Brainstorming about the 1st World Meeting of The International NanoScience Community

We plan to organize the 1th World Meeting of The International NanoScience Community in 2010.

Any idea?

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Hello Everybody! This would be a nice idea to organize a world meeting of The International NanoScience Community. We can do this in a conference way, with nice presentations about "hot topics". Of course the first meeting must be in the country of the head of the network! Hungary! Let us make this dream reality! Cheers, Georgette
our in Slovakia in my homecity :)
I agree with Georgette that Hungary should be the location for a first International meeting of members. The conference format is also a great idea. This is kind of big project and we are going to need help of other members with experience organizing this kind of event.
A world meeting on International Nanoscience is a great idea. However, the field is so broad and covers many sub-specialities - we need to think more on how to organise this 'conference' with selected hot topics in the field of energy, environment and medicine. Also, I take it for granted that it has to be backed up by professional institutions, IEEE, IET, etc.
I plan to organize something other, not only a scientific conference... something to build a strong community... maybe one day... :)
Before organizing a "real" conference in Hungary, how about organizing an online conference? I believe this would enable more members to be present, a very important goal for a first meeting. Less of a vacation, but maybe more useful?!
good morning,
it is very interesting,all members of nanoscience community in this meetings ,encourage all to participate and to have more avancement and developement in their research
I have liked the internet format of the annual Saratov Fall meeting. and think it's a good model for other internet science conferences. No fancy streaming video, but many ways to communicate. I can tell you that starting an in-person conference from scratch is a lot of work! It's usually better to partner with an existing meeting in a nearby topic area.
Yes, I agree with the online conference. It will give chance to more people from different countries to participate and share their thoughts and experiences.
I like this idea. we get to meet and know each other. very lovely indeed! financing and finding sponsors is essential for such meetings.Anyway count me in to attend the meeting.
Its good idea to organize world meeting of the International NanoScience Community in 2010. I can host this event at G B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar (INDIA) if opportunity is given to as "organizing Secretary" of this event. I have experience in organizing such events. Recently, I have organized a National Conference on Recent advances in Mechanical and Production Engineering (RAMP2009) from 12-14 Feb 2009, which has been a grand success. The idea of online conference is also wonderful. You can count me for this event.

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