1.One of my close relative a lady of 60+ years developed cancer lung with no smoking history during 2008.Her husband is also not a smoker.I have analyzed the cause of the same and found out that the kitchen where she was cooking was very small and the air circulation was insignificant and not adequate. So, inhaling the residues of the cooking gas is a possibility as a "nano toxicity". I have put my idea in my book on "Nanotechnology" published by MJP Publishers, Chennai, India-2008. Later there was an article which I read in the New Indian Express- Sunday magazine also points to the same. Since with my limited source for research, I have come to the theoretical conclusion and made a hypothesis on the same. But I think a detailed analysis on the same will help a lot of people from getting cancer lung out of cooking gas in India.
2. XVI International Cancer Congress New Delhi, India-1994-Hot coffee can produce changes akin to Leukoplakia in palate and pharyngeal region.Hot coffee cannot be tolerated by thumb dip(1974-BMJ) -then how about the mucous membrane of the mouth?Presented by Dr.S.Shanmugam,M.D
3.One of my relative developed Hodgkin's disease in 1977, when I started my House surgeoncy.On analysis it looks like that she was feeding the cows with oil cakes especially the pea nut(ground nut).Since peanuts are more prone for infection with certain fungus called Aflatoxins which was implicated in Liver cancer-could it be a culprit was my view.4.One of my relative developed Cancer Larynx who had the habit of snuff usage. Snuff is supposed to contain uranium traces as per research report from USA. 5.A vaccine for cancer called injecting a chemo and creating an ulcer in the arm have controlled Hodgkin as well as cancer stomach and presented the same in surgeons conference in 1990.This is similar to the treatment discussed in Homeo medicine and can be explained by "nano" means.6. Chronic cervicitis due to poor menstrual hygiene due to usage of cloth instead of napkins is responsible for Cancer cervix in India- is my observation.Lot more is available for discussion.
If some support comes, I can do lot of research on Cancer causes as well as treatment and guide other people who are interested considering my age(60).

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Hello Dr. Shanmugam, Most of your observations are indeed realistic and needs further investigations. I am Prakash Hegde, into instrumentation working on electromedicene area & also using electro analytical methods we can detect the malignancies. Particularly cancer at stage 1 can be detected by employing SWV Techniques.if there is a possibility of collaboration, we are keen to pitch in with our instrument which needs to be put through this protocol. We can share more information if there is possibility of collaboration. We are based in Bangalore 9448394408 is my contact no
I am happy that you have appreciated the ideas. I am willing to collaborate to do the best possible thing for cancer patients especially detecting it in Stage-I. My contact no is 9843009655 and based in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.


It is a fact which needs to be worked out that whatever we use in our day today life like vehicles which emanate more CO and metallic residues are also responsible for increase in Cancer in India. If we take the western statistics some time ago there was a big picture of cancer. With air pollution controlled to some extent the cancer scenario is changing. But in India we need a concentrated study on these things urgently. As per my observation, thirty years ago there was a cancer patient in one locality. Twenty years ago it was one cancer patient in a street. Present ten years one cancer patient in every big family.This is a simple statistics on the cancer incidence in India as per my observation. Let us start some where to reduce if not prevent cancer by good epidemiological and also good early diagnostic work up.I have got a five blood test regimen which almost helps to diagnose and exclude most of the cancers- Dr. S.Shanmugam's regimen of screening for cancer-which I am using in my regular clinical work up and found it useful . But I have not done any scientific statistical workup because every workup needs more men and material which is lacking at my level.

It is interesting ,The cancer of 60+ old woman is may not be by cooking gas but mostly carcinogenic Nano poly aromatics,and nano particulate matter generated in indian kitchen which is due to repeated heating of oils or burning of various types fuels. 

In the particular patient the possibility of both repeated boiling of oil is rare because this type of practice is common in eateries and not in houses in Tamil nadu. She was using Cooking gas for more than twenty  years

kondalarao tata said:

It is interesting ,The cancer of 60+ old woman is may not be by cooking gas but mostly carcinogenic Nano poly aromatics,and nano particulate matter generated in indian kitchen which is due to repeated heating of oils or burning of various types fuels. 

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