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Post Doc Position in Heterogeneous Catalysis at King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

The candidate should have experience in using the following techniques:

[1] TPD, TPR, and TPO

[2] Gas phase catalytic reactorions, fixed bed and fluidized bed reactors

[3]  Physisorption using multi-gas  analyzers…


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survey training needs Nano2All dialogue

Dear NanoPaprika member,

NANO2ALL ( is a project funded by the European Commission, under the framework of Horizon2020 (H2020) programme. It aims to facilitate a dialogue between scientists, businesses, governments, media, civil society organisation and citizens to discuss the important issues which arise from the use of nanotechnologies. NANO2ALL will also collect and share knowledge, tools and best practices of responsible…


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Investigation of the larvicidal potential of silver nanoparticles against Culex quinquefasciatus: A case of a ubiquitous weed as a useful bioresource

Investigation of the larvicidal potential of silver nanoparticles against Culex quinquefasciatus: A case of a ubiquitous weed as a useful bioresource

E. T. Adesuji, Omolara O. O, Haleemat I. A, Roshila M, Ayomide H. L, Olusola S. B, Charles O. O.

Federal University Lafia, Nigeria

Biosynthesized silver…


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Share your new nanotech papers with 8500+ researchers

To share your new publications please send following informations:

Title of the paper:



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Research Article: Drift-insensitive distributed calibration of probe microscope scanner in nanometer range: Virtual mode

R. V. Lapshin, Drift-insensitive distributed calibration of probe microscope scanner in nanometer range: Virtual mode, Applied Surface Science, vol. 378, pp. 530-539, 2016 (DOI: 10.1016/j.apsusc.2016.03.201)

Abstract: A method of distributed calibration of a probe microscope scanner is suggested. The main idea…


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STEM study of Li4Ti5O12 anode material modified with Ag nanoparticles

M. Andrzejczuk, A. Roguska, M. Michalska, L. Lipińska, A. Czerwiński, M. Cantoni, A. T. Krawczyńska, M. Lewandowska


Comprehensive scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) analysis of…


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4th International Conference “Nanotechnologies” Nano – 2016 October 24 – 27, 2016, Tbilisi, Georgia

The 4th International Conference “Nanotechnologies” (NANO – 2016) will be devoted the methods

of synthesizing of nanomaterials, studying their structure, chemical, physical and technological properties,

as well as applications in techniques. Conference will provide an evaluation of the present state-of-art in

this field of knowledge, new achievements and prospects of developments in nanotechnologies. At the

planned oral and poster sessions, it will be presented…


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Scientific specialist in atomic-scale modeling for QuantumWise Japan KK, Tokyo, Japan

QuantumWise Japan K.K. is seeking one scientific specialist for the technical support of our Japanese customers. You will be part of an international team of world leading experts in atomic-scale simulations located in Denmark and Japan. The workplace will be our office at the Tokyo University of Science in Japan and your main priority will be the interaction with our Japanese users, who are leading chemical, materials, and semiconductor companies and…


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2 positions as scientific software developer for quantum simulation applications, QuantumWise A/S, Denmark

QuantumWise A/S is seeking two scientific software developers for quantum simulation applications for our development team in Copenhagen, Denmark.

You will be part of our team of world leading experts in atomic-scale simulations who are developing the Atomistix ToolKit. Your job will be to implement and verify new modules to be used by our many industrial and academic…


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23 PhD positions in Chemical Research - Spain, Europe

We are looking for highly qualified and talented graduate students with an enthusiastic interest in chemical research. Motivated students will have the opportunity to join one of the research groups at the ICIQ and will follow an individual research project under the direction of an internationally renowned group leader in a creative and stimulating scientific environment.

The ICIQ established its International PhD Fellowship Programme with the aim to support excellent…


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Invitation >> Call for Posters >> nanoFIS 2016 >> Functional Integrated nanoSystems >> 25-27 June 2016, Graz/Austria

Dear Madam, dear Sir!


We cordially invite you to participate in the 2nd International Conference nanoFIS 2016 – Functional Integrated nanoSystems which will be held on 27 – 29 June 2016 in Graz/Austria. The nanoFIS 2016 conference focuses on implementation of Key Enabling Technologies for Novel Device Development and 3D System Integration.




