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I have BSc. degree in Chemistry from Mettu University since in July 20, 2017 G.C. at the time of undergraduate program, I took different theoretical and practical courses, such as University Chemistry, Organic Chemistry I, II; Physical Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry I, II, III, Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemical Kinetics, Quantum Chemistry, Statistical Thermodynamics; Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental Analytical Chemistry I,II; Industrial Chemistry I,II; Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology and practically, Practical University Chemistry, Practical Organic Chemistry I,II; Practical Physical Organic Chemistry,  Practical Physical Chemistry, Practical Instrumental Analysis I, II; Practical Analytical Chemistry. Beside to this I was involved in different community services and activities. My BSc. research was in the area of Electrochemistry i.e. “Generation of Electricity from Selected waste Fruits and Vegetables”.

Currently, I started to fellow my Master’s degree in Debre Markos University, Ethiopia with field of specialization of Physical Chemistry. For future (advanced masters), I am highly interest to study on the area energy technology, Nano science, Material synthesis and Characterization.

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