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Career opportunities at Atomic Force

Sales Engineer (Bachelor, Diploma or Masters in sciences or engineering), f/m, Mannheim, Germany

Go see the other side of the sales counter!

Atomic Force F&E GmbH, the European distributor for Asylum Research, technology leader in scanning probe/atomic force microscopy, is seeking a Sales Engineer to support and drive its growing sales activities in Europe.

Are you a good engineer or scientist? Do you like high technology, but also meeting people, talking,…


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Kroto Keynote to Open Pittcon Exposition

World famous nanotechnology pioneer and Nobel Laureate, Harry Kroto, will present new fullerene results at world conference on laboratory science


DALLAS (Sept. 10, 2012) - Nobel Laureate and nanotechnology pioneer Sir Harold Kroto will present new information from his research on how fullerene…


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Abstract book - NANOPOSTER 2012 - WELCOME!

Dear Participants and Visitors,

welcome on the 2nd Virtual Nanotechnology Poster Conference. Please visit the accepted posters, contact the authors, left comments, and share the science.

To left comments under posters please join our…


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Az Atomcsill sorozat századik előadása (in Hungarian)

Felhívjuk az érdeklődő kollégák, fizikatanárok és diákjaik figyelmét,

hogy immár nyolcadik évadját kezdi

az ELTE TTK Fizikai Intézete által szervezett

                                Az atomoktól a csillagokig

című ismeretterjesztő előadássorozat.

A sorozatban az ELTE fizikus oktatói, illetve itt végzett kutatóintézeti

szakemberek számolnak be saját új eredményeikről, szakterületük

állásáról, illetve a fizika más…

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Scientist - Microfluidic Biosensor

Title: Scientist - Microfluidic Biosensor

Employer: Institute of Microelectronics

Location: Singapore

Posted: Sep 06

Responsibilities: • Design and prototype miniaturized system for

Lab-on-chip • Develop optical biosensors in the area of bacteria

growth monitoring • Extensive lab work designing and executing

experiments, and analyzing data Requirements: •...

Full details:



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Science on Stage (SonS) konferencia (in Hungarian)

Az Eötvös Loránd Fizikai Társulat ismét megszervezi a Science on Stage (SonS) konferencia magyarországi válogatóját. A nemzetközi konferencia helyszíne két város, Słubice és Frankfurt (Oder) lesznek, melyek a lengyel-német határon találhatók. Időpontja 2013. április 25-28.

A zsűri által előzetesen kiválasztott pályamunkákat a Csodák Palotájában 2012. szeptember 29-én 10 órától…


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IC nanoGUNE develops a new non-evasive technique to identify the chemical nature of materials at a nanometric scale

Researchers from CIC nanoGUNE, in collaboration with the University of Munich and the German company Neaspec GmbH, manufacturing leader of near field optic microscope equipment, have developed a new technique which allows for the identification of the chemical composition of materials with nanometric resolution.…


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DaNa nanotech knowledge base - welcome our new partner

Welcome DaNa, the new strategic partner of The International NanoScience Community.


Nanotechnology is considered one of the key technologies of the 21st century. The success of this fascinating technology is particularly based on its versatility. It will bring about fundamental changes of basic research as well as many sectors of industry and of life from…


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nanotimes July/August 2012


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Subscribe to Nanotech Insights a Quarterly newsletter

Dear members

Nanotech Insights is a quarterly newsletter dedicated to all the aspects of nanoscience and nanotechnology. This publication will showcase key developments in the area of nano S&T cross the globe. Each issue will cover detailed nanotech patent and literature analysis, emerging technologies, commercial and business issues, new products, green technologies, safety, healthcare and environmental issues, Indian nanoscience and nanotech scenario, Nano Mission…


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Erdészeti szakvásár Sopronban csütörtöktől szombatig

