…


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Using nanotechnology, researchers discover oldest known blood on 5000 year old

Yet recently, a team of scientists from Italy and Germany, using nanotechnology, succeeded in locating red blood cells in Ötzi's wounds, thereby discovering the oldest traces of blood to have been found anywhere in the world (see paper in Journal of ...…


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Credit dispute over University at Albany's nanotechnology center

With President Obama set to visit the University at Albany's ever-expanding nanotechnology center this afternoon, Republicans and Democrats are jockeying for bragging rights to proclaim who first had the lightbulb above their heads to ...…


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Manufacturing/production Team Leader and other UK nanojobs

Simply Hired - Daily job email alert…

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Asylum Research Webinar Series 2012

May 23 Webinar

Webinar Series: Opportunities, Challenges, and Frontiers of Nanomechanical Measurements with AFM

Part I: "Introduction and Innovations in High Speed,Quantitative Nanomechanical Imaging"

Bacterio Rhodopsin high resolution AFM scan

This presentation, Part I of the Series, will begin with a survey of the mechanical properties that can be investigated with the wide array of both old and…


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Agrochemical Delivery Scientist and other USA nanojobs


NanoSelect, Inc. - Wilmington, DE

The position requires the ability to…


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Time and energy dependent dynamics of the STM,tip – graphene system

Dear All,

we have uploaded to our homepage

our new paper entitled


European Journal of Physics B 85, 142-1(2012)

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MTA-közgyűlés - Akadémiai elismeréseket adtak át (in Hungarian)

 Budapest, 2012. május 7., hétfő (MTI) - Pálinkás József, a Magyar Tudományos Akadémia elnöke adta át hétfőn, az MTA 183. rendes közgyűlésén az Akadémiai Aranyérmet, az Akadémiai Díjakat, az Akadémiai Újságírói Díjat, a Wahrmann Mór-érmet, valamint az Arany János-életműdíjat.

    A Magyar Tudományos…


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LensAFM Webinar

 LensAFM Webinar:

  Advancements in Instrumentation for

  Surface Inspection and Defect Analysis


  Webinar Date: 09 May 2012…


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Zuhanásba fordulhatnak a nemesfémárak (in Hungarian)

A jelenleg kivárásra játszó központi pénzintézeteknek lazítaniuk kéne a pénzügyi gyeplőkön ahhoz, hogy beinduljon a gazdaság motorja, de nem tehetik ezt mégsem az inflációs kockázatok miatt.

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7 new nanotechnology jobs

Research Scientist…


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Nanodevice seminar

The EU funded Nanodevice project will host a free seminar to showcase the next generation of instruments being developed for nanoparticle exposure measurement in the workplace.

More information in the attached document and homepage

Nanodevice Seminar at X2012: Thursday, July 5th (1:30 – 4:50 pm)

Following the last session of the…


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