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Energiatárolás nanocsővel (in Hungarian)

Az MTA Kémiai Kutatóközpontjának bevonásával folyik a szuperkondenzátorok európai projektje

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PhD position - microfluidic chips for clinical diagnostics & analytical chemistry (Germany)

PhD studentships

Science or Engineering (Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Mechatronics)

Using nanotechnology, biotechnology or microfluidics, we intend to

develop novel measurement techniques and instrumentation for clinical

diagnostics or analytical chemistry.

Current research topics include

1.      PCR (polymerase chain reaction) in droplets on a microchip, to

 identify micro organisms via DNA assay.

2.      To develop concepts… Continue

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EuroNanoForum 2011 - Budapest, Hungary - Registration is Open

EuroNanoForum 2011 Registration is Open

Registration for EuroNanoForum 2011 has begun. To register, go to the

EuroNanoForum website and click registration.

An early registration fee is in effect until 15… Continue

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10th annual nano tech International Nanotechnology Exhibition and Conference in Japan attracted 46,502 visitors!

nano tech 2011 International Nanotechnology Exhibition and Conference celebrated its 10th annual event from Feb. 16 to Feb. 18, 2011 in Tokyo. 638 exhibitors covering an exhibition surface of 6786 square meters presented their nano technologies and products at this

world’s largest nano technology fair. 190 exhibitors, around 30 percent, came from one of the 20 exhibiting foreign countries and regions.

46,502 visitors gathered at the International Exhibition Center Tokyo Big Sight to…


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Free CD Featuring Multiphysics Simulation Projects

The newly released 2011 Edition of the COMSOL Conference CD is a compilation of multiphysics simulation projects presented by over 950 engineers, researchers and scientists at recent conferences in Boston, Paris and Bangalore.

The CD contains technical papers, presentations and…


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Nanopatterning of surfaces by ion bombardment

Ion bombardment of solid surfaces often results in the development of highly periodic nanopatterns such as nanodots and ripple-like structures. Their characteristic features (orientation, periodicity, etc.) depend strongly on the material being bombarded and the ion-beam parameters (energy, angle of incidence, ion current density). Generally, these phenomena are believed to be related to (and caused by) the interplay between ion erosion and diffusion of adatoms (vacancies) which induces a… Continue

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Don't Miss Tomorrow's AFM Webinar - Register Today

The Bruker AFM Webinar Series Presents

ScanAsyst and PeakForce Tapping



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Technical Sales Engineer - Nanotechnology

Technical Sales Engineer - Nanotechnology

Company: Zest Business Group

Location: Berkshire, England

Date Posted:…


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Mechanismen der Benetzung von Nanoporen mit Polymeren (in German)

Während die Herstellung von Polymernanodrähten und Polymernanoröhren durch Abformung von Nanoporen harter Template wie nanoporösem Aluminiumoxid (AAO) etabliert ist, sind die zugrundeliegenden physikalischen Prozesse kaum verstanden. Diese sollen unter anderem mittels elektronenmikroskopischer Methoden und konfokaler Fluoreszenzmikroskopie (in Zusammenarbeit mit C. Hübner, Uni Lübeck) untersucht werden. Weiterhin sollen aus den phononischen Eigenschaften von Polymer/AAO-Nanokompositen (in… Continue

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MPA 2011 – 5th Int. Meeting on Developments in Materials, Processes and Applications of Emerging Technologies

Dear  colleagues

Even after receiving almost 300 abstract for the MPA…


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Nanomaterials - Last chance to register

Exploit the common effort of the

Graz University of Technology and NanoConsulting

Make use of the pooled know-how about nanotechnology and teaching.

Please look at some…


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nanoUtah Weekly News 03-19-11

Utah News:

Physicists create BYU nano…


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This project will study novel nanomaterials with outstanding properties fo

r enlarging the imaging and sensing tool;box of life sciences. These nanoparticles/wires are made of niobate crystals and emit light through second‐harmonic generation (SHG) rather than fluorescence. The interdisciplinary tasks

of the project range from the synthesis and the optical characterization of the nanomaterials to their combination with plasmonics effects and the applications in…


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The structure of growing nanocrystals is possible to manage

Vertical nanocrystal whiskers or nanowiskers are one-dimensional crystals that look like rods or threads several nanometers in diameter. The rods are often cultivated using the elements of the third and fifth groups of the periodic table. The most common nanocrystals of the third and firth groups are gallium arsenide and indium phosphide. These semiconducting materials present competition to silicon in the electronics field as diodes and transistors built using them are faster in operation.…


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Lehigh Univ.'s Unique Surface Science Technologies


Free Attendance  |  March 23, 2011  |  1:00 - 5:00 p.m.  |  Whitaker Auditorium 303

Click here for registration or to receive post-event video

Lehigh University is… Continue

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Nanotechnology products on leading nanosocial network

Find the place for your products on the webpage of The International NanoScience Community

4400+ researchers, students, industrial people from more than 78 countries.

Special prices for your company only until 30th March 2011!:

1) 955x150 pixel super-banner on main page and all subpages under the…

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Játékkal magyarázott nanotechnológia /in Hungarian/

Az utóbbi évek egyik legdinamikusabban fejlődő területe a nanotechnológia, de a közvélemény alig rendelkezik megbízható ismeretekkel a technológia lehetőségeiről, korlátairól. Ennek a tájékozatlanságnak a csökkentésére írt ki az MTA MFA pályázatot olyan kísérleti eszközök megalkotására, amelyek szórakoztató és közérthető módon mutatnak be alapvető nanotechnológiai jelenségeket.




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CLINAM 2011 in Basel: Largest Platform for Nanomedicine in Europe 2011

Nanomedicine has considerably developed and many clinicians show a lot of interest for this novel emerging field because it will drastically change today’s medicine, in particular by the introduction of targeted drug delivery and personalized medicine. By treating only diseased cells and organs, but sparing healthy tissues through targeted small doses of drugs the ratio of benefit versus harm in medicine can be…


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