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New MEng Course in NanoBiosciences & NanoMedicine

New MEng Course in NanoBiosciences & NanoMedicine

Key qualifications in Nanotechnology - new interdisciplinary course

provides highly demanded specialised knowledge


Nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine are some of the most significant key technologies of the 21st century and possess enormous economic, socio-political and financial potential. Three universities are joining their specialised knowledge to offer a unique course named…


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Bruker AFMs offers turnkey ECAFM solution for Green Energy Research

Bruker Electrochemical AFM

Turnkey Solutions Helping Advance Green Energy Research

There continues to be great…


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Consultant Engineer In High Pressure Fluid Systems and other UK nanojobs

Title Company Location…

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The world's first color-tunable OLED lighting panels hands on review

Verbatim's Velve is the world's first (and only) color-tunable OLED lighting panels. They sent us a sample panel for review, and it's pretty neat:

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CIC nanoGUNE puts its new Teoría research group into operation

The CIC nanGUNE Research Center has placed its new research group into operation, focused on theoretical and computational physics of material, under the direction of Professor Emilio Artacho, Ikerbasque researcher from the University of Cambridge, where he worked at the Department of Physics Cavendish Laboratory.…


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€600,000 funding opportunity - Nanochallenge and Polymerchallenge 2012

Hi everyone !


I would like to draw your attention to the Nanochallenge and Polymerchallenge 2012 - an…


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Scale of Things

This is my new favorite scale of things site.

This site lets you zoom into the nanoscale and further into the far subatomic and you can zoom out to the size of the universe.  You can get interesting information and trivia by clicking on the objects.  It includes many more objects than other similar sites.  Very fun to explore.

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El efecto nano en las biocidas

<On 19 January 2012, the European Parliament adopted new biocides regulation including risk assessment and labelling for products containing nanomaterials.

The Council is expected to discuss the proposal for revised rules in the coming months. If it agrees, this regulation will gradually enter into force between 2013 and 2020.> …


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Sizing Nanopartilces using AFM Data


I did Atomic Forced Microscopy (AFM) of my nanoparticles. I will be really grateful if anybody guide me how to calculate the dimension using AFM data.

Thanks & Regards
Asim Umer

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Systematic evaluation of nanomaterial toxicity: utility of standardized materials and rapid assays.

Harper, S.L., J.L. Carriere, J.M. Miller, J.E. Hutchison, B.L.S. Maddux, and R.L. Tanguay  …


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Applications and Nanotoxicity of Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene in Biomedicine

Caitlin Fisher, Amanda E. Rider, Zhao Jun Han, Shailesh Kumar, Igor Levchenko, and Kostya (Ken) Ostrikov

“Applications and Nanotoxicity of Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene in Biomedicine,”…


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Google-Nanotech News 27/6/2012

News 6 new results for nanotechnology

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Engineering Technician and other USA nanojobs

9 new jobs found

Moore Nanotechnology Systems, LLC -…

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nanoHUB-U fall courses: AFM and Nanoscale Transistors

nanoHUB-U will offer three new online courses in the fall 2012-- two on the fundamentals of atomic force microscopy (AFM) and one on nanoscale transistors. Each course is a five-week module taught by world-renowned professors from Purdue University.

 * Fundamentals of Atomic Force Microscopy, Part 1: Fundamental Aspects of AFM will be taught by Ron Reifenberger beginning August 27.

 * Fundamentals of Atomic Force Microscopy, Part 2: Dynamic AFM Methods will be taught by…


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Upcoming Cleveland Workshop on Building the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation

Designing for Impact II

Workshop on Building the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation

Cleveland, Ohio

July 9, 2012


What is it?

Please join us for the second in a series of regional public workshops to gather ideas and suggestions for the design of the proposed National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI), to be held on…


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9th International Conference on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies (NN12)                                

                                         3-6 July 2012, Thessaloniki, Greece

Check out the EXCITING NN12 PROGRAM promising to bring some Stimulating…


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8 Travel Awards / Invited Speakers Update - 1st International Symposium in Applied Bioimaging, September 20-21, 2012, Porto, Portugal

Dear colleagues,

We are very pleased to announce a series of symposia in Applied Bioimaging, hosted by INEB and co-organized with IPATIMUP and IBMC. The 1st edition of the Symposium will take place in September 20-21, under the topic - Bridging Development and Application.

The course was designed for those who have an interest in the application of bioimaging, especially in the field of biomaterials, tissue engineering…


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Power System Engineer and other USA nanojobs

Georgia Tech…

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The potential use of cellophane test strips for the quick determination of food colours

pH and CO2 Sensing by Curcumin-Coloured Cellophane Test Strip

Polymeric Honeycombs Decorated by Nickel Nanoparticles

Directed Deposition of Nickel Nanoparticles Using Self-Assembled Organic Template,

Organometallic deposition of ultrasmooth nanoscale Ni film,

Zigzag-shaped nickel nanowires via organometallic template-free route

Surface analytical characterization of passive iron surface modified by alkyl-phosphonic acid layers

Atomic Force Microscopy Studies of Alkyl-Phosphonate SAMs on Mica

Amorphous iron formation due to low energy heavy ion implantation in evaporated 57Fe thin films

Surface modification of passive iron by alkylphosphonic acid layers

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