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Interview with the editor of TINC on (in Hungarian)

"Itt nincsenek rossz kérdések" (ELTEonline 2008-09-27)

Mikor indult a honlap?

2007 novemberében, szóval még nincs 1 éves, igazán frissnek mondható.

Mennyire vált népszerű ilyen rövid idő alatt?

Jelenleg 1070 tagja van, így sikeres kezdeményezésként értékelem.

Hogyan jött az ötlet?

Teljesen véletlenül. Eszembe nem jutott volna, hogy nanotudományos weboldalt szerkesszek. Egy reggel, amikor bementem… Continue

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About us on ELTEonline (in Hungarian): Nanotudomány Nemzetközi Közössége

A webkettő kifejezést Dale Dougherty és Craig Line használta először, olyan honlapokat jelölve meg vele, melyek az internetezés egy új korszakának lettek előfutárai. Ezek a weboldalak mind a közösségre, a felhasználók által létrehozott, megosztott és szerkesztett tartalomra épülnek. Wikipédia, youtube, immáron egy éve pedig már a Nanotudomány Nemzetközi Közössége ( is.

Paszternák András 2007 novemberében merész vállalkozásba vágott… Continue

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POVRay Images

Many of the images I use on these pages were generated using POVRay.

Below is a povray file used to generate unit cell images:


Next is an example of a file used to generate electron orbitals from the actual wave function.…


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Program Considerations

Our Nanoscience program is a blend of three main focus areas:

1. Materials Science and Characterization

2. Microfabrication

3. Biotechnology

This follows the model used by the University of Minnesota and Dakota County Technical College. I like this mixture. Some of the Nanoscience programs out there are more of a Microelectronics program with some materials science courses added in. We try to balance the three thrust… Continue

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Quantum Mechanics Part 2


One of the things you might be wondering is how do you teach someone quantum physics when they only have had high school algebra and why do you teach someone quantum physics in Nanoscience. To answer the first question I would say that you don't have to do all of the differential equations to teach someone about quantum physics. Mostly I want to emphasize… Continue

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Upcoming feature release Friday, Sep. 26 — 6 p.m. Pacific time

(The second on Friday!!!)

A New Message Center & Friend Request Interface — Your Network Inbox and Friend Requests are moving out of the Ningbar and will now be integrated within your network. Members will now be able to send/receive messages and review pending friend requests on full pages on your network.

New HTML Email Design
— An updated design will make your invitations and shared content look better… Continue

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4N Newsletter Nr. 28

The NanoNewsletter of The International NanoScience Community

26th September 2008 – Nr. 28



- TINC-Live at the „Kutatók éjszakája (European Researchers' night 2008)” 26th September 2008, Friday, Budapest, Hungary…


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Names of "Organic Nanites"

I am aware of the creation of "plumbers nightmare." by one of the NE U.S. Research Depts. However, I believe they will become more important to the point of the nano market eventually specifying Organic VS. Non Organic.

My point is in the use of "armor," if you utilize a non organic, an impact can create a toxic environment, especially in the presence of other gases. So, can some give a list or a "shortlist" im afraid, of Organic Nanites and their availability?

Thanks, David Woroner,… Continue

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Platform maintenance Friday, 9/26 at 12:30 a.m. Pacific

I wanted to let you know about a bit of platform maintenance happening early Friday morning, September 26, starting at 12:30 a.m. Pacific. This is an upgrade of our storage environment with 1 hour of planned downtime — will be offline from 12:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. Pacific.

TINC staff

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Image: © Cris Orfescu. All rights reserved. NanoRGB. Limited Edition print. Permissions to post granted.

This 6-months distance-ed, e-learning certification course is open to all: no age, rank, or geographic restrictions are imposed. Under- thru post-grads, researchers, professors, corporate employess, et alii are encouraged to participate. Books, cd, support and assessment are provided. This professional development and… Continue

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Test Time


I am running a bit late on giving the first exam. The document here contains a study guide for the first exam which I give to the students. I like to let them know what to expect on the exam. This may give you an idea of my expectations for a first semester student for the first exam.

By the way I am trying to come up with a good introductory vacuum systems lab… Continue

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Image NanoMandala installation at Location One (NYC) by Victoria Vesna in collaboration with Dr. James Kazimierz Gimzewski. Source: © Photon Quantique. All Rights Reserved. Permitted Post.

The Esther Klein Art Gallery at the Science Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania sponsors children's programming where they explore and discover intersections of art, science, and technology.…


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Image: Courtesy of Dr. David Flanagan. Creative Commons License 2.5

CURRICULUM COMPILATION authored by Judith Light Feather, founder of the NanoTechnology Group - a Global Education Consortium

Source: …


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Post doc position on Nanostructured Materials for integration in nanodevices

Post doc position on nanostructured materials for integration in nanodevices and biosensors


1 Research Position in Nanomatereals Science open in the Fall of 2008 at Physics Centre of the University of Minho (Braga and Guimarães,


These positions correspond to the Assistant Research Professor level

and are for 5 years.

A PhD in Physics or related fields and at least 3 years of Post-Doctorate… Continue

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PlayGen™ & PlayStation® Portable

Original Image Source: Protein NanoMachines. Public Library of Science. Creative Commons Licence 2.5.

PlayGen™'s Nanogaming products are also available for PlayStation Portable. This I had not known at the time of my earlier posting.

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Image source: Frank Trixler; adapted from LMU/CeNS: Organic Semiconductor Nanostructures. Permissions granted: Eigenes Werk, Doppellizenzierung: GFDL und Creative Commons 3.0

A PostGraduate Certificate in NanoTechnology can be obtained from Oxford University via its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Centre.

The 1-year programme commences on Monday 13 October 2008.

Shorter-term distance-ed coursework is… Continue

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4N Newsletter Nr. 27 - nanoBusiness, TAUvideoBlog, GREEN NANOARCHITECTURE

The NanoNewsletter of The Internation NanoScience Community

19th September 2008 – Nr. 27




- Upcoming feature release Tuesday, Sep. 25 — 6 p.m. Pacific time

- Welcome our new partner: NanoTechNews… Continue

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CRIS ORFESCU: NanoScientist, NanoArtist, Curator


« The 2nd International Festival of NanoArt organized by NanoArt21

( will be hosted in Stuttgart, Germany by NAHVISION

Institute for International Culture Exchange, between November 1st and

November 30th, 2008. The show is curated by artist/scientist Cris

Orfescu (USA) and art professor Dorothea Fleiss (Germany).

18 artists from 8 countries were selected to participate… Continue

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MATTHEW BAXTER: NanoGame Designer and Developer

Image: Tesseract, Double Rotation. Worldwide Public Domain Release by Jason Hise, Creator.

E-Portfolio: e-portfolio of matthew baxter helped develop playgen…



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