I consider the double aspects quantum coherence and quantun decoherence in relation to the double form of mutual entanglement between a pair quantum-particles that is susceptible to decay ( e,g in a critical condition may dis-entangled) .
The entanglement act as a mixing the two forms of one associated to local position of "q.particles" and the other kind of energy associated to the no local dimension of "q.waves" Such mixing modify the form of space-time interrelationships . So that we need to consider what happen during the dymamic of the overposition of two Quantum Wave-Particles , in extreme cases we get a) in a coherent critica phase entanglement generate a Energy Field that become bidimensional bot in space and time ( XY,T1,T2) , in this case can be possible the simulaneity of information , b) in the decoherent critical phase the crasch of the Energy Information Field will be regenerated through dis-entanglemet and we get the previous condition od disentangled q.particles in relation to an traditional Euclidean Space/Time ( X,Y,Z,T)

This is in short my point about the Entanglement / Dis-entanglement dynamics . I hope can be easily undestandable . Very cordially Paolo Manzelli

14 OCT 2013

see http://www.nanopaprika.eu/forum/topic/listForTag?tag=quARte-Project: see also: http://www.edscuola.it/archivio/lre/bioqphysics_of_empathy.htm



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