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ImagineNano 2015 and Graphene 2015 under the same roof - Bilbao (Spain) to welcome 1500 delegates at international event

Back in 2013, ImagineNano event has strengthened its position as the main event dedicated to nanoscience and nanotechnology in Europe. The outstanding results of participation that have been reached and the interest created by the…


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BODIPY analogs - Fluorescent probes! Lumiprobe Newsletter


BODIPY analogs - Fluorescent probes!

BDP FL azide * BDP FL NHS ester * BDP FL maliemide

BDP FL Maleimide - Lumiprobe's adds another BODIPY analog…

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Titania nanofibers in gypsum composites: an antibacterial and cytotoxicology study


J. Mater. Chem. B, 2014, 2, 1307


M. Mohl, A. Dombovari, E. S. Tuchina, P. O. Petrov, O. A. Bibikova, I. Skovorodkin, A. P. Popov, A.-R. Rautio, A. Sarkar, J.-P. Mikkola, M. Huuhtanen, S. Vainio, R. L. Keiski, A. Prilepsky, A. Kukovecz, Z. Konya, V. V. Tuchin, K. Kordas


Further developments of antibacterial coatings based on photocatalytic nanomaterials could be a promising route…


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Research Fellow: 'Sea-On-A-Chip' - Plymouth University - United Kingdom

Early warning systems that can provide extreme sensitivity with appropriate selectivity are required to assess chemical contamination of estuarine and coastal areas. EU project SEA-on-a-CHIP aims to develop a miniaturized, autonomous, remote and flexible immuno-sensor platform based on a fully integrated array of micro/nano-electrodes and a microfluidic system in a lab-on-a-chip configuration combined with electrochemical detection for real time analysis of marine waters in…


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Chance to participate in a joint Graphene transnational call

FLAG-ERA, an FP7 ERA-NET that gathers most regional and national funding organisations (NRFOs) in Europe with the goal of supporting the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Flagship concept and more specifically, the FET Flagship initiatives Graphene and Human Brain Project (HBP). FLAG-ERA will launch a joint transnational call (JTC) enabling researchers from different countries to propose joint contributions to the Flagships. In order to encourage and facilitate the participation in the…


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Think Net: because a thought… can change the world.

Attention nanoscientists! I am beginning an important project which would benefit from your participation. Here is the charter for the organization. Please consider the benefits of participation: The Universal Intelligence Network is an organization founded by Rich Norman and Anja Jaenicke for the purpose of collecting iconoclastic intellectual talent under the banner of cooperative endeavor, in an attempt to solve the pressing problems of our age.

"In this world built up from every… Continue

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What do you think about a creation of a Knowledge Base of nanomaterials and nanotechnology

Research topic: A creation of a Knowledge Base of nanomaterials and nanotechnology. Under the Knowledge Base, we mean an information tool, containing all relationships between all variables of a nano object, allowing to calculate a value of one variable through others as well as solving both direct and inverse problems, predicting characteristics of a nano object which have not been investigated yet as well as predicting a technology…


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PhD Positions in Single Molecule Microbiology - Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology, Marburg, Germany

The project group “Single Molecule Microbiology” is looking for PhD students with a keen interest in applying physical methods to complex biological systems to start from December 2014. Our group develops quantitative, experimental and theoretical approaches to study the spatial and dynamic principles of organisation in living organisms.

Candidates should feel comfortable working in a multidisciplinary and international environment. The projects will combine knowledge of advanced…


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Post-doc position: Structural Characterization of spinodally decomposed Fe-X-C martensitic steels

Duration: 18 months, start: November 2014

The lab

INSA Lyon is an engineering school based in Lyon France, it graduates over 950 engineers each year in 12 fields of specialization. Inside this large institution several research laboratories are present, Mateis laboratory being one of them. MATEIS concerns are the optimization of material properties (mechanical properties, corrosion,…) of structural materials, as well as the…


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PhD student, with a master’s degree in Materials Science Engineering with good background in mechanics of materials - Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Brussels, Belgium

