If you are looking for a nano-position. PhD and PostDoc positions around the world, from USA, Europe to India...


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Hi balaji

try to contact Dr VHS Moorthy , Associate professor, manipal university, mangalore. He basically doing Nanotechnology work...in  Devlopment of plasmonic bio-sensor...and alll.............. for detail contact me 07809897080..................


All the very best


Hi All...


This is matter of great pleasure of me to share with you all my experience.


Recently I got a very good postdoctoral due to nanopaprika.....i let you know all how this happen....


I just posted my resume here at nanopaprika.....and wait.......after few days i got a mail regarding PDF, I applied for that and submitted a project for postdoc fellowship......


Very recently on 7 sept 2011 I came to know that i have selected for that postdoctoral Fellowship among few hundred peoples...i was the the lucky one to get this........


But i wish to mention here that this all come true bcoz of nanopaprika..............



So i am very very happy and thankful to nanopaprika from the bottom of my heart.......... coz of that my dream comes true.......


Thanx a lot..Nanopaprika....and the persons related to including and all forum members...........

I am saravanan from bhavnagar, Gujarat in CSMCRI. I'm looking for a good PhD position in abroad. Recently i am working in nano-crystalline sulfated zirconia used as solid catalyst for diverse applications. Now i am thinking that i can migrate abroad for my PhD which may help me a lot to understand more in the nano-functional materials. Let me know if any vacancy in materials and catalysis field.

My mail id is: saravananspkc@gmail.com

Thanking you

Saravanan K


Dear Sir,

             Thanks for your information .


Thank you.

I am looking for a post doc position. I am a PhD in Biotechnology. I am working on application of nanoparticles in disruption of detrimental biofilms.

Looking for a Postdoc position in Drug Designing, Protein-Protein interaction, Protein-Drug interaction, Protein aggregation, Single molecule force spectroscopy, Protein Imaging,  Protein folding and unfolding.


Dear Sir/Madam, 

My name is Dhruv Kumar, and I am finishing my Ph.D. in Cellular, Molecular and Industrial Biology at NanoBioScience lab, Department of Biochemistry, University of Bologna, Italy in December 2011. I graduated in Chemistry (Hons.) from Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi, India in 2006. I have completed M.Sc-Bioinformatics from University of Allahabad, India in 2008 with distinction. During my master’s studies I worked on In-silico studies of Docking between HIV-1 Proteases and derivatives of Cyclic Urea Inhibitors. At present,  I work on cellular and molecular basis of characterization of intrinsically unstructured proteins related to neurodegenerative disease  by Atomic Force Microscope under supervision of Prof. Bruno Samori. I would like to continue working in this area. It would be great help for me If you suggest me how and where should i look for the Postdoc position.

Dhruv Kumar

I am looking for a PhD position in Nanobiotechnology and/of nanobiomaterials.
Please let me known the information, please mail me to : kannan.ns2101@gmail.com
study of 10^-9 can give 10^+9 opportunities in future. am looking for phd position in the field of semiconductor materials for solar cells.
Is there any specific analysis to check the toxicity of produced nanopaticles and/or nanomaterials usinf biological sources... I am presently working on production of nanoparticles(metallic nanoparticles) using biological sources. I am planing to check the toxicity level of produced nanoparticles.. have any idea about this... looking forward for your reply..



I Dr. Ritesh Gupta have completed my PhD in electronics from the University of Delhi in September 2003. The subject of my dissertation is modelling, simulation, and optimization of field effect transistors and specifically the major High electron mobility transistor (HEMT). Since then I continue my research work as a Research Associate at south campus, University of Delhi. Having studied various modelling and simulation technique, I also wanted to learn various experimental techniques to implement them. please contact me on ritesh2076@hotmail.com if you find any research postion.
I have recently compeleted my PhD in Nanotechnology, and am looking for a Postdoc position in nanomagnetism. The title of my PhD thesis is "Novel polymer template lithography technique for fabrication of Ni nanodots for bit patterned media applications".

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