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Postdoctoral position in Lyon (France) - Molecular dynamics of biomolecular interactions

A postdoctoral position is available in the group "Biomolecular Interactions" (see ) in Lyon (France) to work on the computational aspect of protein/peptide and protein/protein interactions with a narrow connection with biophysiscal methods like NMR and/or SAXS, SANS. The "Biomolecular interactions" group makes use of biochemistry, NMR and computational methods to explore biomolecular…


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Last chance to apply - Master Programme in Nanochemistry and Nanomaterials

University of Madeira and Centro de Química da Madeira, Madeira Island, Portugal, invite applicants with a Bachelor or a Master degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Life Sciences, Materials, Physics or related sciences/engineering courses, to apply to the 4th Edition of the Master Programme in Nanochemistry and Nanomaterials – 3rd Call (more info at…


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PhD scholarship in Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology - DTU

DTU Environment invites highly talented young researchers who have obtained outstanding results during their MSc studies and who have demonstrated excellence and potential in their field of study, to apply for a PhD scholarship in the Research Group “Risk Assessment of Chemicals and Nanomaterials” at DTU Environment, which consists of 3 professors, 2 associate professors, 4 Post Docs and 7 PhD students. We do research within environmental chemistry, environmental toxicology and environmental…


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Teaching Fellow – Chemistry - Nazarbayev University

Nazarbayev University (NU) was established to become Kazakhstan’s first research intensive university in partnership with the world’s leading universities in 2010. This is the first University in Kazakhstan that is committed to working in accordance with international academic standards and guided by the principles of autonomy and academic freedom. NU is a thoroughly merit-based institution, and emphasizes academic integrity being fully supported by the government of Kazakhstan and…


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Nano knowledge - free access to selected articles from Journal of Experimental Nanoscience, Fullerenes, Nanotubes, and Carbon Nanostructures and International Journal of Smart and Nano Materials

Interested in nanoscience and nanotechnology?

NANO KNOWLEDGE of Taylor & Francis

It’s just been updated to include new research from 2015 as well. Includes articles from a range of journals such as: Journal of Experimental Nanoscience, Fullerenes, Nanotubes, and Carbon…


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In recent years, nanotechnology has been a hot topic in the scientific community due to the specific properties in the nanoscale and has become an enabling technology for numerous applications. Especially engineered nanoparticles (ENPs) have shown various beneficial properties. In many fields of application, these ENPs have left the scientific…

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Photocatalytic and Superhydrophilic Surfaces Workshop - PSS2015, September 10-11th Guimarães (Portugal)

Photocatalytic and superhydrophilic materials for applications in self-cleaning windows, anti-fogging lenses, antimicrobial surfaces, water-splitting and air purification has gained considerable interest throughout the past two decades, with industrial and academic R&D being undertaken. Despite more than 200,000 publications on the foremost photocatalyst, TiO2, there are a multitude of production and testing techniques employed, often resulting in conflicting results and claims.…


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Assistant Research Professor - The University of Missouri

The University of Missouri is seeking an Assistant Research Professor for the Center for Physical and Power Electronics, School of Engineering (  This…


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Postdoctoral Research Fellow - the social dimensions of nanotechnology


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PhD-Student on Electron-Optical Developments for Electron Holography

Deadline for applications is June 8, 2015

Job description

The workgroup of Prof. Lehmann at the Technical University Berlin has an open position as a scientific employee with the possibility for a PhD thesis. The main topic is the development of special electron optical devices for phase modulation in electron…


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PhD position Nano-ecotoxicology - Wageningen

We are looking for

an enthusiast PhD-candidate for the project 'Quantification and modelling of accumulation kinetics of nanomaterials in soil organisms under environmentally relevant conditions (QuMoNano). The project is designed to quantify the accumulation kinetics of nanomaterials in soil organisms and the role of the properties of the nanomaterials, organisms and environment on these kinetics. The final outcome of the project are toxicokinetic models and…


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Postdoctoral Scientist Position - Nanostructures for light trapping and transparent electronics in thin film solar cells

The research center CENIMAT, of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of “Universidade Nova de Lisboa”, has an open vacancy for a Postdoctoral researcher within the project UID/CTM/50025/2013 of the associate laboratory I3N (Ref.ª LA0025), financed by national funds via the FCT/MEC and co-financed by FEDER within the Partnership Agreement PT2020.

