Invites Applications and Nominations for High level Talents professors

School of Chemical Engineering and Light Industry, Guangdong University of Technology (GDUT), Guangzhou, China,

Invites Applications and Nominations for High level Talents professors

Guangdong University of Technology, located in Guangzhou, P.R.China, is a key multi-disciplinary university of Guangdong Province with a history of over 50 years. With the advantage of bordering on Hong Kong and the benefits of Guangdong’s prosperous economic development, the university’s research and competitive power has been remarkably improved in recent years and the University has become a key educational and research institution in Guangdong province in Southern China. From 2015 on, Guangdong Province is going to invest 5 billion Chinese Yuan over the following 3 years to construct 3-5 High Level the Universities, and the University is successfully granted the fund by the Government as a key High Level University.


The School comprises 5 departments, offering 5 bachelor's programs. It has a full-time student population of over 3,100, offering diverse courses in its 2 PhD programs, 1 master's programs, and 1 Post-doctoral programs. Benefiting from the economic and manufacturing power of Guangdong Province, the University interacts actively with governments, enterprises and markets to attract talents with innovative mechanisms, to retain talent with special talents recruiting policies and great sincerity. The uniqueness of the University’s talent recruiting and retaining program is its close collaboration with industry to lead talents towards market so that they can create market value while fulfilling academic value at the same time.

In order to realize the aim of leap-forward development, GDUT continue to implement the high-level talents recruitment programs, including Dean, the “Top Talents” chair professors and “High level Talents” professors.


I. Faculty Positions

1. Top Talents Recruitment Plan 

The university plans to invite top scholars, experts and entrepreneurs who are honored as following titles:

(1) Academician

(2)The National outstanding youth fund gainers, The Yangtze River Scholars

(3) The National Thousand Talents Plan experts, Guangdong Province leading talents, Guangdong ProvinceInnovation team leader

(4)The National Excellent youth fund gainers,The National Thousand Young Talents Plan experts


2. High-Level Talents Recruitment Plan

(1)The university’s “One-Hundred Talents” Chair Professors

(2)The university’s  “One-Hundred Young Talents” Associate Professors


II. Person Specification, Salary and Benefits(All the payments below are before tax, Unit:RMB )

1.Person Specification for the university’s “One-Hundred Talents” Chair Professors

The eligible candidates must have a doctoral degree(s) or have professor titles, and no older than 50 in general. The applicants for The “School Deans” Program shall have good capacity in organization and coordination competence to lead the school for further development. Applications from individuals as The National outstanding youth fund gainer or The Yangtze River Scholar or The National Thousand Talents Plan experts or the key leader froma well-known university or researchinstitute are strongly encouraged.

Salary and benefits:

(1) We offer competitive compensation package and benefits for the qualified candidates. The annual compensation can be up to ¥1000,000 RMB (USD160,000);

(2) We also provide qualified candidates with housing subsidy (approximately 100 ㎡temporary apartment), and for those who want to buy an apartment in Guangzhou, the university can offer a housing allowance up to ¥800,000 RMB(USD130,000).

(3) The startup R&D funding can be up to ¥10,000,000 RMB(USD1600,000). The laboratory space will be provided according to work objectives and plans.

(4) Other benefits can be negotiated during the interview.


2. Top Talents

Person Specification, Salary and Benefits

Positions for Top Talents are available all the time. Apart from the benefits of national andprovincial support, our University offers competitive support for the introduced Top Talents as follows:

 (1) Academician:

The annual salary and housingallowance can be negotiated during the interview.

(2) The National outstanding youth fund gainers, The Yangtze River Scholars;

The annual salary can be up to ¥1,200,000RMB(USD174,000), and housingallowance can be up to ¥3,000,000 RMB(USD436,000).

(3) The National Thousand Talents Plan experts, Guangdong Province leading talents, Guangdong Province Innovation team leader:

The annual salary can be up to¥1,000,000 RMB(USD145,000), housingallowance can be up to ¥2,100,000 RMB(USD305,000).

(4) The National Excellent youth fund gainers, The National Thousand Young Talents Plan experts:

The annual salary for The National Excellent youth fund gainers can be up to 650,000 RMB (USD 94,400), and housing allowance can be up to¥1,500,000 RMB(USD218,000). The annual salary for The National Thousand Young Talents Plan experts can be approximately ¥400,000 RMB (USD58,000)to 600,000 RMB (USD87,000), and housingallowance can be up to¥1,350,000 RMB(USD196,000).


The startup R&D funding for Top Talents can be up to ¥20,000,000 RMB(USD2,910,000).


3. Person specification for The University’s “One-Hundred Young Talents” Associate Professors

Age below 35, hold a doctoral degree(s), graduated from a famous overseas university or a National Key University, have working experiences in a well-known overseas laboratories, research institute, national key research platform and achieved satisfactory initial results; gained at least 5 academic achievements as the first author in recent five years, including high level academic papers, patents at home and abroad, host national research project and achieve academic awards over provincial level, etc.

Salary and benefits:

Provide competitive salary packages,the annual salary for the associate professorsis over ¥200,000 RMB(USD29,000); Provide a temporary apartment and housing allowance; Startup R&D funding and laboratory space will also be offered.

III. Contact Information

All the documents and inquiries (including CV and work plans etc.) should be addressed to: Contact person: Mr. Cao Feng, Ms Yang Ruiyin, Mr.Su Fulin, Mr. Liu Jincheng

Telephone: 86-20-39322509   

Fax: 86-20-39322509Email:,


The university will continue to look for qualified candidates until all the openings are filled. More information can be found on the university website:


Recruitment Fields:

The university plans to invite scholars, experts and entrepreneurs of the following disciplines to work as Chair Professors and Associate Professor:


Novel catalytic and functional materials; Fine chemicals; Biological resources; Organic synthesis; Petrochemicals; Pharmaceutical

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Comment by Jincheng Liu on May 4, 2017 at 5:11am
Both Chinese and foreigners are welcome.

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Comment by M. Suchea on May 3, 2017 at 8:29pm

I can't understand if this call address an international audience or only nationals of the country...

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