If you are looking for a nano-position. PhD and PostDoc positions around the world, from USA, Europe to India...


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Plz send me ur mail ID: I would like to contact you Sir for Postdoc



Master and phd fellowship available in fuel cell and battery based on graphene materials reseach



I am doing Ph.D on the Synthesis and Antimicrobial Investigations of ZnO Nanostructures. I have also worked on their photocatalytic activity. I'll be submitting my thesis by January 2012. My interest area is the study of anticancer properties of the ZnO and other metal oxide nanoparticles. I am looking for the Postdoc position in the above mentioned area.

warm regards


Deepali Sharma



hi Deepali

I am also doing work on metal oxides .can you guide me in this reference.like what specific metal oxides are you working at?


hi farhan!


i am working on ZnO nanostructures!


ok.i am working with iron oxides.

I graduated from Molecular Biology and Genetics Program and also Physics Engineering as a second major degree. I will be complete my MSc. study from Nanoscience and Nano Engineering Program at the end of this year. My master graduation project will be about Langmuir Blodgett assembly of bi - functional peptides onto solid surfaces. I am interested in nanomaterials, biomimetic and biophotonics. I am looking for PhD positions in Europe and USA. 


I am Nagender Reddy Panyala, PhD student from Department of chemistry, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic. I submitted my PhD thesis and my dissertation is in January 3rd week 2012. So i will be available for the position from 1st February 2012.  My thesis is entitled as "Nanomaterials and clusters. Properties, applications and mass spectrometry". I am looking for a suitable postdoctoral and/or research position in the field of nanotechnology.

I worked majorly on the laser ablation synthesis of various novel nano-clusters and their study using LDI and/or MALDI TOF mass spectrometry during my doctoral study at the university. We published our results in good impact journals and presented our results at national and international conferences. 

In addition, I worked in the field of MALDI TOF Mass spectrometric and/or Capillary Electrophoretic analysis of nanoparticles and their interactions with drugs, humic acids, biomolecules, and plasma activated surfaces like glasses, mica, diamond like layers, etc. I have very good experience with the mass spectral characterization of several nanoparticles such as gold, silver nanoparticles, nanodiamonds, carbon nanotubes and Capillary Electrophoretic separation of gold nanoparticles and their interaction studies with humic acids, drugs, etc.

I have significant biopharmaceutical experience (2.5 years) in a GMP environment with extensive knowledge of analytical techniques: MALDI TOF mass spectrometry, FPLC (SEC, Ion-exchange and affinity) protein purification, capillary electrophoresis, UV-Visible Spectrophotometry, and SDS-PAGE.


My education qualifications:

1) PhD Analytical chemistry, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic.

2) Masters in Biotechnology, JNTU University, India.

3) Bachelors in Microbiology, chemistry and botany, Kakatiya University, India.

My experience:

1) Trainee ship, Skalar Analytical BV Company, Netherlands (3 months).

2) Research Associate in Protein Engineering Unit, Magene Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. (Elbit Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.), Hyderabad, India (1 year 2 months).

3) Masters project, JNTU University Biotechnology laboratory, Hyderabad, India (1 year).

Please find my CV as an attachment.

Could anybody please suggest me any postdoctoral position.

Thanks and best regards

Nagender Reddy Panyala



I am interested to do my research in nanotechnology. Please give me your E-mail id for further contact.I am herewith attached my resume.


Please let me informe any opening in PhD. My Qualification is M.Sc.Nanoscience and Technology

i know about this university. Will you tell me how much chances for me to do  the P.hd in the same department. I did my M.Sc in physics 2007 and M.Tech in Materials Science and Engineering 2010 from NIT Trichy. Now i am doing the Project on TiO2 based solar Cell in IIT Bombay.

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