If you are looking for a nano-position. PhD and PostDoc positions around the world, from USA, Europe to India...


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I am A.Ramkiran, I have Completed M.Tech in Nanotechnology from VIT University,Vellore and my thesis topic Enhanced Chemiluminescence of Luminol by Metal Peroxides (m= Ba,Ca,Cd & Zn) nanoparticles for Forensic applications. I have Participated in 3 International Conferences.  My area of interests are CNT,s, nano materials and Metal peroxides.I am Looking for doctrols in India or Europe. Kindly Suggest me...waiting for reply... 


Hi, I am looking for a Postdoc position in nanomaterials.

I need to know post-doc positions in nanomaterials or heat transfer in nanofluids in south carolina, columbia. let me know the details. 

Dear All 

I am looking for the Post doc position in Europe and in US. I expecting to submit my thesis in December 2014. My research focused on Materials fabrication, characterization and functional properties as a perfect devices. I am working conductometric gas sensors based on semiconductor metal oxide materials thin film and nanowires like ZnO, NiO, CuO, and CuAlO2 so on. thanks in advanced!


Yes Inform Me

Sir am sankar ganesh doing my PhD in SRM university i need some characterization Like TEM, FESEM, I-V and Raman and XPS . if you help me please contact sankarg27@gmail.com

Dear ALL

I am interesting in a research chance whatever a post doc or visiting researcher or even a training course in Nanochemistry. I did my PhD 2010 in chemistry, specifically on natural product chemistry, in University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, south Africa, undersupervision of Prof. Dulcie Mulholland which is based now in University of Surrey as Head of Department of Chemistry.

Also, I am interesting of dye-sensitised solar cells using natural dye from a biological resource.

Thank you.




Hi to all,

I am looking for a post doc position in Europe. I recently finished my Ph. D. thesis work on experimental condensed matter Physics from Applied Physics Department, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.

Kindly do the needful

Imran Khan



If you are interested to join CSIR-NEIST Jorhat as Postdoc. I have the RA position related to Nanocomposte based biosensor.

Send your Bodata at


Dear all ,
 I am looking for phd or Ay job in nanotechnologies . i wil be finishing my M . tech in nanotechnologyb at may 2015 i working in CNT , dielectrophoresis
 . i wroked on micro cantilevers in comsol software .if any available position i request you to kindly infrom me in Siddarthaharan@gmail.com

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