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New graphene-based earphone-sized speaker

Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, have developed a new graphene-based earphone-sized speaker - that can actually outperform the best earphones. They say that even with almost no specialized acoustic design, it performs comparably to a high quality commercial headsets (a Sennheiser MX-400 earphone, in fact). The graphene speaker is also highly efficient:…


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INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE: NanoValid Training Workshop

1st Announcement:

INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE: NanoValid Training Workshop

Advanced Characterisation of Nanomaterials: September 16th -…


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Nanoporöse Polymere für die Wasseraufbereitung (in German)

Im Rahmen eines von der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) geförderten Projekts wird im AK Poröse Polymere in der Abteilung Kolloidchemie ab sofort ein/e Mitarbeiter/in zur Promotion gesucht.

Nanoporöse Polymere sollen bezüglich ihrer Anwendbarkeit für Aufgaben in der adsorptiven Wasseraufbereitung (Entfernung von Schwermetallen und anorg. Oxyanionen) untersucht werden. Neben der Untersuchung der Trenneigenschaften und der zugrunde liegenden, noch unzureichend verstandenden,…


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Vacancies: Two Early Stage Researcher (PhD) Positions

Applications are invited for two early stage researcher (PhD) positions in the laboratory of Prof. Suzi Jarvis located in the UCD Conway Institute for Biomolecular and Biomedical Research, University College Dublin. The positions form part of the ACRITAS Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN), a major European research project focussed on…


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Technical Paper and Poster Presentation

This is to inform you that Amity Institute of Nanotechnology in collaboration with Aminan Nanotechnologies( is organizing a Technical Paper and Poster Presentation Competition on 21st March. A flyer has been attached to the mail.

  • Registration fee per team: Rs.200/-.
  • Venue:…

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2 papers presented on nanotechnology and immunology ONLINE March 19-21

TM’s 2nd World Immunology Online Conference

March 19 - 21, 2013

60+ presentations - view agenda

FREE - Watch live, ask questions via chat

Register FREE …


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3rd revised and expanded version of the expertise folder of the European Center for Nanotoxicology

BioNanoNet released the 3rd revised and expanded version of the expertise folder
of the European Center for Nanotoxicology!


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Postdoctoral fellow in Low Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscopy / nc-Atomic Force Microscopy

Title: Postdoctoral fellow in Low Temperature Scanning Tunneling

Microscopy / nc-Atomic Force Microscopy

Department: Energy Materials and Surface Sciences (EMSS) Unit

Employer: Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST)

Location: Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

Posted: Mar 04

We are a research group in an international university in Japan

We are looking for an experienced postdoctoral

researcher in the field of Low Temperature Scanning…


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2 Postdoctoral positions in polymer chemistry

Title: 2 Postdoctoral positions in polymer chemistry

Department: Chemistry Institute / Center for NanoScience

Employer: Talca University

Location: Talca, Chile

Posted: Mar 04

Two Postdoc positions are available at Nano Division of Fraunhofer

Chile Center in the "Intelligent Polymers" research group

(starting date: 01.June.2013, salary: competitive with USA and

Europe). Within this research group (Chemistry- Bioinformatics...



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5th ANNUAL NANOTECH COMMERCIALIZATION CONFERENCE (NCC) – April 9-10th – Wake Forest Biotech Place – Winston Salem, NC

Today we are proud to announce the Keynote Speakers for our 5th Annual Nanotech Commercialization Conference , April 9-10th at the Wake Forest Biotech Place in Winston Salem, NC. NanoBCA and COIN will host the preeminent Nanotech Commercialization event in the South. Global technology leaders will descend upon North Carolina for our Conference. Corporate, investor, start-up and academic leaders will all be in…


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Silicon Carbide Quantum Dots for bioimaging

1-5 nm SiC nanocrystals were tested in vitro. The cytotoxic properties of the SiC QDs based on alamarBlueTM assay cells were studied. The presence of the QDs dots does not affect cell growth in a wide concentration range. Two-photon excitation showed significant response from SiC nanocrystals that were injected into hippocampal CA1 pyramidal cells.…


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Silicon Carbide Quantum Dots

Preparation of small silicon carbide quantum dots by wet chemical etching

Fabrication of nanosized silicon carbide (SiC) crystals is a crucial step in many biomedical applications. Here we report an effective fabrication method of SiC nanocrystals based on simple electroless wet chemical etching of crystalline cubic SiC. Comparing an open reaction system with a closed reaction chamber, we found that the latter produces smaller nanoparticles (less than 8 nm…


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Animation of nanoparticles for drug delivery in cancer treatment

Nanobotmodels Company offer vision of cancer treatment using medical nanoparticles. This short animation shows how drug delivery methods working inside a human body.

Cancer can attack anyone. Since the occurrence of cancer increases as individuals age, most of the cases are seen in adults, middle-aged or older. Sixty percent of all cancers are…


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Postdoc positions at Tel Aviv University Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Nano Center Post-doc positions - Info for candidates (Deadline: 30/4/2013)

Every year Tel Aviv University Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology ( supports several prestigious post-doc positions in the field of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

A candidate must be hosted by one of the researchers affiliated with the…


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2nd Edition of the Master Programme in Nanochemistry and Nanomaterials - Dead line for applications 19 of April

University of Madeira and Centro de Química da Madeira, Madeira Island, Portugal, invite applicants with a Bachelor or a Master degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Life Sciences, Materials, Physics or related…


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Copper oxide quantum dot ink for inkjet-driven digitally controlled high mobility field effect transistors

Copper oxide (CuO) quantum dots (QDs) having a diameter of 5–8 nm were synthesized by a simple solution process. The as-synthesized QDs showed a highly crystalline monoclinic phase of CuO with a bandgap of 1.75 eV. The CuO QDs were further formulated as an ink for inkjet printing of CuO field effect transistors (FETs). The ink-jetting behavior of the as-formulated ink samples showed that the CuO concentration and digitally controlled number of over-prints are important factors for optimizing…


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Postdoctoral Fellow – Polymer Chemistry

Title: Postdoctoral Fellow – Polymer Chemistry

Employer: University of Alberta

Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada

Posted: Feb 26

The Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the

University of Alberta has an opening for a Postdoctoral Fellow in

the area of polymer chemistry. The position carries the following

major roles and responsibilities under the direction of...

Full details:



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Electromechanics in Biosystems Workshop - Dublin, Ireland

Conway Institute, University College Dublin, Ireland March 26-28, 2013

The coupling between electrical signals and mechanical motion is present in many biological systems and materials. With the development of nanoscale tools to study electromechanics, this phenomenon can be probed at the molecular level.

Recent studies of electromechanics in single collagen…


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