Dear friends
Any one working here on gold nanoparticles and brain disorders.please inform me.I am looking for some valuable information from you.

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hi .... i want to know that can gold/silver NPs be synthesized from halides like AuCl/AgC l???

plz reply....
I am Dr. Eid Azzam form Egypt. I am working on AuNPs
Hi i am doing biosynthesis of nanoparticles. How to isolate nanoparticles of different shape.
Helo Dr.Murugesan
Are you looking for size or shape?
If its size there are ample methods by which you can isolate.
thank q.
I am Using various metal nanoparticles for catalysis.I am using Reverse micro emulsion technique at room temperature to synthesized nanoparticles of desired shape and size with low polydispersity.We all are aware about the interesting Gold-thiol Interaction.This phenomena has been exploited for various application in nanotechnology Viz.. catalysis, sensors fabrication, NSL etc...I have some doubt..
1. What type of bonding is this? (gold-thiol)
2. What is the bond energy?
3.How to Detach the thiols from gold nanoparticles?
4.What are the different techniques other than IR to confirm about this bonding.
5. what is the optimum pH for this bonding to take place?
Alslamo alykom
Here is my CV and publications.
Thank you
Prof. Eid M. Sayed Azzam
Dear All,

If anyone wants to buy high purity HAuCl4 solution or AuCl3 crystals, please contact us.

We are also selling Au Nanopowder ~100nm


Anand Kumar
hi najme
it's a good these gold nanoparticles interact with microtubules?
I know Keely made a gold nanoparticle medicine that he used to cure mental illness and drug addiction.

I'm looking for a way to produce a small amount(1 gram)of gold nano-powder. I just cant get it to come out of a Turkevich solution without becoming sticky clumps. I need 300 - 1000 nm sized (.3 - 1 micron) spherical metallics particles in a dry form. Any ideas?
Hi Anand, we need small amount of gold nanoparticles. What is the price? Jiri Oborny ,

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