The idea for posting this came from the discusssion on Cancer. Boosting one's immune system is the best way to ward off any deadly disease including cancer.All the knowledgeable friends here know about the importance of a balanced diet. Taking natural source of vitamins, corbohydrates, fibres, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids and proteins will provide one with that immunity. In take of organically grown food prevents toxins going into our system.I have been studying the right food to fight most of the diseases-tuberculosis, cancer, blood-pressure and so on. It is the same set of balanced food advised to not only to prevent but also to fight the already affected. Of course, AIDS is an immune where one concocts the malady due to ungaurded sex without condoms and blood infusion from the victims. AIDS is another area where even the balanced diet fails calling for caution and restraint in sex.Herbals are plants. Their curative property is attributed to the phytochemicals in them. Anti-oxidants are also phytochemcials whci scavenge free-radicals generated during metabloic acticity in the body. The right mix of balanced food contains several anti-oxidants including the essential vitamins A, C and E.Nanoscience can be applied to produce herbal powders at a nano-scale improving their efficacy.Be open in the discussion. Hesitate not to rebuke if you feel like it.

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  • Respected Sir,
    I agree with Statement regarding the nutraceutical value of herbs. Especially in India we find a lot of potential herbs with high phytochemical value, that is still untraped. I am working on nano-encapsulation of such phytochemicals.
    Please can you suggest anybody working in this field.
    with regards,
    • i am really glad to know you are doing nano- encapsulation phyto chemicals a field which i am very much interested in. This is knwoledge sharing platform community. As of now i have not come across anyone doing work in this field.I will inform as and when i come across anyone

      U r welcome to share your personal details so that we can interact and share our knowledge.
      My alternate e-mail id is: write urs for more interaction.

      K.Mohan(Mohan Sanjeevan)
  • i agree with your view-point given the cost-factor.some herbal powders containing vitamins(ponnangkanni keerai rich in vitaimin-A is cheaper) it has a botanincal name not readily coming to my fact every herbal has a botanical name. there is no substitue for natural food. vitamin pills are a tade below the natural food. thanks for the comment
    മന:ശാസ്ത്രം, മാനസികാരോഗ്യം, മനോരോഗങ്ങള്‍ എന്നിവയെപ്പറ്റിയുള്ള ലേഖനങ്ങള്‍
    • Thanks for the reply sir ...It would be nice if more cheaper alternatives like the one above are suggested or even published for vitamin E ,vitaminB...etc probably you can publish a book sir
      • add this :the nellikkai9amal) is rich in vitamin C.botanical name is Embilica officinalis cheap and still contains the most percentage of VITAMIN C compared to any othe sorces. oranges and papaya are also sources(papya is cheaper and rich in fibre. regarding publicaton of a book it is very much on the cards.gnerally i am of the view that the general populace is ignorant of the nutreints in the food they eat. My aim is to educate the people. that'why i have named my science NGO as people's science(makkal ariviyal in Tamil). will also be launching a website dedicated to science. i intend to take science reporting in India to international level. friends like u are a source of inspiration
  • sir it may seem odd but I am diverting a bit from this subject...what about vitamin pills ? I can understand that nothing can substitute natural food but food should be consumed in such a manner that there all the essential vitamins in it ...but due to some reason say poverty which is prevalent in India and the soaring prices of vegetables like carrot,beetroot and some natural food rich in vitamin....wont a vitamin pill (costing some 2 or 3 rupees per pill) be a partial substitute .....after all something is better than nothing....
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