The 4MAT Department at the Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles is looking for

A PhD student, with a master’s degree in Materials Science Engineering with good background in mechanics of materials

The job

The PhD student will carry out research activities of both experimental and numerical nature. The project aims to characterize and model the adhesion of a bio-sourced polymer coating on an Aluminium…


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Research Associate Position (Chemistry)

Applications are invited through email ( for a post of Research Associate (RA, 22,000/ + HRA)) under  DST-RFBR, Govt. of India sponsored project  “Screen Printed Electrodes Functinilized with Organic-Inorganic Hybrid nanocomposites for Biosensing Applications” (PI: Dr. Raju Khan) in the Analytical Chemistry Division, CSIR-North East Institute of Science & Technology, Jorhat, Assam. As the work involves interdisciplinary field candidates with PhD in…


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Senior Scientific/Technology Officer for Light-sheet Microscopy -

Closing date: 12 October 2014

Reference Number: HD_00564

The Cell Biology and Biophysics Unit seeks to build instruments based on its light-sheet microscopy developments for academic distribution and prepare their commercialization through a start-up company. In this context it offers an outstanding opportunity for a Senior Technology Officer to work closely with the company’s founders in the design, development and execution of the…


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Position: 3 year PhD scholarship in In-situ TEM Battery Studies - echnical University of Denmark (DTU)

Application deadline: 15th October 2014

Complex processes are taking place in battery systems, degrading or creating nanostructures that over repeated charging cycles reduce battery performance.

By using micro and nanofabricated chip systems that enable high resolution electron microscopy and spectroscopy on electrically contacted devices, this project will perform detailed studies of nanoscale processes on nanowire and nanostructured…


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Assistant, Associate and Full-Professorships in Biological Chemistry, Biophysics and Bioengineering - Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK

The School of Engineering and Physical Sciences seeks to make academic appointments within the Institute of Biological Chemistry, Biophysics and Bioengineering ( This is an exciting and vibrant new Research Institute with an excellent funding base and world-class facilities for synthetic chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, imaging at all scales using multiple cutting edgemethods, tissue engineering…


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New graphene hybrid fibers are 12 times stronger then Kevlar

Researchers from Korea developed a new graphene-CNT hybrid fiber that is at least 12 times stronger than Kevlar, and more flexible. They now aim to commercialize this material- so we may see it appear in commercial bulletproof vests, vehicles and aircraft in a few years...…


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Two PhD positions open Department of Chemistry - University of Basel, Switzerland

The research group of Professors Edwin Constable and Catherine Housecroft has

two PhD positions open

with immediate start dates from October 2014.

For both projects, applicants must have completed a Masters degree in Chemistry or Nanosciences, and should be competent in organic and coordination compound synthesis as well having an interest in physical/inorganic methods.

Project 1…


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Register now - NMP-DeLA NanoWater & NanoEnergy Summer School and Expert Workshop

NMP-DeLA project Banner

Invitation to participate

NMP-DeLA NanoWater & NanoEnergy

Summer School and Expert Workshop…


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Phantoms Foundation is pleased to launch this catalogue of companies working on Graphene worldwide

Phantoms Foundation is pleased to launch this catalogue of companies working on Graphene worldwide. This first edition features 65 companies working directly on the field. The second version (to be edited in 2015) will include all those who work hard in Universities, Research Centers, etc. This initiative comes as an open platform resource to attract global participant’s intent on sharing, exchanging and exploring new avenues of graphene-related scientific and commercial developments.

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The Innovation Society: "Nanorama Car Workshop"

Nanomaterials and ultra-fine particles in car workshops - learn how to handle them safely by exploring the "Nanorama Car Workshop", which is now available (in German) at following link. A "Nanorama" is a virtual classroom that allows its users to gather important information on safe handling of…


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High quality Graphene and CNTs and other nanomaterials in affordable price

 At United Nanotech Innovations Pvt. LTD we manufacture bulk amount of graphene and CNTs and other nanomaterials as per costumers specific requirements. for any queries contact

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