Nanotechnology and nanoscience in 2012??? New ways, new labs, new jobs, new nanoevents, new results...???

Happy New Year in 2012!


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Happy New Year in 2009
I am finding new Post doc job
Happy and Prosperous New Year - 2009!
happy new year for 2009
i am searching a good position for project work in a good lab, for my dissertation . Hope to find it soon.
perhaps there will more new sciences being developed that will enlighten people eg: atomtronics, among other areas. i think quite a lot is already being evidenced in everyday living, including, art, sculptures, new vehicle body designs, coatings, thin films among others. but perhaps new sciences are currently being developed to explain the exciting new areas. - tzenlong
nanotechnology will reach to new dimensions in the coming year .....This multidisciplinary field is sure to create scientific revolution
A very happy and successful new year to all. 2009 is definitely going to give the world a new dimension in nanotechnology. Hoping to increase the scope of Nanoshel and my marketing efforts.

All the best!
I am basically a science and science fiction writer. i have to study upto the bottom of every science including nano take it to people in a readable form. doing my own bit of reasearch in some areas.naturally i am looking for new events in nano. Remember me as a communicator who is a bridge between science and the world community.

As regards new thngs in nano- this is age of information revolution. New things come in by the hour.

Wish everyone a happy new year!
i hope, we are going to live into the new era, which include Nano technology and bio technology and Artificial intelligent will give the solution - sustainable product and service to the people. Because of lack of energy and demand of miniaturization goods should be over came by the above technology.

i hope, Next year will not have any economic crisis and make the remedy for the nowadays economical problems. And final result will not effect the research and development of Nano and related field.
happy and prosperous new year 2009,i hope having in this year more new results in nanotechnology such in industry of nanotransistors wich iam very interested to know their developpement and to visit new labs,perhaps in this year why not if you can need me to realise it!,thanks.
hi ,
thanku and wish u the same.
Wishing all a very wonderfully packed beatiful inspiring Nano-tech sciences year 2009 from the green hills of Afrika. In Nigeria i am currently identifying human, material and environs prospectives for the development and implementation of Nano-TechnoScience. I implore individuals and organizations interested in healing this age long sick technoScience dificit Black world to enjoin this effort at recreating and branding innovations for her speedy recovery.
No doubt that technology an end product of scientific education is the only advantage for socio-economic recovery and human development. Happy and prosperous new year for all.

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