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  • I will be defending my PhD thesis by the end of this year (2011). The title of my PhD thesis is " Thermoresistance microporous ceramic membranes for hydrogen purification and its integration with gas sensors."

    I am looking for a Postdoc position in the field of Photocatalysts for water splitting/water decontamination, Hydrogen storage (having experience in these fields also), microporous ceramics and gas-sensors in USA/Germany.

  • I am Syed Mohd. Adnan Naqvi from Aligarh, UP, INDIA. I have successfully completed my M.Sc. in Nanosciences. Now I am looking for PhD. Please help me about admission into any PhD position.
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  • I have recently compeleted my PhD in Nanotechnology, and am looking for a Postdoc position in nanomagnetism. The title of my PhD thesis is "Novel polymer template lithography technique for fabrication of Ni nanodots for bit patterned media applications".
    • hello sir

      where u did u r PhD. Send me please your email Id.



      • My ID is Plz find it.
  • I Dr. Ritesh Gupta have completed my PhD in electronics from the University of Delhi in September 2003. The subject of my dissertation is modelling, simulation, and optimization of field effect transistors and specifically the major High electron mobility transistor (HEMT). Since then I continue my research work as a Research Associate at south campus, University of Delhi. Having studied various modelling and simulation technique, I also wanted to learn various experimental techniques to implement them. please contact me on if you find any research postion.
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  • study of 10^-9 can give 10^+9 opportunities in future. am looking for phd position in the field of semiconductor materials for solar cells.
  • I am looking for a PhD position in Nanobiotechnology and/of nanobiomaterials.
    Please let me known the information, please mail me to :
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