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Gerhard Klimeck’s work ranks among Discover Magazine's top 100 discoveries for 2012

The work of an international team of researchers led by Gerhard Klimeck, professor of electrical and computer engineering at Purdue University, and Michelle Simmons, professor of physics at the University of New South Wales, is ranked #29 on Discover…


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Conventional and Nanotechniques for DNA Methylation Profiling

DNA methylation is critical for gene silencing and is associated with the incidence of many diseases,

including cancer. Underlying molecular mechanisms of human diseases and tissue-specific gene

expression have been elucidated based on DNA methylation studies. This…


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Nano-optische Sensorik zur Untersuchung von Proteinfaltung (in German)

Das Thema der Doktorarbeit befasst sich mit der Entwicklung nano-optischer Sensorik zur Untersuchung von Proteinfaltung. Dabei soll eine Messzelle zum Einsatz in ein FTIR-Spektrometer entwickelt werden, bei der oberflächenverstärkte Infrarotspektroskopie zum Einsatz kommt. Verschiedene Materialien und Proteine werden in Zusammenarbeit mit den kooperierenden Arbeitsgruppen getestet. Die Promotionsarbeit wird im Rahmen eines Projekts der Baden-Württemberg-Stiftung gefördert.…


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IC4N -4th Int. Conference from Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials to Nanodevices

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure to announce the 4th International Conference from Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials to Nanodevices and Nanosystems (IC4N). Following three previous successful conferences, this year's IC4N goes to the Island of Corfu (Kerkyra) in the Ionian Sea, one of the most beautiful Greek islands. We are honored and excited to announce that this year's Plenary Lecture will be given by Professor Dan Shechtman Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2011. We also…


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NN13 Conference News: Abstract Deadline and other Important Dates!

10th International Conference on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies (NN13)

9- 12 July 2013, I. Vellidis Congress Center in Thessaloniki, Greece


The NN13 Organizing and Scientific Committee wishes you a Creative and Prosperous 2013!

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: The deadline for Oral and Poster presentations is 22nd March 2013.

Visit the…


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Postdoctoral positions in computational materials design and in the Materials Project

The group of Professor Gerbrand Ceder at the MIT Materials Science Department has postdoctoral positions available in computational materials design.

The Ceder group is involved in the design of materials, from ab initio computation to experimental synthesis and characterization. Applications include energy capture, conversion and storage. Our experimental efforts in the synthesis and characterization of novel materials work closely with our theory and modeling group, leading to…


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I am looking for a postdoc position in nanocatalysis!

Hi everyone!

I am looking for a postdoctoral position. I am in the process of completing my doctoral degree in chemistry at Chinese Academy of Science, and I expect to receive my Ph.D. by the end of June. If your can provide a postdoc position in nanocatalysis or related fields, please do not hesitate to contact me through EMAIL: yjwang2013@gmail.com

Thank you!

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Graphene Oxide used to soak radioactive waste

Researchers from Rice University and Lomonosov Moscow State University discovered that Graphene Oxide can quickly remove radioactive material from contaminated water. They found out that graphene oxide bind quickly to natural and human-made radionuclides and condense them into solids.

This discovery is obviously useful in contaminated site cleanups (such as the Fukushima nuclear plants), but is also useful in hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) for oil and gas recovery and rare…


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Nanobrücken-Dresden - A Nanomechanical Testing Workshop & Hysitron User Meeting, March 20 - 22, 2013

Dear Colleague,

Hysitron, Inc., in cooperation with the Dresden Fraunhofer Cluster Nanoanalysis and the Analysis Center of TU Dresden, is pleased to present Nanobrücken-Dresden: A Nanomechanical Testing Workshop and Hysitron User Meeting, which will take place on March 20 - 22, 2013 in the fascinating city of Dresden, Germany. Nanobrücken-Dresden is the third workshop in the…


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PhD Position: In situ spectroscopy of heterogeneous nanoparticle catalysts (Durham University, UK Students Only)

Heterogeneous (solid) catalysts are used in 90% of all petrochemical-based industrial processes; heterogeneous catalyst manufacture is worth $250bn annually. Currently, 99% of carbon-based feedstocks used by the chemicals industry (and indirectly by many others) are derived from petroleum and natural gas. The pressure to switch existing chemical processes to more sustainable feedstocks requires the development of new catalysts with significantly different…

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New nano textbook

Dear colleagues.

