I have prepared Copper Nanoparticles in DI Water and want to separate them from solution. Kindly tell me the simple way to separate and dry these particles.


Asim Umer

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Here you did not mentioned particle size, However

Any nano particles can separate using centrifuge. depends upon particle size we have to choose PRM. for example, big particle low rpm enough and below 10nm you have to choose 15000-20000 can also separate nanoparticles based on particle size using different rpm and time.

you have to repeat three times to remove unreacted compounds.then rediperse in MeOH and again centrifuge it will dry at room temperature.

Hellow sir

Fine u prepared Cu NP. There is so many types of prepared nanoparticles in simple way. In our best can u try to solution combustion method is a simple and ultra fast method of prepared any nanoparticles.

Dear Asim

For your prepared Cu nanoparticles in DI water, my suggestion is that you first get sure that they are in the mettalic form. As Cu nanoparticles are very much prone to oxidation giving copper oxide.

Second, you can go for lyophilization, to extract your nanoparticles and then do verify with XRD its nature

best of luck

Hellow sir

I have one dougth. In centrifuge, rpm value is effect of the particle size?. Can u enplane or any report is available? 

 rpm  never effect NP properties.

hellow sir

Thanks for your reply message


If any PDF positions in ure working area in the filed of nanoscience r thin films? If any position is available please inform 2 me ( Thanks

Centrifuge and you can easily separate particles. Decant the solution and then dry the particles in a hot air oven.

Thanks a lot sir.

The particles size is between 2-3 nm. I will try 15000-20000 rpm and will let you know.

Thank you very much to all

Thank you Sir

Thank you Sir.

Could you please send me paper on this technique

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