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Science Fair Blues

On Friday March 13, I judged 14 chemistry projects at the Houston district science fair. This is a big deal. This was the 50th anniversary of Science and Engineering Fair of Houston. It is a big deal for a student to make it to the judging at the Houston convention center. Advancement to this division means that their project that was one of 30,000 projects entered in the preliminary school/district fair competitions that was chosen to be in this elite group of 1,300 projects from 140 schools.… Continue

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Call for Papers: Submission of original research work for "International Journal of Applications in Nanoscience (IJAN)"

The aim of the International Journal of Applied Nanotechnology (IJAN) is to bring together the International community (researchers and engineers from academia and industry) of nanoscale science and technology to discuss new and exciting advances. The IJAN intends to provide a reference source of comprehensive fundamental and applied knowledge and technology in the area of nanoscience for researchers and engineers as well as for students, and teachers. This inter-disciplinary,… Continue

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Shaping European Nanotechnology - The Role of ObservatoryNANO

Thursday 19th March, 2009

Berr Conference Centre, London, UK

Attend the UK dissemination event for the ObservatoryNANO in London on the 19th March 2009 and learn about new nanoscience and nanotechnology (N&N) developments in different industrial sectors and what socio-economic impacts these are having on the global market.

European decision-makers in government, industry, and finance lack objective information for their… Continue

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Partner news: New NanoTimes

Highlights 09-05:
+ Graphite Acts like a Semiconductor
+ Environmentally Sustainable Fibers from
Regenerated Protein
+ NANOFOCUS Expands Product Portfolio
+ Press Releases by Companies
+ New Stereo Materials
+ Battery Materials for Ultrafast Charging
and Discharging
+ Reports / Trends
+ Events 2009

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Egypt nanoconstruction conference aims at partnering low-tech industry with high-tech science

By Hajar Ibrahim

Cairo, Egypt- The first international conference of the Middle East uniting nanotechnology and the construction industry under one roof will be housed in Cairo on May 16-17, 2009. Prospectors from the field of nanotechnology and all areas of construction are invited to participate in establishing and maintaining a dialogue to discover how both… Continue

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Research position in Germany

The Department of Physics offers in its centre for NanoScience a

research position

paid for a three year period according to Entgeltgruppe 13 TV-L/ 50%.

Research will be focused on the preparation and highest resolution imaging on diamond surfaces with dynamic scanning force microscopy in the ultra-high vacuum in the framework of the project "Spin quantum computing based on endohedral fullerenes with integrated… Continue

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Professional Certificate in NanoTechnology via Distance Learning Coursework at Columbia University's School of Engineering & Applied Sciences

Image: NanoMachine. Courtesy of Pawel Szczesny. CCL 3.0.


Lecture delivery method is from Columbia University via the Internet with streaming media or download options. Lectures are asynchronous, recorded, posted to the Internet on the scheduled day of class. Students interact with Professors and teaching assistants primarily by way of e-mail, fax, and phone. Homework assignments are retrieved via the… Continue

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American Chemical Society's Nanotation Video Contest

Image: Chemical flask. Courtesy of Dean Ayres. CCL 2.0.


There's still time to enter the ACS Nanotation video contest; deadline is 15th of March.

Entries will be judged on " creativity, scientific clarity of explanation, originality and quality of the video".…


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CMOS Sandwich

Today in class I did two activities. First we did a flow chart showing how we go from a pile of sand to a silicon wafer. The second activity was a CMOS sandwich which is shown in the picture. I used the image from figures 3.22 and 3.23 in "Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology" by Michael Quirk as a guide and the students made CMOS sandwiches according to the following guidelines:

1. Bread is the silicon substrate.

2. Ketchup is… Continue

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Nano and Microfabrication Study Activity

In the fourth semester microfabrication course we get into more advanced semiconductor processing. We are having an exam on Friday so we had a study session on Wednesday. For the study session I divided the class of nine students into four groups and assigned each group some example problems similar to what would be on the test. It took them about an hour to work through the problems as I went around to each group and helped them. I then had… Continue

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Engineers Wanted

Admittedly, this particular post has not much to do with Kanāda`s Kids' featured topics (NanoGaming and NanoArt), and I do further confess that, on occasion, a post might be an ostensible excuse for me to share an image by which I`m captivated or tickled (as in this instance). No matter; may the below be of benefit to someone, somewhere...:

Periodically, I refer to LabX for auction/bid updates on certified, pre-owned,… Continue

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Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences / TINC Nomination Proposal / 2009 Prize

Photographer: Austin Evan. Released under Creative Commons Licence.

The KFAS has issued invitation for submissions of candidates whose scientific research deserves recognition. As it pertains to TINC, prizes will be awarded in basic sciences, applied sciences, physics, and cancer diseases. Categorical prizes will be awarded to citizens of Kuwait and of any Arab nation.

Other conditions and qualifications prevail:… Continue

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Posted with permission.

(Events and programmes sold out last year; this year, tickets go on sale in April).…


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The New

Find more videos like this on Ning Network Creators

Later this week, you and your members will be able to keep track of activity across all of your social networks on the new

Anyone with a Ning ID has always had the ability to track their social networks via Now, they’ll have more and better features for keeping up-to-date on activity on the social… Continue

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ナノキッズ / NanoTech Kids

Image: Energy Arc. Photographer: Piccolo Namek. Source: Vikipedi. GNU FDL.

NanoNet and National Institute for Materials Science of Japan present NanoTech Kids & their Adventures in Nano games and animations. Features nano-related elementary lessons in Biology, IT, Environment, and Energy. japanese and English language site selections.…


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Promote Your Profession by Co-Branding with PlayGen™ and Sponsoring New NanoMission™ Gaming Modules

Image Creator: Simon Francis. Released under Creative Commons Licence 2.5.

" In order to make the games available to as many teachers and students as possible, NanoMission seeks sponsorship to cover game development costs. Opportunities are available from 10K$ (£5,000 €7,500) to 350K$ (£180,000 €270,000)."

" The branding available through sponsorship, along with the advisory role open to sponsors for having input into the design… Continue

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Now on View: NanoArt 2008/09 International Online Exhibit

Image: Pollens Source: Dartmouth Electron Microscope Facility. Public Domain Release by Dartmouth College.

NanoArt21's digital gallery presentation of the 2008/09 submissions (curated by Cris Orfescu) is intellectually yet soulfully satisfying. The techniques, tools, and understanding of the underlying science have all been demonstrably enhanced and improved upon by the submitters, making this year's competition even better than the… Continue

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How to teach nanotechnology in 3 days

There are quite a few 1-3 day teacher workshops on nanotechnology offered around the world. Do they work? Can a middle school or high school teacher learn about these new advances in research AND learn how to effectively integrate it into their classrooms in such a short time? Most teachers who take nanotechnology workshops come away excited about the new applications that they have learned about - quantum dots are beautiful, gold nanoshells have tremendous potential, buckyballs are fun,and who… Continue

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