Springer has recently published my book 'Statistical physics of Nanoparticles in the Gas Phase'. It contains 11 chapters and three appendices, covering a number of phenomena and systems, such as rate constants for atom, electron and photon emission, abundance spectra and binding energies, powerlaw decay, simulation methods, thermally excited valence electrons, melting of finite particles, etc. It is of particular interest for experimentalists who work with gas phase…


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PHD Position: Plasmonic nano-sensors with ultra high detecting and identifying capabilities (UK/EU)

To celebrate the University's research successes, the University of Hull is offering one UK/EU PhD Scholarship, or International Fees Bursary for candidates with a 1st, 2(i), or equivalent, applying for the following project.

Closing date: 11th January 2013. 

Studentships will start in September…

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Two Ph.D. positions on the synthesis of energy-storage materials with nanostructures

Two doctoral (Ph.D.) research assistant (RA) student positions are available on the synthesis, characterization, and modeling of high performance energy-storage materials with nanostructures.

Objective: The project is to develop a reliable and durable energy storage material with an enhanced energy transfer rate through establishing a well-controlled functionalized carbon-nanofiber network…


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CFP: International Symposium on NanoTechnology, Occupational, and Environmental Health (NanOEH)


Monday, 28 October 2013 - Thursday, 31 October 2013



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Looking Post doc position


I am going to submit thesis on "oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) electro catalysts for Alkaline electrolyte membrane fuel cells". now, I am looking for post doc position in energy devices like batteries, solar cells and fuel cells.  

Please let me know any post doc positions available in  your laboratories. 

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PhD position: Explore new materials - atom by atom (Vienna, Austria)

The international research group "Physics of nanostructured materials" at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Vienna, Austria, invites applications for

1 PhD position (3.5 years)

Our research group studies the fundamental physics of novel materials under dimensional constraints as well as novel low-dimensional materials, in particular graphene and related 2-D systems. Our research includes investigations of their formation, structural evolution and…


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Funktionsmaterialien mit Janus-Nanopartikeln (in German)

Im Rahmen eines interdisziplinären mehrjährigen Projektes sollen oberflächenfunktionalisierte Janus-Nanopartikel hergestellt und ihr Selbstanordnungsverhalten in Polymermatrices untersucht werden. Die Basis der anorganischen Partikel sind funktionelle oxidische Materialen oder Quantum Dots. Diese werden mit verschiedenen Kupplungsreagenzien einseitig modifiziert und ihr Selbstanordnungsverhalten in Polymermatrices untersucht. Die optischen, mechanischen und elektronischen Eigenschaften der…


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Looking for post Doc Position in Nano drug delivery/Nanomedicine

Hi, Iam going to finish my  PhD in  nano particles  for drug delivery, now, Iam   looking for post doc position in nano drug delivery/ nano medicine. In my PhD in i have developed polymeric/ lipid/hydrogel /pH sensitive nano particles of curcumin and its combinations  for    treatment of malaria, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, cancer(cell line study)  and H.Pylori.

Please let me know any post doc positions available in  your laboratories.

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Looking for a PhD position in gene therapy,delivery


I am Parichaya paul residing in India and looking for a PhD position preferably Europe.

My areas of interest include gene therapy,delivery,synthesis of graft polymer/DNA for applications in gene delivery. I just completed my masters in nanotechnology from Amity university noida,India. cv on request.

Anyone having any information please leave a message or mail at parichya.paul@gmail.com

Thank you

parichaya paul.

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Call for Special Issue on Chemical and Bio Sensors

Call for Special Issue on Chemical and Bio Sensors is open. The details are at 


Submission deadline 31st March 2013. 

Vandna Luthra 

Associate Professor in Physics 


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