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Professor, Biomedical Engineering and other USA nanojobs


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Graphene: nanoscale processing and recent applications

we have uploaded to our homepage

our new paper entitled


Nanoscale 4, 1824(2012)

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5 - 6 September 2012, Hotel Fira Palace, Barcelona, Spain…


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Exposure Registries: Overview and Utility for NanoMaterial Workers


Journal of Occupational & Environmental…

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EMBO Practicuum: Computational Analysis of PPIs for Bench Biologists

"" " As a result of attending the course, trainees should be better able to:

  • Identify previously-reported data on PPIs from databases
  • Use bioinformatics tools to predict protein modules from protein sequences
  • Visualise and analyse data on…

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Predictive Algorithm Reduces Computation Time in Nanomolecular-Protein Interaction Simulations

Computational simulation for interactions of nano-molecules: The phospho-pivot modeling algorithm for prediction of interactions between a phospho-protein and its receptor



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Igazolták a nanorészecskék gyulladást keltő hatását (in Hungarian)

Dublin, 2012. június 12., kedd (MTI) - Súlyos egészségügyi következményekhez, gyulladások, autoimmun betegségek kialakulásához vezethet, ha valaki hosszabb időn át nanorészecskék hatásának van kitéve - állapították meg a Trinity College Dublin kutatói.

    Mint az egyetem honlapján írják (, tanulmányukat a…


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D-vitamin szintjüktől is függhet a mellrákos páciensek túlélési esélye (in Hungarian)

Washington, 2012. június 11., hétfő (MTI) - A D-vitamin vérszintjétől is függött, hogy mellrákkal diagnosztizált nők mennyi ideig élték túl betegségüket - állapították meg belga kutatók statisztikai elemzésükben.

    A tanulmányba bevont 1800 nő közül azok, akik vérében a rákbetegség megállapításakor…


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Researchers Watch Tiny Living Machines Self-Assemble

ScienceDaily (June 10, 2012) — Enabling bioengineers to design new molecular machines for nanotechnology applications is one of the possible outcomes of a study by University of Montreal researchers that was published in Nature Structural and ...…


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A nanotechnology time bomb to fight cardiovascular disease

... University of Basel have developed nanocontainers having the ability to release their vasodilator content exclusively to diseased areas (see paper in Nature Nanotechnology: "Shear-stress sensitive lenticular vesicles for targeted drug delivery").…


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Manufacturing Engineer and other UK nanojobs

Simply Hired - Daily job email alert…

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Scientist – Optofluidic Biosensor

Title: Scientist – Optofluidic Biosensor

Employer: Institute of Microelectronics

Location: Singapore

Posted: Jun 10

This project will work on optical detection in a microfluidics

platform. The work involves solving real world problems, such as

developing on-chip drug delivery system, monitoring bacteria

growth and integration of the system. Responsibilities: *...

Full details:



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International Helmholtz Research School for Nanoelectronic Networks

The International Helmholtz Research School for Nanoelectronic Networks (IHRS NANONET) is currently offering 6 PhD Scholarships (M/F) for 3 years.

The IHRS NANONET an initiative of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden - Rossendorf e.V. (HZDR) in a joint collaboration with the Technische Universität Dresden (TUD), Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden (IPF), Fraunhofer Institute for Nondestructive Testing (IZFP), and the Nanoelectronics Materials Laboratory (NaMLab) gGmbH, and…


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Nanotechnológia a drupa 2012 vásáron (in Hungarian)

A Landa Corporation bemutatta a Nanography™ technológiát, amely a digitális nyomtatás új kategóriája lehet, és megváltoztathatja a mai kereskedelmi nyomtatványok, a kiadói és csomagolási piacokat. A cég a drupa 2012 szakvásáron leplezte le új Nanographic™ íves és tekercses nyomdagépeit.…


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Link established between autoimmune diseases and nanoparticles in polluted air

However, the new findings have raised concerns about possible risks posed to global health by airborne pollutants from nanotechnology products that are not handled appropriately. The new findings will have health and safety implications for the future ...…


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DARPA looks to nanotechnology to target illnesses

The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency hopes to develop intracellular platforms to fight diseases in warfighters. The research agency issued a solicitation on June 8 for help developing In Vivo Nanosensors for Therapeutics (IVN:Tx) that would ...…


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Laying down the law on nanotechnology

New and emerging technologies (GM, synthetic biology and nanotechnology, for instance) offer the potential for a cleaner, healthier and better future. However, the risks from these technologies are not fully known. Will a future generation look back on ...…


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Microliquid produces lab on a chip cards for the rapid diagnosis of illnesses with technology which is 100% proprietary

The microfluid company, microLIQUID, a spin-off of the IK4-IKERLAN technology centre, is specialised in the entire process, from prototyping to mass production, from microtechnological lab on a chip cards to the rapid diagnosis of illnesses.…


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Travel Awards & CFP: Workshop on NanoInformatics for BioMedicine in conjunction with IEEE BIBM 2012

BIBM 2012 organizers are inviting participants to submit papers with particular emphasis on the following areas: data collection and/or curation; interoperability among different data sources; ethical and social barriers to data sharing; computational or…


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