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Master in Nanochemistry & Nanomaterials - Madeira Island - Portugal - 2nd Call - Deadline for applications: 13 of May 2016 (17:00 hours: GMT).

In Portugal, we have time to see, to experience, to discover which method or technique is best suited to a particular question we are investigating.

Xuedan He, a former master student in Nanochemistry and Nanomaterials at the University of Madeira, Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal.


The University of Madeira and Centro de…


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Doctoral Program Building Solids for Function (Solids4Fun)

TU Wien is seeking talented and motivated students for our joint doctoral program

Building Solids for Function (Solids4Fun)

The Program:

The purpose of the Doctoral School Solids4Fun is to determine the interplay between various parameters and properties of a wide range of different inorganic solids. Research and training in Solids4Fun is concentrated around four central issues, which are covered by the research activities of the faculty members:…


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Angular Dependence of the Coercivity in Electrodeposited Co–Pt Nanostructures With a Tube–Wire Morphology

We have fabricated Co–Pt cylindrical nanostructures comprised of a pair of nanotube and nanowire segments via direct

electroplating into anodic alumina (AAO) membranes. The fabrication of such nanostructures is possible due to the penetration of sputtered gold (Au) nanoparticles inside the template, which serve as nucleation spots. The current transient monitored during the deposition process allowed us to distinguish between the nanotube and nanowire formation regime during the…


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The role of the crystal orientation (c-axis) on switching field distribution and the magnetic domain configuration in electrodeposited hcp Co–Pt nanowires

In this report, Co–Pt nanowires (NWs) were produced via potentiostatic electrodeposition into

commonly used commercial ordered-alumina and disordered-polycarbonate membranes with

similar pore diameters (≈200 nm). The pore diameter of the membranes and the deposition

conditions were chosen such that the Co–Pt NWs fabricated into both membranes had a

hexagonal close packed (hcp) crystal structure with a crystallographic texturing of the c-axis

in the direction perpendicular…


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Looking for Post Doc. Opportunity


Here, I am writing for the Postdoctoral Researcher position.

I am glad to introduce myself, Satish Kumar, and presently working as senior researcher under the esteemed supervision of Dr. C Raman Suri (Chief Scientist) at Biosensor and Nanotechnology Division, CSIR- Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH), Chandigarh, Government of India.

Here, My research is focused on the Development of electrochemical label free ultra-sensitive Diagnostic sensor…


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12 PhD Scholarships in Nanosensors at Leibniz Universität Hannover

The Hannover School for Nanotechnology (HSN) invites applications for 

PhD Scholarships

The HSN is a coordinated PhD-programme of the Laboratory of Nano and Quantum

Engineering from the Leibniz Universität Hannover together with the University of Applied Science and Arts in Hannover. Involved in the programme are the disciplines of physics, chemistry, and engineering. The aim of the doctoral program…


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2300 poster visits at NANOPOSTER 2016 - electronic certificate for participants

2300+ poster visits at NANOPOSTER 2016:

Most visited poster:



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PhD – Etude des propriétés électrochimiques et électroniques d’empilements de matériaux 2D (graphène, h-BN et MoS2)

La thèse se déroulera au CEA LICSEN de l’Université Paris-Saclay, sous l’encadrement de Renaud Cornut, spécialiste de la microscopie électrochimique qu’il a récemment appliquée avec succès à l’étude des matériaux 2D [1,2] et de Vincent Derycke pour les aspects nanodispositifs et études des propriétés de transport électronique. Le projet s’appuiera sur un partenariat avec le Laboratoire de Photonique et de Nanostructures qui appartient également à l’Université Paris-Saclay. Ce laboratoire…


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PhD in Nanotechnology (2D Materials Quantum Nanoelectromechanical Systems)

The Nanoscale Microscopy Group in the Physics Department at Lancaster University is seeking an outstanding candidate to work on a PhD project on Quantum Nanoelectromechanical Systems (Quantum NEMS, or QEMS) based on two-dimensional (2D) materials. The project will explore fundamentals of nanomechanical and quantum mechanical phenomena of 2D materials that include graphene, boron nitride, MoS2 and their heterostructures in micro- and nano-scale electromechanical devices. The 2D materials have…


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