Scientific areas: Applied Physics, Materials Science and Nanotechnology

Required qualifications:

a) PhD degree related…


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PhD’s in Advanced Electron Microscope Improvement - Delft, The Netherlands

In this position you will be working on very broad and unique projects. You will be developing, building and simulating experiments with magnificent machines. You also will be working closely together with different companies and start-ups. As a PhD-student you will have a lot of freedom and time to work on-long term projects in a dynamic environment.

The Faculty of Applied Sciences of TU Delft has a strong program in Imaging Physics in which new instrumentation and new methods are…


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Egyetlen molekulából álló elektronikus eszközt készítettek (in Hungarian)

A Columbia Engineering kutatóinak először sikerült egyetlen molekulából álló elektronikus eszközt, egy diódát, készíteniük. Ezzel elérték az elektromos eszközök minimalizálásának végső határát úgy, hogy megvan a lehetőség a találmány gyakorlati alkalmazására is. tovább az Origo cikkére

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Use of fluorescent reagents and nanotechnology - drug delivery, medical, biochemical and biological science

Lumiprobe offers fluorescent labels dyes, click chemistry reagents

Recent use of fluorescent labels in nanotechnology drug delivery, medical, biochemical and biological science:

Li, L.; Sun, W.; Zhong, J.; Yang, Qi.; Zhu, X.; Zhou, Z.; Zhang Z.; Huang, Y. Multistage Nanovehicle Delivery System Based on Stepwise Size Reduction and Charge Reversal for Programmed Nuclear Targeting of Systemically Administered Anticancer Drugs. Advanced Functional…


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It's my pleasure to share that I have been appointed for Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning (IJTIP), an ABS-ranked journal, published by Inderscience Publishers, Geneva, Switzerland.

IJTIP is an international research and practice-based interdisciplinary journal which encompasses all aspects of technology analysis, dealing with…


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New Materials in Sensors - for the benefit of healthy marine eco systems

BRAAVOO develops innovative solutions for real-time in-situ measurement of high impact and difficult to measure marine pollutants.

The concept of BRAAVOO is based on a unique combination of three types of biosensors, which will enable both the detection of a number of specific marine priority pollutants as well as of general biological effects that can be used for early warning.

For more details check…


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The 16th Trends in Nanotechnology International Conference (TNT 2015) takes flight in Toulouse

Over the past 15 years the Trends in Nanotechnology International Conference (TNT) has been presenting a broad range of research in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and more than 4600 attendees joined (an average of 300 participants per edition).

The 16th edition will take place in Toulouse from the 07th until the 11th of September 2015 and features 36 high level Speakers (Keynote & Invited).


The South‐West region of France is…


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Radioactive waste water filtration through Nano-material

 Dear readers 

Recently i visited in IIT-D in conference . there were few students works on their experimentation particulearly on the Removal of dye in the effluents of Leather industries. Innovation and technology just like  a traditional Biosorption technology (GJUST-Hissar have good publication .)but as for as RWW is concern it will be very difficult to remove the all radioisotopes efficiently from the waste water it can be remove with the help of Nano-materials technology…


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Tenure-Track position in Catalysis by Nano-Engineered Materials and Devices

Within the Faculty of Science & Technology (TNW) at the University of Twente, some 700 staff members and more than 1100 students are involved in training and research areas spanning chemical technology, biomedical technology, and applied physics. Fields of application include sustainable energy, materials science, technical medicine and nanotechnology. The research enjoys a high profile in the Netherlands as well as abroad and is coordinated within the world-class multidisciplinary…


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