Chennai, TamilNadu


May 14

I am...

Chemist, Teacher

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Amphiphilic dendrimers for catalytic applications

Interest in...

Dendrimers, Nanocatalyst, electro-catalyst

Publication list

1. I. Pakrudheen, A. Najitha Banu, E. Murugan, Cationic amphiphilic dendrimers with tunable hydrophobicity shows in vitro activity, Environmental Chemistry Letters, 16 (4) (2018) 1513-1519. (IF:4.617) 2. E. Murugan, I. Pakrudheen, Efficient amphiphilic poly(propylene imine) dendrimer encapsulated ruthenium nanoparticles for sensing and catalysis applications, Science of Advanced Materials, 7 (2015) 891-901. (IF:1.318) 3. E. Murugan, I. Pakrudheen, New amphiphilic poly(quaternary ammonium) dendrimer catalyst for effective reduction of Citronellal, Applied Catalysis A: General, 439-440 (2012) 142-148. (IF:4.630) 4. E. Murugan, R. Rangasamy, I. Pakrudheen, Efficient amphiphilic poly(propylene imine) dendrimer stabilized gold nanoparticle catalysts for aqueous phase reduction of nitrobenzene, Science of Advanced Materials, 4 (2012) 1103 -1110. (IF:1.318) 5. E. Murugan, I. Pakrudheen, G. Gomathi, Amphiphilic dendrimer stabilized Ag, Pd and Pt homogeneous nanoparticle catalysts and their catalysis for the reduction of methyl orange, IEEE Xplore Proc., (2011) 35-39.

Researchgroup, Institute, University, School, Company name

Akal University, Talwandi Sabo

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