If you are looking for a nano-position. PhD and PostDoc positions around the world, from USA, Europe to India...


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I am very interested to do research in nanomaterials field. My dissertation title is "Characterization and Simulation of ITO nanoparticulate coatings on glass/plastic substrates". Plz have a look on my CV


I'm looking for PhD or any other researchd in carbon nano t fellow position in hyderabad, India. I have completed B.Tech in Electronics and M.Tech in nano technology. I am interested in carbon nano tube electronics.

Hello sir,

         I am also old student of JNTU, hyderabad. M.Tech in nano technology, 2007-09 batch.Happy to know about u....

I'm looking for a PostDoc position in nanotechnology/thin films. My dissertation title is “Preparation and characterization of metal oxide nanopowders by microwave-assisted combustion method for gas sensing devices”.  Please have a look on my CV. If any vacany in this field please conduct my email address (lcnehru@yahoo.com).



Dear all,
I am in my final year of M.Tech-Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology at Centre for Converging Technologies, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India and looking for M.Tech dissertation position. I would like to work on either Magnetic Nanoparticles or Graphene/CNT.
I have submitted 2 papers for publication and have 4 publications in conference proceedings. I have also done a One year course on Science Journalism under DST.
I have given my Revised GRE and my score range is 302-315 on 340.
Can you also suggest me a university for my PhD from Fall 2012 ??

Sahil Tahiliani 

my email id ankar53@rediffmail.com

my cv in the attachment file .please see it.


                                                             Dr D Cahkdar

I am searching for a Phd postion in Nano Materials ,I have worked on Graphene based materials and is wanting some help to get a phd position.Please help me if any one could.

thank yo very much

Dear Swarmina, Could you send your CV to vandna_arora@yahoo.com . It would be helpful to know whether you have cleared NET examination. All the best,



I am looking for any PhD position in Nanomaterials. I have done my M.Sc. in Nanosciences with 73% from IU,Lucknow,India. I have knowledge of handling of apparatus of: XRD, UV Visible spectrophotometer, LCR, Spin Coating, Dip Coating and also have knowledge of Synthesis of nanoparticles through Sol-Gel Auto Combustion technique. Additionally I have done a 3 months project in nanomaterials entitled "Structural and Optical properties of Cr doped ZnO nanoparticles synthesized by Sol-Gel Auto combustion method.

Kindly guide me about the PhD position in Nanomaterials according to my qualifications.


thank you Dr.Vandana for your persual.... ..... I have posted my resume on your email .....but to tell you that since i have done M.Tech in nanotechnology and B.Tech in Chemical Engg... it was not possible for me to choose a particular course for Clearing NET...so if you have any option of wanting a candidate then please let me know..i shall be thankfull to you ...


Thankyou once again for your concern





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