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NIH Roadmap for Medical Research & NanoMedicine

Howdy Nanonauts,

Here is a update for the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research

Nih Roadmap for Medical Research

Posted on: Wednesday, 30 April 2008, 03:00 CDT

By Kantor, Lori Wolfgang

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Roadmap for Medical Research is a collection of far-reaching initiatives designed to transform the Nation's medical research capabilities and improve the translation of research into practice. As described below, the Roadmap… Continue

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#3rd Generation Nanotech Fuel

As the Executive Director of the Dream Team, I am always receiving new information and offers to test and promote various Nanotechnology products. For years I have used and fully endorsed a Nano catalyst called EnviroMax Plus It still amazes me how effective this product is.

However, time marches on and so does new enhancements. The EnviroMax Plus is what is termed a 2nd generation, and now there is a new company with very impressive… Continue

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About our network in METRO (Hungary, 340 000 ex.)

I read about our network today morning in METRO newspaper! :)

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Our group on the Facbook.com


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New partner: nanotimes

nanotimes, bi-weekly magazine on nanotechnology

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Network stop!!!

We have rescheduled the platform upgrade to tomorrow night, Wednesday, April 23rd from 11pm-2am Pacific.

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Planned downtime 11 p.m. Saturday to 2 a.m. Sunday PDT

We'll be conducting a platform upgrade this Saturday night, from 11 p.m. - 2 a.m. Pacific. During this window, Ning.com and all networks will be offline.

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500 members

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The Importance Of Using Rodents In The Nanomedical Research

The Importance of Using Rodents in the Nanomedical Research

The use of minor species for the benefits of mankind always has been a controversial topic in modern society. Especially the use of animals for medical research, which is seen by some as a necessary evil in the name of scientific advance while others may think it is probably one the greatest sins mankind can commit against other species. Without entering in a profound ethical debate about the need of using other species for… Continue

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About our network (in German): Nanotechnologie Datenbank und wissenschaftliche Community ergänzen sich

Mehr Internationalität durch Zusammenarbeit mit ungarischer NanoScience Community

Informationsaustausch auf internationaler Ebene ist unumgänglich, besonders im wissenschaftlichen Bereich. Die im November 2007 gegründete "International NanoScience Community"(www.nanopaprika.eu) aus Ungarn ist ein virtueller Treffpunkt für Forscher, Ingenieure, industrielle Partner und Studenten aus mehr als… Continue

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New partner: www.nanoproducts.de

nanoproducts.de deals with the marketing of nano-products and technologies on the Internet and furthermore offers services in the area of product and technology transfer. In our freely accessible Internet database we present the greatest variety of nanotechnology products. The product spectrum contains the fields of process engineering, analytics, raw materials, materials and commercial products.

By extensive… Continue

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Some problems!

Dear members and partners!

There is some problem with our banner system! We take a short break!

the editor

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Network STOP!!!

New Release Tonight!On Thursday, April 10th from 9:00pm-9:30pm Pacific Ning and your networks will be offline while we rollout a new release.

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About us on Sciencebase.com

The nano spice world - Apr 9, 2008 → It seems that not a week goes by without a new social networking site appearing, this one is different though, it’s Euro based for a start, but more to the point it’s aimed squarely at nanoscientists and was created by PhD candidate Andras Paszternak.


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From Hungarian NanoScience Network to The International NanoScience Community

I started with the Hungarian NanoScience Network in november 2007... After 4 months I can see that NING networks work withou borders... With 440 members it is now time to change the name of our community to THE INTERNATIONAL NANOSCIENCE COMMUNITY!

http://www.nanopaprika.eu - Spicy world of NanoScience

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I. Brainstorming

We had a fruitful discussion in the frame of I. Brainstorming chat!

Thanks for new idea!

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NanoScience offer...


UpperSide Nano News is structured into three distinct information sites dedicated to worldwide news with a specific focus on nanomaterial industries (NanoEngineering), the electronics sector (NanoElectronics) and medical applications (NanoMedicine). Access to these news services is free.

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Welcome! Nanopaprika was cooked up by Hungarian chemistry PhD student in 2007. The main idea was to create something more personal than the other nano networks already on the Internet. Community is open to everyone from post-doctorial researchers and professors to students everywhere.

There is only one important assumption: you have to be interested in nano!

Nanopaprika is always looking for new partners, if you have any idea, contact me at editor@nanopaprika.eu

Dr. András Paszternák, founder of Nanopaprika

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