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New Online Seminars for AFM Novices

Agilent Images


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3 New Nanotechnology jobs

Title Company Location…

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Russian researchers have made solar batteries inexpensive and efficient

Solar batteries are gaining more popularity in everyday life, and solar energy photovoltaic conversion now looks like one of the most promising renewable power generation areas. Solar batteries, which were developed in the middle of the last century by American scientists…


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Phd Studentship - Detection of Environmental Nanoparticles

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SMCs - new revolutionary graphene based energy devices

Nanotek Instruments and its subsidiary Angstron Materials developed a new graphene-based energy storage device - something between a battery and a supercapacitor. The new device is called graphene surface-enabled lithium ion-exchanging cells, or surface-mediated cells (SMCs).

Nanotek says that even the first generation devices (which aren't optimized yet) feature fast recharge cycles - and already outperform both supercapacitors and lithium-ion batteries. Recharge time is 10 times… Continue

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Copper can be used to replace Iridium in OLEDs - and make them cheaper

Researchers from RIKEN (Japan) developed a new efficient copper complex that can be used to replace Iridium phosphors in OLEDs - and would be much cheaper (copper is about 1/2000 cheaper than Iridium):

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Funktionale nano- und mikrostrukturierte Oberflächen mit maßgeschneiderten Adhäsionseigenschaften - in German

Das von der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft geförderte Schwerpunktprogramm 1420 "Biomimetic materials research" ( hat die Herstellung und Charakterisierung hierarchisch strukturierter bioinspirierter Materialien zum Ziel. In Zusammenarbeit mit Prof. S. Gorb (Zoologie, Uni Kiel) sollen künstliche antiadhäsive Oberflächen nach dem Vorbild der aus drei hierarchischen Strukturebenen bestehenden Gleitzone… Continue

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Jönnek a virtuális kutatók (in Hungarian)

Szeptember folyamán két rendezvényt tart a NanoTudomány Nemzetközi Közössége (The International NanoScience Community). Az augusztus 29-től szeptember 2-ig zajló NANOPAPRIKA POSTER 2011 - I. Virtuális Nanotechnológiai Poszter-konferencia és a szeptember 23-án, a Kutatók Éjszakáján a Tempus Közalapítvánnyal közösen megrendezésre kerülő Kutatók a Neten 2011 - II. Kutatói Blog és Weboldal Találkozó azt a célt szolgálja, hogy a tudományokat, a kutatók világát közelebb hozza

az Interneten… Continue

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1st Virtual Nanotechnology Poster Conference in 10 days - letter from editor

Dear Members,


The first five posters for the 1st Virtual Nanotechnology Poster Conference were uploaded on front page of We will add each day new posters until the start of NANOPAPRIKA POSTER 2011. All posters will be presented between 29th of August and 2nd of September, end of our virtual meeting.


Check the posters, contact authors, left your comments on poster-pages and share your…


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Spintronics and Staintronics to enable ultra low power ICs that do not require batteries

energy - in fact it could run merely by tapping the ambient energy from the environment.

The energy dissipated can be as low as 0.4 attojoules, or about a billionth of a billionth of a joule. So this design could create an extremely low-power, yet high-density, non-volatile magnetic logic and memory system. The processors would be well suited for implantable medical devices and could run on energy harvested from the patient's body motion. They also could be incorporated into… Continue

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ECASIA11 registration deadline August 24

Dear Colleague

This is a reminder that the registration deadline for ECASIA11 in Cardiff, UK ( is Wednesday August 24.

Yours sincerely

Albert Carley… Continue

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NORMAN, OK, August 19 , 2011 – Dave Arthur, CEO of SouthWest NanoTechnologies, Inc. (SWeNT) a world leader in high quality, Single-Wall and Specialty Multi-Wall (SMW™) carbon nanotubes (CNT), is a keynote speaker at the Nanomanufacturing Summit 2011 on Tuesday, September 27th from 10:00-10:30 a.m.


The annual event, September 25-27th, is held in Boston at the Seaport Convention Center and will…


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Electron microscopic detection of nanoparticles in cells (Karlsruhe)

Nanoparticles are frequently used as additives in food and articles of daily use which necessitates studies of possible adverse effects on biological systems. In this context, the Laboratory for Electron Microscopy at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is recruiting a PhD student for an interdisciplinary project concerned with the detection of nanoparticles in cells. The PhD candidate with a Diplom/Master in physics is expected to use advanced electron microscopic techniques for… Continue

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Research Technician for AFM-Raman Imaging of Biofilms (Toronto)

Research Technician for AFM-Raman Imaging of Biofilms

Position is available for 1-2 yeas at the University of Toronto Scarborough to maintain the infrastructure in a state of readiness for research.  Our group focuses on bio-minerals formation in aquatic environments, from freshwater to marine systems.

Our new state-of-art AFM/Raman system is dedicated to investigate cell-minerals interactions, especially carbonate formations on cyanobacterial cells surfaces. The other… Continue

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New Jobs - Nanotechnology

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Kontrollierte Oberflächenfunktionalisierung von Nanomaterialien (Darmstadt) - in German

Im Fachbereich Chemie ist am Eduard-Zintl-Institut für Anorganische und Physikalische Chemie ab 1. September die Stelle für eine/n

Wiss. Mitarbeiterin/Mitarbeiter - halbtags

in einem zunächst auf 3 Jahre befristeten Arbeitsverhältnis zu besetzen.

Ziel des Projektes ist die Herstellung und kontrollierte Oberflächenfunktionalisierung von mesoporösen SiO2-Materialien und Ionenspur-Nanokanälen. Schwerpunkte des Forschungsvorhabens liegen in der Mitarbeit beim Aufbau… Continue

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PhD/PostDoc position in Colloidal Simulation at the Chair for Process Systems Engineering at Technische Universitaet Muenchen (Freising)

PhD/PostDoc position in Colloidal Simulation at the Chair for Process Systems Engineering at Technische Universität München


Mechanistic modelling of restructuring behaviour of colloidal aggregates

Colloidal particles are submicron particles which are usually suspended in a continuous phase (liquid or gas). They have unique properties due to their high ration of surface area to volume. The Priority Programme “Colloidal Process Engineering” (SPP 1273)… Continue

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5 New Jobs - Nanotechnology

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Toshiba to use MRAM as cache for HDD and NAND

It seems that Toshiba plans to use MRAM as cache for both NAND and HDDs devices.
Toshiba hasn't given up on the idea of having a full MRAM memory device - replacing HDD/NAND/DRAM altogether, but using it as a cache can be a step towards this goal:

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