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Sony shows a 13.3" Organic-TFT bendable E Ink prototype

Sony is showing a new OTFT driven E Ink prototype. The 13.3" panel offers 1200x1600 (150ppi) resolution, 10:1 contrast ratio, 16 shades of gray and can be bent to a curvature radius of at least 5mm. Indeed had a cool demo showing how the panel bends. This panel is monochrome (they also had a color 13.3" flexible e-paper prototype on show):…


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Russian scientists are studying light sources

For many experiments, it is important to know the exact wavelength of the source of light. Unfortunately, wavelengths of lasers or light-emitting diodes are subject to change depending on the environment factors such as ambient temperature. Those changes that can be as significant as a fraction of a nanometer are important for exploring the structural positions of ions in metals. Today, equipment is calibrated using emission spectrum analysis (spectrophotometric method) but this is a…


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post-doc opening in nanopolymeric drug delivery systems

I have a post-doc opening in my lab in polymeric drug delivery systems. The project is focused on developing novel multifunctional dendrimer-drug conjugates for prostate cancer. Further the successful candidate is expected to work in multiple projects including novel protein nanoparticles. The ideal candidate should have the following


PhD in polymer science/drug delivery systems/chemical engineering

Background in polymer…


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PhD Studentship - Charge‐patterned surfaces for protein adsorption

Research Supervisors: Brian Rodriguez & Gareth Redmond (UCD)


Katia Gallo, KTH‐Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Madhu Bhaskaran & Sharath Sriram, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia



Cellular  interactions  with  mechanically  nanostructured  and  chemically  functionalized  surfaces,

and  substrates  with  stiffness  gradients  have  been  well‐studied  for …


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Nanotech jobs in UK - update

Title Company Location…

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Nanoelőadások Miskolcon (in Hungarian)



az MTA Kolloidkémiai és Anyagtudományi Munkabizottság

a  Nanoanyagok és Nanotechnológiák Albizottságból és a Felületkémiai és Nanoszerkezeti Munkabizottságból meghívott előadókkal és résztvevőkkel kibővített

2011. június 9-10-i ülésére


Az ülés helye:


Bay Zoltán Alkalmazott…


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Nanotech jobs in UK

SimplyHired - Daily job email alert

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Dear Friends see :

Una breve descrizione la trovate di eguito. Saro lieto della vs adesione alla iniziativa TNF. Sono a vs disposizione per ulteriori chiarimenti. Un cordiale saluto Paolo Manzelli 055/4573135 ; cell 335/6760004


Le reti di "Impresa e Ricerca "sono lo strumento contemporaneo necessario per superare le… Continue

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nanotechnology softwares

If someone can guide me about some particular softwares regarding nanotechnology,I will be thankful


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NANOTEX 2011 ( 9-16 July 2011, Thessaloniki, Greece

4th International Symposium on Flexible Organic Electronics (ISFOE11)

10-13 July 2011, Thessaloniki, Greece,…

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Indiában hódít a Nanopaprika (in Hungarian)

Április közepén indiai tematikus oldalt indított a The International NanoScience Community (NanoTudomány Nemzetközi Közössége) közösségi portál címen - olvasható a közleményben.



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ACS Nano - Most Read Articles from Q1 2011

Top 10 Most Read ACS Nano Articles from Q1…


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ECASIA11 - registration open and submission deadline extended

14th European Conference on Applications of Surface and Interface Analysis

4 – 9 September, Cardiff City Hall, Cardiff,… Continue

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Philips invests €40 million in OLED lighting production capacity expansion

Philips announced that they are investing €40 million ($57 million) to expand their OLED lighting panel production capacity in their Aachen, Germany fab. The additional capacity will be available in 2012.

Philips say that the new capacity will support the "rapid growth" of their OLED business - used for high-end design lighting applications for decorative and ambiance creation purposes. Philips' OLED lighting panels (Lumiblade brand) come in several shapes and sizes. Philips… Continue

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Nanomanufacturing Weekly - May 18, 2011

Intel Reinvents Transistors Using New 3-D Structure

Intel 3-D design Tri-Gate transistor Intel Corporation announced a significant breakthrough in the evolution of the transistor, the microscopic building block of modern electronics. For the first time since the invention of silicon transistors over 50 years ago,…


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nanotimes 11-04 :: April / May 2011

nanotimes April/May…

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Molecular Plasmonics 2011 in Jena, Germany

International Symposium Molecular Plasmonics 2011 in Jena, Germany, May 2011





Plasmonic effects based on localized (or particle) surface plasmon resonance and directed towards molecules and molecular conjugates represent an emerging field between nanooptics and life sciences with a great potential for applications especially…


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Latest Issue of Nano Digest

Nice issue on understanding education and career prospects in Nanotechnology...

For Copies contact:

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nano to market? overcome barriers - NanoCom EC project material


The NanoCom coordinated action is funded by the European Commission under the FP7 NMP Programme and brings together a strong consortium of sixteen partners from industry and academia with expertise in…


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"Kémia Oktatásért" díj 2011 (in Hungarian)

A Richter Gedeon Vegyészeti Gyár Nyrt. 1999-ben díjat alapított általános, közép- és szakközépiskolai tanárok részére, hogy támogassa és erősítse a kémia színvonalas iskolai oktatását. "A Richter Gedeon Alapítvány a Magyar Kémia Oktatásért" kuratóriuma a díjazottakat azok közül a jelöltek közül választja ki, akik több éve elismerten a legtöbbet teszik a kémia iránti érdeklődés…


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