Nanoclast Blog by Dexter Johnson at Nanopaprika

The Nanoclast blog evolved out of regular nanotechnology-related blog entries that started in 2007 within IEEE Spectrum’s Tech Talk. After two years, the nano blogs were spun out into the Nanoclast blog. Since its inception the Nanoclast has had the motto of breaking nanotech’s icons one blog entry at a time—thus the portmanteau of its name. The Nanoclast features news and analysis about the development, applications, and future of science and technology at the nanoscale. This involves looking not only at the science & technology of this emerging field but also at the economics, the politics and the media’s involvement in its development.


The Nanoclast offers a point of view often lacking in typical coverage and commentary about nanotechnology. It neither hypes the technology or its real potential nor does it offer up only lock-stepped criticisms. You will likely strongly agree or disagree with it, but you won’t know from one blog post to the next which one it will be.  After the last five years writing for IEEE members, it will be interesting to open up this blog to the audience.