Sopron, 2012. szeptember 6., csütörtök (MTI) - Nyolcvan hazai és külföldi kiállító mutatja be termékeit a csütörtökön nyíló Erdészeti és Faipari Szakvásáron. Az InnoLignum elnevezésű szakkiállításhoz szakmai konferenciák kapcsolódnak, amelyek központi témája az innováció lesz - mondta a rendező Sopron…


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Magyar kutatók sikere (in Hungarian)

Budapest, 2012. szeptember 4. Tapasztó Levente a rézhordozóra növesztett grafén, szerkezetét vizsgálja az MTA…


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Skin Delivery of Lemongrass Oil by Microemulsion Technique: Herbal formulation for Acne Vulgaris

Md Faiyazuddin (Author), Sanjula Baboota (Author)

The search for pioneering phytotherapeutic approaches based on the use of new herbal compounds is gaining…


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"Hot Nanotechnology Papers 2012": Aerodynamics and Deposition Effects of Inhaled Submicron Drug Aerosol in Airway Diseases

Md. Faiyazuddin*,1,2, Md. Mujahid2, Md. Talib Hussain2, Hefazat H. Siddiqui2, Aseem Bhatnagar3,

Roop K. Khar1 and Farhan J. Ahmad1*


1Nanomedicine Research Lab, Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Jamia Hamdard (Hamdard University), New Delhi 110062, India; 2Faculty…


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"Hot Nanotechnology Papers 2012": Development and Validation of UHPLC/ESI-Q-TOF-MS Method for Terbutaline Estimations in Experimental Rodents: Stability Effects and Plasma Pharmacokinetics

Authors: Faiyazuddin, Md.; Ahmad, Niyaz; Iqbal, Zeenat; Talegaonkar, Sushma; Bhatnagar, Aseem; Krishen Khar, Roop; Jalees Ahmad, Farhan

1Nanomedicine Research Lab, Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Jamia Hamdard (Hamdard University), New Delhi 110062, India; 2Faculty of Pharmacy, Integral University, Lucknow 226060, Uttar Pradesh, India; 3Division of Nuclear Medicine, Institute of Nuclear Medicine…


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"Hot Nanotechnology Papers 2012": Stabilized terbutaline submicron drug aerosol for deep lungs deposition: Drug assay, pulmonokinetics and biodistribution by UHPLC/ESI-q-TOF-MS method

Authors: Md. Faiyazuddina,b,, Niyaz Ahmada, Roop K. Khara, Aseem Bhatnagarc, Farhan J. Ahmada,∗∗

a Nanomedicine Research Lab, Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi 110062, India

b Faculty of Pharmacy, Integral University, Lucknow 226026,…


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ImagineNano event is back in spring 2013 - An international reference in the nano world

The Bilbao Exhibition Centre will host for the second time ImagineNano, the international event on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. The event will be held next spring from the 23rd to the 26th of April 2013 (Bilbao, Spain).

ImagineNano will be organized once again by Phantoms Foundation, CIC NanoGUNE, Donostia International Physics Centre and in collaboration with the Bilbao Exhibition…


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Post doctoral Position at IIT Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India

Post Doctoral positions are available in my Research Group (Theoretical Physical Chemistry) at IIT Mandi, Himachal Pradesh India - for the following projects
  • Dynamical analysis of highly excited vibrational spectra

    We plan to construct effective Hamiltonians from the simulated data for few…

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Anyagtudományi Öszi Iskola

Az Eötvös Loránd Fizikai Társulat Anyagtudományi és Diffrakciós

Szakcsoportja 2012-ben is közösen szervezi az immár hagyományossá vált Őszi Iskolát…


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The NFO12 International Congress gathers 400 experts in near field optics and nanophotonics in San Sebastián

The “Near-field Optics, Nanophotonics and Related Techniques NFO12” International congress, organized by the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) and CIC nanoGUNE, gathers 400 scientists and researchers at the Palacio Kursaal in San Sebastián between today and the 7 September who will debate on the latest advances in the fields of near optics and…


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